Jianyun FC keeps pace at the top with 7-0 win over STVFC

Seoul Yongsan-gu’s Gunyung FC (GUNYUNG FC) has kicked off the title race with a win over Seoul Jungnang-gu’s STV FC (STVFC).

The team put on a goal-fest and cruised to a 7-0 victory over STVFC in the fourth round of the Seoul Region of the 2024 K5 League at the Seongnae Yusuji Soccer Stadium on Nov. 21. With the victory, Gunyung FC (9 points) moved to 3-1-1, tied on points with Wolsan Players FC and TNT FC (3+), who have played one game less, and continued to compete for the top spot.

This year’s K5 League features a total of 84 teams across 13 regions. The lowest-ranked team in each region will be relegated to the K6 League, while the top team will qualify for the K5 Championship. The Seoul region consists of eight teams, including last year’s regional champions and K5 Championship winners, 바카라사이트 Wolsan Players.

Founded in 2006, Gunyung FC is based in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The team won promotion in the 2022 K6 League by finishing first in their region, and last year, despite being in their first year of promotion, the team burst onto the scene by finishing third in their region. The team is known for their attacking style of play, scoring 62 goals in the league last year alone.

Before the game, head coach Yoon Hyung-hyung of Gunyung FC said, “We may have the advantage in terms of objective power, but the ball is round, so we won’t let our guard down. We will try to play aggressive soccer with a high line from the beginning of the game.” “It’s a game that depends on when the first goal is scored. Even if we take the lead, if we don’t score quickly, it will be difficult for us.”

In contrast, STV FC, founded in 2016, is a team from Cottonmok-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, that finished runner-up in the K6 League last year and was promoted to the K5 League this year. The team name ‘STV’ stands for ‘Share The Vision’. Unlike most K5 teams, the team has relatively few professional players, and in this match, the starting roster was composed of three professional players.

STVFC Head Coach Jang Ji-won said, “Unlike last year when we played in K6, this year we are the challengers. Most of the teams in K5 are composed of professional players, so the difference in level is definitely felt.” “We have a lot of young players, so we will try to attack the opponent through our physical strength. Even if we lose, we want to show that we can do it too.”

Yoon’s attacking style of soccer worked right from the start. In the second minute of the first half, a cross from the right flank by a teammate was flicked on by captain Lee Kyung-taek with his head. Ko Gi-sung, who was in the doorway, calmly slotted it in to give the team the lead. Then, in the 13th minute of the first half, Ko Gi-sung rattled the net once again on a one-on-one opportunity to complete his multi-goal performance.

Shortly afterward, Kim Sung-wook added to the goal feast with a multi-goal performance. In the 17th minute, Kim scored the team’s third goal with a sharp free kick to the near post, and then rattled the net again two minutes later with a mid-range shot.

After Jung Kyung-tae added another goal in the 37th minute to make it 5-0 at halftime, Gunyung FC didn’t slow down their offense in the second half. In the 15th minute of the second half, substitute Yoon Hyung-hyung, the “Playing Director,” finished off a cross from the left flank by Jang Sung-hyun with his left foot to complete the scoring.

STVFC didn’t go down without a fight midway through the second half. Kim Woo-hyuk’s shot from the left side of the penalty area and Kim Gun-hyung’s header threatened the Gunyung FC goal on several occasions, but were denied by the goalkeeper’s saves, and the game ended with a 7-0 victory for Gunyung FC, with Ham Young-joon adding a goal just before the end of the match.

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