The South Korean women’s national junior hockey team departed on Wednesday to compete in the Women’s Junior World Cup of Hockey.This year’s Women’s Junior World Cup will be held from Nov. 29 to Dec. 10 in Santiago, Chile.At the 16-nation tournament, Korea is in Group B along with Argentina, Spain and Zimbabwe.South Korea won the tournament in 2001 and 2005, and finished sixth in the last edition in 2022.”The young players have worked really hard for this tournament,” said KT head coach Kim Sung-kyu, “and we hope to improve on our performance 슬롯게이밍 at the Junior Asia Cup in June with our unique Korean style.”

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TaylorMade has released the P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition.Part of the Mercedes-Benz Collection, a collaboration between TaylorMade and Mercedes-Benz, the P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition is only available in Korea.The Mercedes-Benz Collection is available through the Accessories & Collections Shop at Mercedes-Benz authorized service centers and through KakaoTalk gift giving.

Tailor Made has been collaborating with Mercedes-Benz since 2019 to release the Mercedes-Benz Collection, which consists of golf accessories, but with the launch of the P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition, the selection has been expanded. The P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition combines the same black finish as the P.770 Phantom Iron with the internal construction of the P.790 Iron.The P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition features seven 카지노사이트 pitching wedges ranging from 4-iron to pitching wedge, with NS 950 Neo GH Black S shafts and Golf Pride TV360 grips.

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Ahn So-hyun, who plays on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour, held a charity golf tournament to help the vulnerable pay for heating bills.”Ahn So-hyun held a charity golf tournament at King’s Rock CC in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, on the 22nd, and decided to donate all the proceeds to the private relief organization World Vision,” Ahn’s management company, Next Sports, said on hursday.Ahn So Hyun, who holds a charity golf tournament every year with members of his fan club, held an auction of his club memorabilia after the tournament this year.She also provided participants with souvenirs from sponsors such as Samil Pharmaceuticals, 온라인카지노 Castelbajac, and Boys Caddy.

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The “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin, 36, who is a free agent in Major League Baseball (MLB), has received positive reviews locally.MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, introduced Ryu in an article titled “7 Free Agents Looking to Shake Off Injury-Ridden Seasons” on June 24 (KST). “Hyun-jin Ryu successfully returned from the second elbow ligament reconstruction surgery of his career (Tommy John surgery) and posted a 3.46 ERA in 52 innings pitched in 11 starts in 2023,” MLB.com said.

“His trademark command is back in full force, and he ranks tied for fourth in MLB with a 47.6 percent strike zone percentage among pitchers who have thrown at least 750 pitches .”According to MLB stats site Baseball Sabermetrics, 395 of Ryu’s 830 pitches this year have been in the “shadow zone,” the area near the strike zone. e shadow zone is the width of the area where one pitch falls inside and outside the strike zone boundaries This means that even though Ryu hasn’t fully regained his velocity since returning from injury, he has a sophisticated arsenal of pitches to offset it.” Given that he doesn’t have to rely on his hardball, Ryu could have a successful 2024 season, when he’ll be 37,” MLB.com said. This is an encouraging assessment after a recent string of somewhat pessimistic reports about Ryu. Earlier, ESPN’s Jeff Passan ranked Ryu as a Tier 6 free agent, and baseball statistician Dan Zimboski projected Ryu’s 2024 numbers to be 6-5 토토 with a 4.38 ERA in 17 games and 86 1/3 innings.

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“Players who played together in active duty will have good chemistry”

The inauguration ceremony for the ninth director of SSG Landers has been held. At the inauguration ceremony, Lee said, “I am grateful to everyone at SSG Landers for making my dream come true. I am overwhelmed,” he said.

On the 21st, the inauguration ceremony was held at the 2nd floor ballroom of Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo in Songdo, Incheon. Choi Jung-jeong, Kim Kwang-hyun, Oh Tae-gon, and Noh Kyung-eun attended the ceremony to congratulate the new coach.

