The opening games of the “first” five stadiums were full for the second consecutive year.

The opening games of the first five stadiums were full for the second consecutive year. For the third time in history, the number of openings exceeded 100,000

All five stadiums were sold out this season as well. He started off a strong start to the largest number of spectators by surpassing 100,000 for the third time in the opening game in history.

This season’s opening matches were held in Jamsil (Hanwha-LG), Incheon (Lotte-SSG), Changwon (Doosan-NC), Suwon (Samsung-KT), and Gwangju (Kium-KIA). The tickets were already sold out due to online reservations, but canceled tickets were sold out on site, and they were sold out one after another.

The total number of spectators reached 103,841 on the day, with 23,750 people in Jamsil, 23,000 in Incheon, 20,500 in Gwangju, 18,700 in Suwon and 17,891 in Changwon all sold out. This is the third-largest record after the largest number of spectators in the opening game in 2019 and 105,450 last year, the second-largest ever.

The KBO League recorded 8,103,326 spectators last year. This was the third-highest record ever, following 8,406,888 in 2017 and 8,339,577 in 2016.

Expectations are high that baseball’s popularity will rise further this season. The LG Twins, the winner of last year, and the KIA Tigers, which has been replaced by Lee Bum-ho, are considered candidates for the championship, while the Lotte Giants have higher expectations for autumn baseball than any other year since they have recruited Kim Tae-hyung. It is highly likely that fans of the three teams that have high spectator capacity in the KBO League will flock to the baseball stadium.

On top of that, baseball fans’ interest increased as South Korean ace Ryu Hyun-jin, who won 78 games in the Major League, returned. Analysts say that baseball fever could increase as it is not easy to predict the rankings due to the increased power of teams overall except for Kiwoom Heroes.

The opening series of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, where top major league stars such as Shohei Ohtani, Kim Ha-sung, and Fernando Tatis Jr. are gathered, was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul ahead of the opening of the KBO League, raising interest in baseball in advance.

As baseball stadiums have recently upgraded their stands for the convenience of spectators, reducing the number of spectators, the overall number of spectators has decreased, so even if all five stadiums are sold out, they will not be ranked first in history.
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I cried at Pepper…’I want to send a fruit basket’ Abondanza coach, why?

“Even if it’s a fruit basket…”

That’s what Heungkuk Life coach Marcello Abondanza said on Wednesday after his team’s 3-0 (25-22 27-25 25-20) three-set victory over Hyundai E&C in the sixth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Suwon Gymnasium prevented them from clinching first place in the regular season.

It was a cliffhanger. If Hyundai E&C secured just two points, they would lose the top spot in the regular season. But with the shutout victory, 메이저 토토사이트 they narrowed the gap to one point (Hyundai E&C with 76).

The trio flew. Willow 21 points, Kim Yeon-kyung 16 points, and Reyna 14 points for an even scoring distribution. The team was in danger of losing the top spot in the regular season to Hyundai E&C after a shock loss to Pepper Savings Bank, but they survived the cliffhanger.

“I still feel bad about the last game (against Pepper Savings Bank),” Abondanza said after the game, adding, “We still have some things to improve on today. We have to look at the remaining games. We only have a few games left to fight for the regular season title.”

As for the difference in her performance from the last match, she said, “The setter was different. Not only our setter, but our approach to the game against Pepper Savings Bank was wrong. Pepper Savings Bank played well. It is difficult to use the full squad during the season, but I think we did a good job today.”

Coincidentally, Hyundai E&C‘s last opponent is Pepper Savings Bank. After winning the final game against GS Caltex, Heungkuk Life will have to watch Pepper Savings Bank and Hyundai E&C play the next day. “I want to send them a fruit basket,” Abondanza laughed.

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Hyundai Capital ‘keeps spring volleyball hopes alive’ with 3:1 win over Woori Card… and a chance to advance to the semifinals on their own

Hyundai Capital kept its spring volleyball hopes alive in dramatic fashion.

Hyundai Capital came from behind to defeat Woori Card 3-1 (17-25, 25-20, 25-18, 25-17) in straight sets in the men’s Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Yugusun Gymnasium in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do on Wednesday.

