“Junior cocky” baseball SSG assaulted with a bat in the 2nd inning of a baseball game-get it?

KBO “will open punishment committee to discipline those involved”
SSG also assaulted at SK, its predecessor

A senior member of the SSG Landers baseball team assaulted a junior with a baseball bat. The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) investigated the incident and decided to hold a punishment committee to discipline those involved.

The “baseball bat assault incident” occurred when senior A gathered the junior players during lunch and gave them a group slap for their rookie attitude. On June 6, A, a player in SSG’s Futures League (2nd team), gathered players younger than him at the team’s 2nd team training center in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, and slapped them on the back. B’s attitude toward his seniors and coaches was considered arrogant.

The baseball bat assault came next. After A left the field, C, a second-team player, took over and gave the juniors a hard time. In the process, C hit B on the buttocks twice with a baseball bat. After C left, D, a second-team player, continued the hazing.

The incident came to light later that evening when the SSG second team training coach noticed bruises on B’s buttocks and asked why. The coach reported the incident to the club on the 7th, and SSG reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center the same day after interviewing the players involved and writing a report. “Based on the report submitted by SSG, we will investigate and hold a punishment committee early next week,” the KBO said. According to KBO rules, players who commit violence can be suspended from participating in the league for more than two months, suspended for more than 50 games, or fined more than 5 million won.

SSG also had a history of assaults on its roster during its predecessor organization, the SK Wyverns. In July 2020, prior to SSG’s acquisition of SK, some players in the second team were admonishing juniors, leading to an assault. At the time, SK was criticized for failing to report the assault to the KBO even though they were aware of it. The SSG team said on the 11th, “We apologize for the disappointment caused to the fans of professional baseball by this incident,” and added, “We will sincerely cooperate with the KBO investigation. 한국야동 We will endeavor to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.”

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