US, South Korea, Japan to announce Camp David principles for trilateral relations.

The leaders of the three countries – South Korea, the United States and Japan – are expected to announce the so-called “Camp David Principles” governing trilateral relations at a summit on Aug. 18, local time, U.S. internet outlet Axios reported.

Axios cited a source with knowledge of the summit on Thursday local time.

“The summit is the result of months of U.S. diplomacy,” Axios said, noting that “U.S. officials have been trying to convince South Korea and Japan to look beyond their complicated pasts and see a united future.”

The summit is likely to result in announcements such as a trilateral hotline and an obligation to consult in times of crisis, according to Axios.

In a related development, U.S. government officials said the summit is unlikely to result in a formal security agreement with mutual defense commitments between the three countries, but that the countries will agree to a mutual understanding of their defense responsibilities in the region, Reuters reported.

The officials also told Reuters that they would agree to establish a trilateral “hotline” for communication during a crisis.

However, neither South Korea nor Japan are ready to make any formal demands for a crisis line, they said.

This means that while the three countries agree on the need to communicate during a crisis and the establishment of a “hotline” to do so, they have not gone as far as mandating a response to a crisis.

Meanwhile, Reuters also reported, again citing US government officials, that the three countries will include strong language on maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait in their joint statement.

The three countries will also launch a series of joint initiatives on technology, education, 카지노사이트넷 and defense at the summit, the news agency said.

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