Fourth-ranked Hyundai Capital, which extended its winning streak to three games, improved to 17-18 and 53 points. The gap between them and third-place OK Financial Group (20 wins, 15 losses, 57 points) was reduced to four points. In professional volleyball, a single-elimination semifinals matchup is decided if the difference in points 스포츠토토사이트 between third and fourth place is three or less.

Hyundai Capital will qualify for the spring volleyball stage for the second consecutive year with a win, regardless of the number of points, against OK Financial Group at Yugusun Gymnasium in Cheonan on the 15th. On the other hand, Woori Card, who could have clinched their first-ever direct trip to the championship match with a win, failed to open the ‘champagne cork’ with an upset loss.

The league leader Woori Card (23-12, 69 points) is still ahead of second-place Korean Air (22-13, 68 points).

Woori Card can clinch first place in the regular season if Korean Air loses to KB Insurance on Thursday or if they win against Samsung Fire on Saturday.

Hyundai Capital, who will be eliminated from spring volleyball if they lose to Woori Card, got off to a difficult start as even their main hitter Jeon Kwang-in suffered from a back infection and withdrew from the match.

After dropping the first set 17-25, Hyundai Capital turned the match around thanks to the efforts of Kim Sun-ho and Ahmed Iqbairi (registered name Ahmed), who scored six points each in the second set alone.

In the third set, veteran middle blocker Choi Min-ho was the solution. Choi led the offense in the third set with five kills and two blocks.

Hyundai Capital fought back at 9-9 in the third set with a fastball from Choi Min-ho, and at 11-9, Choi scored two consecutive points with a block and a fastball. After a block by Ahmed, Hyundai Capital scored five straight points to extend the lead to 14-9.

Choi Min-ho created set point with a fastball at 23-18, and Ahmed’s open attack sealed the set.

After enjoying an efficient attack distribution, Hyundai Capital setter Kim Myung-kwan utilized Heo Soo-bong and Kim Sun-ho again in the fourth set.

At 4-4, Hyundai Capital capitalized on two consecutive kills by Kim and two opponent errors to go on a 9-4 run. At 14-9, three consecutive blocks by Ahmed (two) and Choi Min-ho were enough to end Woori Card’s chase.

Hyundai Capital had four players in double figures, including Heo Soo-bong (18 points), Ahmed (17 points), Choi Min-ho (14 points), and Kim Sun-ho (12 points).

Hyundai Capital’s blockers held a 14-8 advantage in blocked shots against the league’s top blocking team, Woori Card.

Woori Card, which was on the threshold of clinching the regular season title, was quieted by the duo of Kim Ji-han (18 points) and Artem Susheko (real name Artem – 6 points).

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Doo-Hoon Lee, a new study, now a match official

Power analyst, professional coach, and game operations staff. Basketball studies never end.

In Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do, the 61st Spring National Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Federation Championship Haenam is underway. The tournament, which started on the 7th, will conclude on the 16th (9/10) with the boys’ high school finals.

As the young players show off their skills honed over the past winter on the court, we met a familiar face at the tournament headquarters. This is Coach Lee Doo-hoon, who spent nine years as a power analyst and coach for 바카라사이트 Seoul Samsung since 2012 after retiring as a professional. He returned to the court as a match official this year.

“You have to have a license to sit in the headquarters seats. Last winter, I was interested in game management and rules, so I studied, attended classes, and took exams. Afterward, many people helped me, including Chairman Kim Jin-soo, referees, timekeepers, and others, and I was able to enter the field. I am very grateful to them.”

During the games, Lee handled various operational tasks.

He said, “This is my second time at a sports event and my first time at an elite event. “It reminded me of my high school and college days,” he said, laughing, “I was able to feel how the players played, what the environment was like, and what basketball was like. “I’m learning a lot about shot clock, time, substitutions, team fouls, scoring, scorekeeping (caller), etc. It’s a lot of learning.”