The inauguration ceremony began with the new coach wearing his uniform. CEO Min Kyung-sam and new coach Lee took a commemorative photo on stage, and CEO Min personally delivered the jersey.

This was followed by a bouquet delivery ceremony by Kim Sung-yong and a bouquet delivery by Oh Tae-gon, the ‘captain’ of the team. Lee, Oh Tae-gon, Kim Kwang-hyun, Choi Jung, and Noh Kyung-eun then took a commemorative photo together.

“When I was at KT, you were my batting coach and manager. I got a lot of help from you. I’m glad you’re here. I will do a good job with the coach and the players in the middle and make it a good atmosphere.” Lee welcomed the new coach.

In response to the players’ welcome, Lee said, “I have an episode with Oh Tae-gon. It’s hard to say at this time, but I’m asking you to do a good job.” “The players here are also the players I played with when I was active. I think we can work well together.”

“I’m grateful to everyone at SSG Landers for making my dream come true. I’m overwhelmed.”

On the 17th, SSG appointed Lee Sung-yong, former head of development at KT Wiz, as its ninth head coach. The contract terms are two years, 300 million won in down payment and 300 million won in annual salary, totaling 900 million won.

SSG began the process of appointing a new director with the goal of transforming its operational paradigm for sustainable development, and selected new candidates who could actively implement it under the banner of communicative leadership and team remodeling. 카지노사이트가이드 SSG then set up evaluation criteria by extracting essential competencies and virtues in various fields, and selected Lee through in-depth interviews to discuss the club’s direction and baseball values.

SSG determined that Lee possesses a “servant leadership style” that enables the coaching staff and players to maximize their potential based on open communication and mutual respect, and that he is particularly player-centered and able to build strong trusting relationships to lead a unified team.

He also has years of coaching and front office experience, an intimate knowledge of the developmental system and KBO baseball trends, and seasonal operational insights that will help the organization reach its goals in a short period of time.

As soon as the contract was signed, Lee was busy in the club’s office until late in the afternoon organizing the coaching staff and getting to know the players, and he will start his official duties on the 21st.

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KIA suffers from injury woes until the end

The KIA Tigers suffered an injury setback at the end of the season as Kim Do-young (20), who played for the national team in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC), was injured.

On the 21st, KIA said, “Kim Do-young suffered a left thumb injury while playing first base in the APBC final against Japan at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 19th. He underwent CT and MRI examinations at Sejong Sports Orthopedics on the 20th and was diagnosed with a ruptured medial collateral ligament of the metacarpophalangeal joint of his left thumb and an avulsion fracture. Kim is scheduled to undergo ligament suture surgery at Sejong Sports Orthopedics on the 22nd, and the rehabilitation period is expected to take about four months.”

Kim Do-young is a key prospect who joined KIA as the first overall pick in the 2022 rookie draft. He made his first-team debut in his rookie year, but had a somewhat disappointing season, batting just 2-for-33 (53-for-224) with three home runs, 19 RBIs, 37 runs scored, 13 doubles, and a .674 OPS in 103 games.

This year, however, was different. Despite missing a lot of time due to injury, Kim fulfilled his potential and was a key part of the KIA batting lineup, 먹튀검증토토사이트 batting .333 (103-for-340) with seven home runs, 47 RBIs, 72 runs scored, 25 doubles and an OPS of .824 in 84 games.

In the final against Japan,

With the score tied at 2-2 in the top of the 10th inning, Kim led off with a sacrifice bunt, but an unfortunate ball call by the umpire put him at a disadvantage. Kim made a head-first slide to first base, but was ruled out and ended the tournament with an injury.

Since the injury occurred with the 2023 season already over, it’s unlikely that Kim will miss much of next season despite the four-month long injury. However, it’s a shame to see his season come to an end due to injury as he is still in the midst of his development and was expected to make an impact as a full-time starter.

KIA has had its fair share of injuries this year. Before the season even started, Na Sung-bum was injured and didn’t play in the opening game, and Kim Do-young was injured not long after the season started. More injuries, both big and small, have plagued the team since then.

