Doo-Hoon Lee, a new study, now a match official

Power analyst, professional coach, and game operations staff. Basketball studies never end.

In Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do, the 61st Spring National Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Federation Championship Haenam is underway. The tournament, which started on the 7th, will conclude on the 16th (9/10) with the boys’ high school finals.

As the young players show off their skills honed over the past winter on the court, we met a familiar face at the tournament headquarters. This is Coach Lee Doo-hoon, who spent nine years as a power analyst and coach for 바카라사이트 Seoul Samsung since 2012 after retiring as a professional. He returned to the court as a match official this year.

“You have to have a license to sit in the headquarters seats. Last winter, I was interested in game management and rules, so I studied, attended classes, and took exams. Afterward, many people helped me, including Chairman Kim Jin-soo, referees, timekeepers, and others, and I was able to enter the field. I am very grateful to them.”

During the games, Lee handled various operational tasks.

He said, “This is my second time at a sports event and my first time at an elite event. “It reminded me of my high school and college days,” he said, laughing, “I was able to feel how the players played, what the environment was like, and what basketball was like. “I’m learning a lot about shot clock, time, substitutions, team fouls, scoring, scorekeeping (caller), etc. It’s a lot of learning.”

From power analyst to coach, Lee has been in the field for a long time, so he doesn’t seem to have much trouble with his new job. However, Lee Doo-hoon had a different story.

“I thought I knew all the rules because I’ve been on the team for so long. But that wasn’t the case. I’m studying like I’m starting over. I don’t know where and when I’ll be working in the future, but I plan to continue doing something related to basketball. In that regard, I thought it would be helpful to know how the headquarters works and the rules and regulations of basketball. It’s a great opportunity to sit in the sidelines now,” he explained.

“I think I will be involved in various fields as a match official in the future, and I realized that many people, including the officials, referees, and others, work very hard and have difficult jobs. I am grateful to everyone who helped me, and if I have time in the future, I would like to continue my studies through various training programs.”

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