‘With special meaning’, Gimcheon unveils 2024 season number… Defender Kim Jae-woo No. 10

Gimcheon Sangmu announced the numbering of its 2024 season squad on Monday.

The 2024 season squad number has a special meaning that can only be found in the Sangmu. The players have replaced their old numbers with new ones to bring freshness to the fans. Kim Jae-woo wore No. 10, Lee Sang-min wore No. 9, Won Doo-jae wore No. 11, Kim Jin-kyu wore No. 4, and Kim Dong-hyun wore No. 5.

Kim Hyun-wook said, “We wanted to wear a number that we have never worn before this season to give fans a fresh experience, 안전카지노사이트 and we chose a different number because we thought it would be a good memory for our teammates.”

Kim Jae-woo, who chose ‘No. 10’ to symbolize the team’s ace, said, “First of all, No. 10 is a number I’ve never worn before. I think it can only be worn by a businessman. I will do my best to help the team as I will be wearing the number 10 this season.”

Kim Jin-kyu wore the number 4, which symbolizes the main center back, because, “Although I am not a center back, I think playing with the number 4 will give me a chance to understand the players in other positions on the field. I also wanted to leave good memories with my teammates before the national team.”

Other new recruits for the 2024 season include Kim Dae-won, who wore No. 22, Lee Jin-yong, No. 28, Yoo Kang-hyun, No. 18, and Cho Jin-woo, No. 24. He also wore No. 12 for the 12th Warrior Supporters’ Investigation.

Gimcheon will hold its second winter training camp in Gijang, Busan, until the 18th.

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