Add to that the loss of key players to injury in September,

The most crucial month in the standings race, and KIA was hit hard. On September 19 against LG, Na Sung-bum, who was batting hot with a 3-for-6 record (222-for-81), 18 homers, 57 RBIs and a 1.098 OPS in 58 games, was sidelined with a hamstring injury, and on September 24 against KT, Choi Hyung-woo, who was filling in for Na with a 3-for-2 record (431-for-130), 17 homers, 81 RBIs and an .887 OPS in 121 games, was diagnosed with a fractured left collarbone.

Shortstop Park Chan-ho had been performing well this year with a .734 OPS in 130 games (136-for-452) with three home runs, 52 RBIs, 73 runs scored, 30 doubles and an OPS of .734, but he suffered a comminuted fracture of his left ulna after being hit by a pitch at KT on Oct. 9. Choi, who was on the Hangzhou Asian Games team after retiring from the Commerce in June, suffered a left calf fascia and muscle micro-injury when he was hit by a pitch during team training.

Plagued by an unbelievable string of injuries, KIA ultimately finished sixth in the league with 73 wins, two draws and 69 losses, missing the postseason by one game. Injuries continued to plague the team down the stretch as Kim Do-young was injured on international duty.

Despite the injury-plagued season, KIA showed promise with a strong batting lineup, giving them hope for next season. Fans are eager to see if the team can shake off their injury nightmare and return to fall baseball next season.

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“I don’t need technical advice, I need to regain confidence”

“I don’t need technical advice. Restore your confidence first”. Lotte Giants’ legendary “Big Boy” Lee Dae-ho has a solution for Han Dong-hee (Lotte) to get out of his slump.

The first overall pick of Lotte in 2018, Lee made his professional debut in 2020 and hit double-digit home runs for three consecutive years, drawing attention to the post-Lee Dae-ho era. At his retirement game last October, Lee asked Han Dong-hui, “I’m leaving you, but I want you to be a hero for Lotte fans.”

Han Dong-hee was expected to succeed Lee as the No. 4 hitter this season. However, in 108 games this season, he batted just .222 (71-for-319) with five home runs, 32 RBIs and 30 runs scored. He was sent to the second team for his poor hitting, which was a blow to his pride.

Lee Dae-ho said on his YouTube channel ‘Lee Dae-ho [RE:DAEHO]’ on March 14, “Dong-hee has so much potential to improve, but it’s too bad she can’t go up. It’s even worse because she can’t. I think her confidence has dropped even more because she’s been in and out of the game.”

He also said, “There’s definitely pressure to be the ‘post Lee Dae-ho’.

This season, (former) Jun-woo has been batting No. 4, but Dong-hee will have to bat No. 4 in the future. In Dong-hee’s case, she’s good if you leave her alone, but you don’t want her to die. You have to keep her energy alive. She’s definitely a player who can explode, and there’s no other player in Lotte who has the skill and power of Dong-hee.”

Lee Dae-ho plans to generously pass on his know-how to help Han Dong-hee perform in a way that is worthy of the ‘post-Lee Dae-ho’ label. He said, “I have time in the winter, 카지노사이트 so I think I should really change Dong-hee after this season. I will raise the real Donghee. I’ll have to meet her and give her a lot of mental support.”

On the 19th, Lee Dae-ho revealed a specific solution for Han Dong-hee to recover her batting feeling through his YouTube channel ‘Lee Dae-ho [RE:DAEHO]’. He said, “Baseball skills are just a piece of paper. Confidence is important. No one can fix it,” he said, adding, “For players like Dong-hee, who are exceptionally strong and have a lot of distance, mindset is more important than skill. You have to have fun on the baseball field. Once they have confidence, they will keep going.”

On the other hand, Kim Tae-hyung, the new manager of Lotte, also said, “I must have had a hard time, but I will do better than this year. I think if we do it with the mindset that we will do better than this year no matter how bad we are, we will get better results,” he said, hoping for a rebound from Han Dong-hee.

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“Thank you for saying ‘Jeon Jun-woo is a Lotte man’.”

“Thank you for saying ‘Jeon Jun-woo is a Lotte man’.”