From power analyst to coach, Lee has been in the field for a long time, so he doesn’t seem to have much trouble with his new job. However, Lee Doo-hoon had a different story.

“I thought I knew all the rules because I’ve been on the team for so long. But that wasn’t the case. I’m studying like I’m starting over. I don’t know where and when I’ll be working in the future, but I plan to continue doing something related to basketball. In that regard, I thought it would be helpful to know how the headquarters works and the rules and regulations of basketball. It’s a great opportunity to sit in the sidelines now,” he explained.

“I think I will be involved in various fields as a match official in the future, and I realized that many people, including the officials, referees, and others, work very hard and have difficult jobs. I am grateful to everyone who helped me, and if I have time in the future, I would like to continue my studies through various training programs.”

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What does ‘Triple-Double’ Park Jun-young have to say to Park Ji-won as they face off in the D-League Finals?

“(Park) Ji-won, take it easy”

Suwon KT defeated Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 103-69 in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 KBL D-League playoffs by 34 points on Wednesday at Icheon LG Champions Park. Park Jun-young (27, 195.3 cm) started and recorded a triple-double with 33 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists in 37 minutes and 15 seconds to lead the team to victory.

After the game, Park said, “It’s good to win. It was too disappointing to lose the last game against Hyundai Mobis in the 텍사스홀덤사이트 D-League (Feb. 15), so I’m glad we were able to win this game,” Park said after the game.

KT dominated the game in rebounding (46-35), assists (29-23), and steals (9-1). Park Jun-young was a big part of this. Not only was he responsible for his own scoring, but he also used his wide range of vision to make passes that saved his teammates’ lives. He also grabbed 13 of the team’s 46 rebounds, tying him with Lee Doo-won (7) and Park Chan-ho (7) in the height battle.

“I had a triple-double when I was a student at Korea University,” Park said. This is my first triple-double since college, so it’s even more meaningful. Before I turned 30, I achieved a triple-double again in my 20s. First of all, I want to thank my teammates. I’m going to buy them a meal,” he smiled.

The score was as close as Park’s performance. Park was in great form and was a force on offense and defense. His footwork was on point, the ball was crashing off the rim, and he looked increasingly relaxed as the game wore on.

“I’m in great shape,” Park said. There is only one final game left. I also have a first team game, so I will continue to work out. My trainer brothers always take care of the D-League players, and my coach is also working hard to manage my physical condition. Thanks to my coach and my trainer brothers, I was able to keep working on my physical condition without giving up,” he said.

Park Ji-won and Park Jun-young were the top scorers in the first and second games, respectively. In an interview after Game 1, Park Ji-won revealed that he told his original team, KT, that he would “see them at the top.”

“I got a call from (Park) Ji-won. He asked me to buy him snacks (laughs). If he needs anything (from me) or if he’s bored sometimes, he calls me. We’re really close off the field. But when we play, we’re strangers. I won’t look down on him in the finals,” he said, declaring war on his final opponent Park Ji-won.

With the victory, KT will face Sangmu in the D-League playoff finals on Nov. 13. Will KT be able to stop the ‘D League’s strongest team’ Sangmu, which is trying to win its 13th title in history?

Park Jun-young said, “Actually, Sangmu is not an easy opponent. However, they are not unbeatable. I think the final will depend on each other’s condition on the day. It’s the final, so we’ll play a final-like game,” said Park, who expressed his determination to win the title.

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‘Averaging 38 points in four games’, the scoring machine is on fire

Durant’s momentum soars.

The Phoenix Suns defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 117-111 in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at Scott Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday (Jan. 13).

Phoenix’s big three had big games. Kevin Durant had 37 points and 8 rebounds, Devin Booker had 27 points and 7 assists, and Bradley Beal had 24 points and 5 rebounds.

It was a valuable win for Phoenix. Phoenix trailed 63-70 at halftime behind Cleveland’s potent offense on the night. But Durant’s scoring barrage and defense in the third quarter turned the tide, and they were able to pull away in the 온라인카지노 fourth quarter to secure the win.

