‘Averaging 38 points in four games’, the scoring machine is on fire

Durant’s momentum soars.

The Phoenix Suns defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 117-111 in the 2023-2024 NBA regular season at Scott Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday (Jan. 13).

Phoenix’s big three had big games. Kevin Durant had 37 points and 8 rebounds, Devin Booker had 27 points and 7 assists, and Bradley Beal had 24 points and 5 rebounds.

It was a valuable win for Phoenix. Phoenix trailed 63-70 at halftime behind Cleveland’s potent offense on the night. But Durant’s scoring barrage and defense in the third quarter turned the tide, and they were able to pull away in the 온라인카지노 fourth quarter to secure the win.

Durant’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. Durant dominated the game on both offense and defense. In 39 minutes, he shot over 50% from the field, making 14 of 26 shots, including 5 of 10 from three-point range. He also had eight rebounds and six assists, making him a multi-faceted player.

He was also excellent on defense. Durant dominated the Cleveland frontcourt, sometimes at center in small lineups and mostly at power forward.

Without him, Phoenix would never have been able to pull off the upset.

Durant’s performance wasn’t limited to that game. Durant has been one of the best players in the entire NBA lately.

In his last four games, he’s averaging 38 points, 7.2 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 54% shooting from the field and 50% shooting from three-point range, and in March as a whole, he’s averaging 33 points and 6.8 rebounds.

The most surprising thing about Durant is his minutes. Durant is averaging 37.2 minutes per game this season, which ranks fifth in the NBA. Durant isn’t just an offensive player. He’s also very active on defense. These numbers show how much of a workhorse Durant is.

Phoenix has seen Booker’s minutes go up and down due to injury. Durant is the player that keeps the team going in those situations. Durant has been playing consistently and leading the way for Phoenix.

Phoenix currently sits in sixth place in the Western Conference with a 38-27 record. The difference between sixth and seventh is significant. The difference between 6th and 7th place is significant because 7th place is a single-game play-in tournament, while 6th place is a direct playoff berth. Only one game separates the sixth-place Phoenix from the seventh-place Sacramento Kings. For Phoenix, every game counts.

Durant was traded to Phoenix from the Brooklyn Nets at the 2022-2023 trade deadline. He was criticized for forming another superteam after his time with the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn, but based on his performance this season, Phoenix is more of a one-man team than a superteam.

Durant is also an old man, born in 1988, approaching his mid-30s. How much longer his body can hold up will be the biggest question for Phoenix this season.

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