He wiped away his regrets. He has become a perfect one-club man without even going overseas.

Free agent Jeon Jun-woo agreed to stay with Lotte for a maximum of 4.7 billion won (4 billion guaranteed and 700 million won in incentives) for four years. He joined the team in 2008 after graduating from Konkuk University and will now have spent 20 years as a player with Lotte.

Lotte’s announcement, which would normally have read “FA Jun-woo Jeon signs x-year contract,” was different. The official press release was titled “Jun-woo Jeon remains a Lotte Giants one-club man. The 1986-born hitter signed a four-year contract with two years of coach training. There was a sense of determination and relief that the club was not repeating the cases of Hwang Jae-gyun (KT Wiz), Kang Min-ho (Samsung Lions), and Son Ah-seop (NC Dinos).

Jun-woo Jeon wasn’t without a bit of trepidation.

He’d been on the other side of the table before. He told Sports Chosun, “I had a lot of thoughts that I might leave as well. Especially when Son Ah-seop (NC Dinos) left, I was very surprised and felt a lot of regret.” There were offers from other teams with different total sums.

However, Jeon says, “Lotte cared about me as much as any other team (this time). The fans also wanted me, so it wasn’t a difficult decision,” he emphasized. Jun-woo’s mind was made up, and the club didn’t let him down.

Of course, his age didn’t stop him from getting the job. Over the course of four years, 바카라사이트 he averaged a .301 batting average, 61 home runs, 646 hits, 333 RBIs, and an OPS of .839. He was the team’s No. 1 hitter, with the exception of Lee Dae-ho, who retired last year, without any cumulative or ratio stats.

Looking back at four years ago, Jeon has every reason to be upset.

In 2019, before his first free agency, he performed well. He batted 3-for-1 with 22 home runs and an OPS of .839. His WAR (Wins Above Replacement) of 4.24 was sixth among all outfielders in the league, with only Lee Jung-hoo and Park Geon-woo ranking higher.

However, with the change in ballpark, attention turned to his performance, which was down from 2018 (3-for-42, 33 home runs, 0.991 OPS). His age was not looked upon favorably, and outside offers were few and far between.

The attitude of the clubs was not warm. An outside free agent, Ahn Chi-hong (4 years, up to 5.6 billion won), was signed before Jeon Jun-woo. Jun-woo barely put pen to paper on Jan. 8, a year after he battled the measles, ditching his agent and sitting at the negotiating table himself.

Up to 3.4 billion won (3.2 billion guaranteed, 200 million in incentives) for four years. In the subsequent free agency frenzy, which saw 10 billion won contracts, Jeon became synonymous with “undervalued” and “breakout free agent.

But this time was different. The club’s attitude has changed, and Jun-woo has responded. He agreed to contribute 100 million won to the construction of a new stadium if the incentive is achieved in 2027. It’s a unique gesture that reflects Jun-woo’s commitment to Lotte.

He has served as captain and has been a leader of the team. 토토사이트 It’s a big responsibility. “I feel like I’m destined to be a part of the Lotte team. I want to win the Korean Series with coach Kim Tae-hyung,” he emphasized.

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“I had a strong desire to stay with Kia”

“I had a strong desire to stay with Kia”.

The Kia Tigers have signed Jong-wook Ko to a free agent contract. The Kia Tigers announced on the 21st that they have signed Ko Jong-wook to a two-year contract for a total of 500 million won, including a down payment of 100 million won, an annual salary of 150 million won, and an option of 100 million won.

He earned only 70 million won in salary this year, but by declaring himself a free agent, he was able to increase his contract and salary. Although it is a two-year contract and not a large sum of money, it is a reversal of fortune that he won a free agent contract after undergoing a tryout as a released player. This will allow him to continue his professional career until the age of 36 in 2025.

Go played in 114 games this season, hitting 80 hits with three home runs, 39 RBIs, and a 2-for-9 slugging percentage. He was especially strong in scoring position, going 3-for-4 with runners in scoring position. 먹튀검증 After starting outfielder Na Sung-beom was sidelined from the opening game due to injury, he performed solidly as a replacement. He also contributed with his defense, starting in left field.