Durant’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. Durant dominated the game on both offense and defense. In 39 minutes, he shot over 50% from the field, making 14 of 26 shots, including 5 of 10 from three-point range. He also had eight rebounds and six assists, making him a multi-faceted player.

He was also excellent on defense. Durant dominated the Cleveland frontcourt, sometimes at center in small lineups and mostly at power forward.

Without him, Phoenix would never have been able to pull off the upset.

Durant’s performance wasn’t limited to that game. Durant has been one of the best players in the entire NBA lately.

In his last four games, he’s averaging 38 points, 7.2 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 54% shooting from the field and 50% shooting from three-point range, and in March as a whole, he’s averaging 33 points and 6.8 rebounds.

The most surprising thing about Durant is his minutes. Durant is averaging 37.2 minutes per game this season, which ranks fifth in the NBA. Durant isn’t just an offensive player. He’s also very active on defense. These numbers show how much of a workhorse Durant is.

Phoenix has seen Booker’s minutes go up and down due to injury. Durant is the player that keeps the team going in those situations. Durant has been playing consistently and leading the way for Phoenix.

Phoenix currently sits in sixth place in the Western Conference with a 38-27 record. The difference between sixth and seventh is significant. The difference between 6th and 7th place is significant because 7th place is a single-game play-in tournament, while 6th place is a direct playoff berth. Only one game separates the sixth-place Phoenix from the seventh-place Sacramento Kings. For Phoenix, every game counts.

Durant was traded to Phoenix from the Brooklyn Nets at the 2022-2023 trade deadline. He was criticized for forming another superteam after his time with the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn, but based on his performance this season, Phoenix is more of a one-man team than a superteam.

Durant is also an old man, born in 1988, approaching his mid-30s. How much longer his body can hold up will be the biggest question for Phoenix this season.

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Bae Jae-go Joel leads finalists with triple-double

Bae Jae Go finished the qualifiers at the top of the group.

Bae Jae-go won 92-50 against Cheongju Shinshung High School in the Group H qualifying game of the 61st Spring National Boys and Girls Basketball Federation Championship Haenam on Tuesday at Usul Dongbaek Gymnasium in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Jeolla Province, and advanced to the finals as the top team in the group.

Bae Jae-go took the lead from the first quarter. They had fun on defense by pressuring their opponents, and on offense, they scored easily with organic movement. Joel (183 cm, G.F) was at the center of it all.

Joel started and finished with a triple-double of 10 points, 12 rebounds and 15 assists, including two 3-pointers, in 37 minutes and 29 seconds.

“My passes were falling early in the game, so I just played a passing game,” Joel said. I checked my stats after the game, and I didn’t expect a triple-double,” Joel said. “I’m thankful and happy for my teammates.”

Compared to last year, Bae Jae-go’s height was lowered. To this end, the team has been organized to play fast basketball since winter training, especially with the help of coach Kim Jun-sung, who was promoted from A-coach to full-time coach.

“He’s the same coach at the guard position, so he really teaches us the little things, and he’s good at creating patterns based on the situation, which is fun when it works in a game,” Joel says. “Most of all, he emphasizes basketball and the attitude that you have on and off the court. He emphasizes the mindset and attitude that a basketball player should have on and off the court, and that we should always work hard regardless of our physical condition.”

“The team has a lower height than last year, so we practiced a lot of fast-paced, three-point basketball. During the winter training, the team atmosphere was good, especially our organization. Every player on our team has good individual skills, so we have a lot of offense that comes from that.”

As captain, Joel also bragged about his team: “We’re not big, but we all know basketball. So we don’t have any worries on offense and defense, and we trust and rely on each other. We have the confidence to win against any team,” he said.

Finally, the team is looking forward to the round of 16 finals against Masango on Nov. 12.

“It’s against Masango,” Joel said. “I’ve seen their qualifying games, and they’re a fast, athletic, hard-working team. They play a similar style of basketball to us.” “I think it’s important to play fast breaks and backcourt battles for the atmosphere. We hope to prepare well and reach the top four, which was our goal before the tournament.”


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First-team prospect asks “Can you stop a single shot?”

