Women's basketball Busan BNK, which defeated the Philippine national team and secured at least 3rd place in the 42nd William Jones Cup, showed its will to win the final match against the Taiwanese national team to finish the tournament with a higher ranking .BNK beat the Philippines national team, which is ranked 42nd in the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), 65-59 in the fourth game of the tournament held at Heping Gymnasium in Taipei City, Taiwan on the 8th.BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said in an interview after the game, "We were tired after playing four days in a row, and I knew the Philippines was a team with good skills such as outside shooting, so I came out nervous, but I think our players concentrated well and solved the game." did. Head coach Park Jeong-eun, who left the final game against Team A in Taiwan, predicted, “Taiwan will play practice games twice in advance to learn about each other’s styles, so it will be a fun match.” I made up my mind .Director Park explained about the 194 cm tall Philippine center Jack Daniel Animam, "The big man is very tall, but his speed is slow, so our big man took turns blocking it."
Coach Park, who promised to develop the bench members, pointed out, "I think the six men who wanted to play on the court played well today. It was encouraging to expand the availability of the sixth man." Regarding the scene where the opponent's consecutive goals were allowed to chase right before the end of the game, he said, "I thought about the stamina arrangement of the main players in the third quarter, and I wanted to believe in the players who had few players." It held up better than that," he said.
Lee So-hee, who stood at the forefront of the victory with 19 points, including 3 points and 5 rooms, looked back, saying, “I had an idea to start with the basics of defense because there were ups and downs in my performance, but I think the offense went well because that part went well.”Lee So-hee, who said, "It's nice to be able to meet players in an unfamiliar environment at the Jones Cup," said, "I think I'll have to find a way to solve the game when things don't work out. I'll think about other directions, such as defense, rebounds, and assists." Points for improvement were noted .Kim Ji-eun, who 카지노사이트 scored 9 points by concentrating on 3 points and 3 rooms in the 2nd quarter, said, “Whether I win or lose the game, I try to raise the atmosphere and solve it well by being proud of each other.” We will continue to communicate and try to reach an agreement .”Kim Ji-eun is showing good condition in this tournament, scoring 17 points in the first leg of the Jones Cup. Regarding this, Kim Ji-eun explained, "Personally, I tried to practice shooting a lot. It seems that trying to find balance and throw with confidence while playing the game worked well." Regarding Director Park Jung-eun's public announcement of the discovery of the Sixth Man, he showed an enthusiastic appearance, saying, "It is not that there is no greed at all." "I have little experience, but I'm trying to focus on the role I can play," he said, "I will do image training on what my role is and turn on the light in my eyes."

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