The rain that fell in the aftermath of Typhoon Kanun clearly divided the joys and sorrows of the LG Twins and the KIA Tigers .In the 2023 professional baseball KIA and visiting game held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 8th, LG beat Yang Hyeon-jong, the opponent’s starter, from the beginning and led 8-0 until the second inning .In the top of the first inning, lead hitter Hong Chang-ki hit a heavy hit, and LG scored first with a bunt hit by Moon Seong-joo and a timely hit by Kim Hyun-soo in the right middle. After one out, LG added two points with Moon Bo-kyung's timely hit and Park Dong-won's sacrifice fly against Yang Hyeon-jong, and after two outs, Park Hae-min also made a timely hit to make it 5-0.The LG lineup also spewed fire in the second inning .After one out, Hong Chang-ki survived because of an error, and Moon Seong-joo and Kim Hyeon-soo hit consecutive doubles to add 2 points .However, at the end 토토사이트 of the 2nd inning, the game was stopped as heavy rain poured from KIA offense 1 company 1 base. While KIA fans guarding the spectators prayed for a 'game cancellation', the referees waited for 55 minutes, but when the rain showed no sign of stopping, they finally declared a 'no game' .Because of this, LG unfortunately missed the first win. On the other hand, KIA Yang Hyeon-jong, who allowed 8 runs (6 earned) with 9 hits and 1 walk in 2 innings, escaped the loss crisis due to the rain of luck.LG starting pitcher Adam Plutko, who recovered from a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and took the mound after 14 days, checked his condition by handling 1⅓ innings with 2 hits and no runs until the game was stopped .As this match became a 'no game', the total number of games canceled due to rain or fine dust this season increased to 54.
In particular, KIA has 16 games canceled, the most among the 10 clubs.

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