Manchester United (Manchester United) goalkeeper Andre Onana’s popularity is plummeting.

Onana joined United last summer from Italian Serie A side Inter Milan. His transfer fee at the time was £47 million. Expectations were high for Onana, as United manager Eric Dier did not re-sign veteran David De Gea, who had won the Golden Glove (the Premier League’s top goalkeeper of the season) the previous season.

Furthermore, Onana had previously worked with Turnbach at Dutch Eredivisie giants Ajax, so it was widely expected that he would perform well in the Premier League in the 2023-2024 season with the Gunners.

However, once the season got underway, Onana was a disaster.

In the UEFA Champions League, he made a series of mistakes that allowed Bayern Munich, Turkkiye Galatasaray SK, and FC Copenhagen of Denmark to all pick up points against the Red Devils. A combination of poor performances ultimately led to an early exit as United finished last in Group A.

Recently, Onana has been steadily improving his game. He made eight saves in the league match against Aston Villa on September 12, shutting down the opposition. The Red Devils went on to win 2-1 thanks to Onana’s saves.

He also earned praise for his performance in the last four days against city rivals Manchester City, despite conceding three goals. According to soccer stats platform Footmob, Onana had an xGOT of 3.66 in those games, but only conceded three goals. Footmob gave him a rating of 7.2, the highest of any United defender.

However, this hasn’t gone down well with the United squad, as an unidentified prospect has reportedly taken a swipe at Onana during a first-team training session.

“Onana had a conflict with a prospect on the training ground,” British media outlet The Sun reported on Aug. 8 (KST). According to the publication, the unnamed prospect, who has barely played a first-team match, admonished him, “Can you even block one (shot)?”

Today, however, Onana has come into his own.

In the 28th round of the league against Everton on Sept. 9, he made several good saves, thanks to the defense’s good coverage. With a total of six saves, Onana kept a clean sheet and helped his team to a 2-0 victory. He was also voted Man of the Match with an 8.6 rating by Footmob.

Onana now has eight clean sheets in 28 league games. He also has an 토토 expected GAA of 43.1, but has only conceded 39 goals and saved four more.

Turnbach has also shown his continued support and confidence in Onana. According to The Sun, after the 1-0 FA Cup fifth round win over Nottingham Forest on May 29, Turnagh said, “Onana is in very good form. “He’s a goalkeeper worthy of the Premier League,” he said, adding, “He’s improving all the time, so he sees every situation as an opportunity to take another step forward.

Onana’s arrival has meant that the other goalkeepers at Manchester United are not getting the chance they deserve. Notably, Altay Bindr, a promising goalkeeper who joined from Fenerbahce from Turkkiye last summer, has only played one game for United this season.

However, Onana is by far the best goalkeeper in the squad and has the most experience with the United defense, so he should continue to keep his starting spot.

Meanwhile, United will resume their schedule on the 18th with an FA Cup quarterfinal tie against Liverpool.


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Dinosaurs’ outside hitter ‘Power is good’

“The farthest hitter I’ve ever seen in person was Woods…”

NC Dinos manager Kang Myung-ho made the press laugh by showing off a ‘chunky’ grocery store drip (?) against the Changwon KIA Tigers in an exhibition game on Tuesday. Describing the power of new foreign hitter Matt Davidson (33), Kang said, “If you add a little lie, I think it will fly to ‘Home XX’ over there.”

Changwon NC Park is a beautiful stadium located in the city center of Changwon, but you can see Home XX, a large supermarket, over the left field fence. The logo of Home XX is clearly visible from the first and third base dugouts. It looks like it’s right there, but it’s actually beyond the outfield fence, across one of the main streets, and behind it. It was about 300 meters away from the NC Park outfield.

The reason Kang tells this story is to illustrate how much power and long ball Davidson has. “He’s a player who will definitely show good things if he adapts. She can hit whoever she wants,” he said.

In real life, Davidson hit 19 home runs in the 2023 season for the Hiroshima Toyokafe of Nippon Professional Baseball. He has 54 career major league home runs and 226 career minor league home runs. In 2019 and 2022, he hit 33 and 32 home runs in Triple-A, respectively. He has a career batting average of .220 in the majors and .258 in the minors, so while his accuracy may be lacking, his power is there.

