New possibilities for Daegu FC’s offensive line‥no.19 Kim Young-joon-no.18 Jung Jae-sang

Daegu FC, which has a relatively weak attacking line compared to its defensive reinforcements, is raising hopes with goals from Kim Young-joon, who joined the team last year, and newcomer Jung Jae-sang.

Kim Young-joon and Jeong Jae-sang, who opened the scoring in the first half against Chiang Rai United in the team’s last official match of the Thailand training camp, have continued to add to the excitement at the Namhae camp.

In a B-team-only match against Songho University at the Sangju Hanryehae Sports Park in Namhae on the 9th, 카지노사이트 Jung led his team to a 6-0 victory with two goals and three assists.

The same day, Daegu won 1-0 against Yeungnam University at the Mizo Public Sports Complex, with Kim Young-joon scoring the game-winning goal again, picking up where he left off in Thailand.

Despite their flaws, the two players have shown promise as they continue to find ways to improve and compete for a starting spot in the attacking lineup this season.

Kim Young-joon, who made his debut last season, is determined to show his true colors this season, while newcomer Jung Jae-sang is aiming to make his first-team debut.

With three wins, two draws, and two losses in a series of practice matches in the South Sea leading up to the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, wins and losses don’t mean much to Daegu, as the A and B team members are playing in various combinations.

With Lee Geun-ho’s absence and the performance of substitutes who have shown promise in the foreign-oriented roster, Daegu will continue to practice and train through the Lunar New Year holidays.

Daegu, who are camping in the South Sea until the 25th of this month, will return home on the 3rd of next month for their official opening match of 2024 against Gimcheon Sangmu.

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