He has a high batting average of 3.3 percent and is known for his precise hitting.

Despite the fact that he has a difficult time maintaining his batting average, he uses his experience and finesse to score runs. He was also recognized as one of the best pinch-hitters in the league. Kia signed him as a free agent with the expectation that he will be a reliable pinch-hitter next season.

Go Jong-wook said, “I’m grateful to KIA and the coach for giving me another chance. I was given the opportunity to become a free agent, but I wanted to stay with KIA and not another team, so I quickly finalized the contract.” “I will be a player who can repay the support of the Tigers fans with good performance,” he said.

The KIA team said, “We signed this contract because we highly value the performance of Ko Jong-wook, who has played a big role in the team’s batting lineup for the past two years, and we expect him to be a great strength for the team in the future.”

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Son Heung-min on his fourth World Cup: “Long road, thorny path, I’ll get through it”

These are the words of South Korean soccer ‘captain’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham) as he embarks on his fourth World Cup.

The South Korean national soccer team will take on Singapore at 8 p.m. on Saturday at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in the first match of Group C of the 2026 North and Central American World Cup Asia Second Qualifying Round.

It’s the start of a long and challenging journey that begins nearly two and a half years before the World Cup itself.

For Son, this will be his fourth World Cup. In Brazil 2014, Russia 2018, and Qatar 2022, he overcame many challenges and grew as a player.

At the pre-match press conference at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Friday, Son reiterated that he will approach the challenge with a serious attitude.

“I’m just trying to do the best I can where I am,” said Son Heung-min, “I’m not living in the future or the past, I’m living in the present. I’m only thinking about the two upcoming matches (Singapore on the 16th and China on the 21st),” he said.

“The World Cup journey is a long one. Sometimes you’re on a good road, sometimes you fall off, sometimes you have to go through thorns,” he said. “The experienced players have to protect (the team). I hope we can go all the way to the final qualifier.”

Their first opponents, Singapore (155th), are classified as ‘underdogs’, as evidenced by their FIFA ranking gap of 131 places to South Korea (24th).

However, they also have a formidable professional team in Ryan City, who recently beat Jeonbuk Hyundai in the group stage of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL).

Currently, about half of Singapore’s national team roster is made up of Ryan City players.

This will be Son’s first time facing Singapore in an A-League match, but he has played against them before when his club Tottenham toured Asia last summer.

Spurs won 5-1, but the game was tied 1-1 at halftime. Ryan City scored the first goal, and Tottenham made it 1-1 on a penalty kick by Harry Kane (now of Bayern Munich) just before halftime.

Reflecting on the game, Son said, “You have to be careful. There were definitely threatening players, so I’m very nervous.”

On Singapore’s Korean naturalized player Song Eui-young (Surabaya), he said, “I respect my opponent. I’m Korean, so I hope she doesn’t do well on the court tomorrow,” he said.

“Even when I played against Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton) (last weekend), he wasn’t a ‘little brother’ to me, he was just a threat,” he continued.

With Singapore set to play an extreme defensive game, he pointed out that the experience of a 6-0 thrashing of Vietnam in an exhibition match last month will be a “plus”.

“Obviously, it’s hard for any team to break through when they’re completely defensive,” said Son, adding, “It’s just a matter of whether we can create chances early (like we did against Vietnam) and whether we can convert those chances early.”

With the departure of his best friend, striker Kane, Son Heung-min has been Tottenham’s “gunslinger” this season. As a result, he’s facing more pressure from opposing defenses than ever before.

Against Wolverhampton, he was even stepped on in the groin in the last minute of the game.

“You get stepped on or kicked in the groin when you play. I sometimes get kicked too,” he laughed.

“Other than jet lag, I’m in good shape,” he emphasized.

“We’re doing all the training we promised to do, the delicate play within the freedom,” said Jürgen Klinsmann, who values the autonomy of his players in the offense. “Being able to play like this is a big weapon for us,” he said. 파워볼

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