“The farthest I’ve ever seen a hitter hit in person was Woods (Tyrone),” said Kang. Davidson’s power and destructiveness are comparable to Woods’. Woods, who represented the KBO as a foreigner in the league’s early years, played for the Doosan Bears in 2002.

In spring training in Tucson, Woods didn’t play in any of the exhibition games. It was his own request. He only played in the team’s own blue-and-white games to improve his condition. As it turned out, he modified his batting form to adapt to the KBO this season, and he didn’t go to any outside practice games because he 카지노 needed to get it right.

If manager Kang Myung-hwa exaggerated, he wasn’t wrong. After going 0-for-3 in the opening game on Sept. 9, Davidson went 2-for-3 with a double and three RBIs in the 10th game. In the bottom of the third inning with the bases loaded and the score 1-2, Davidson lined a 137-kilometer fastball from Yoon Young-chul over the right-field fence for a double. The pitch hit the right-field wall and bounced away.

“It was a good feeling overall,” Davidson said. Yesterday, I didn’t have good timing at the plate. I worked on that today and I’m glad it paid off. I don’t really prepare for anything in particular. I just tried to hit pitches in the strike zone and make productive at-bats.”

In conclusion, Davidson said, “I’m still trying to adjust to the new stadium and environment. The supporters are amazing. It seems to create a fun atmosphere. I’m going to try to continue to have a good overall performance on offense and defense during the exhibition games and continue to adjust to the new stadium and environment and try to help the team win.”

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What is your assessment of Choi Won-hyuk and Togashi against Japan’s top guards?

“A different class”

Seoul SK fell 69-72 to the Chiba Jazz in the 2023-2024 EASL Final Four on Tuesday at the Hoops Dome in Cebu, Philippines. For the second time in the EASL, the team failed to cross the threshold of the finals. SK will have to settle for a runner-up finish and $300,000 in prize money.

Chiba has one of the best guards in Japan in Yuki Tobashi (167 cm, G). SK did their best to defend Tobashi, with Choi Won-hyuk (184 cm, G) filling that role. At the beginning of the game, Oh Jae-hyun (187 cm, G) started to defend Togashi, but it was too much for him to handle the offense and assemble the offense, so SK chose Choi Won-hyuk to defend Togashi.

Choi was able to fulfill this role. He gave up some points and got penetrated, but he didn’t give up and continued to harass Togashi. As a result, Togashi shot just 30% (4-of-13) from the field until the third quarter.

However, despite Choi’s outstanding defense, SK was unable to get over the hump in the final period and lost the game. “I’m very disappointed,” Choi said after the game.

“It was a winnable game. All the players really tried their best. We could have won if we could get over the hump… It was a very disappointing loss.”

What kind of player was Togashi? “He’s really, really good. He’s in a different class. At first, I tried to stop him somehow. But I couldn’t stop him, so I tried to make sure he didn’t get the ball, so I went in the backdoor and used the space behind him. She’s really fast. She has skill and a shot. He’s like Jeon Sung-hyun in terms of shooting and Heo Hoon in terms of technique. He’s like a combination of both players. He’s really hard to stop. I learned a lot.”

And I thought, “Actually, there’s not much I can do on offense. That’s 토토사이트 why I wanted to help on defense, and that’s why I tried my best. I wanted to catch Togashi once, but he was too good,” he laughed.

Although the team failed to win the EASL, the KBL is still going on. They have to shake off their disappointment in the KBL.

“Right now, KT and LG are fighting for second place. There are places that are leaving us out. (Laughs) But we’re there too. In the EASL, my brothers rested a lot. They will go and do it now. Especially (Kim) Sun-hyung is coming back. We will try to make good results with our brothers again.”

“The playoffs are different. The coach’s tactics are so good. We have a good system and good players. I want to make a performance that can shake off the disappointment,” he said, expressing his desire to win the title.

안전 토토사이트

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