Sportswear and Socks, Confiscated Ahead of MLB Seoul Opening Game

44,000 counterfeit items, including sportswear and socks, confiscated ahead of MLB Seoul opening game

Korean Intellectual Property Office intensively cracks down on trademark law violations… 7 wholesalers booked

The Korean Intellectual Property Office’s Trademark Special Judicial Police (Trademark Police) cracked down on counterfeit products (counterfeit products) ahead of the opening game of the Major League Baseball (MLB) in Seoul, booking seven wholesalers on charges of violating the trademark law and confiscating 44,000 pieces of clothing, etc. 22 The day was revealed. 파워볼사이트

Wholesalers, including Mr. A (61), are suspected of distributing counterfeit products such as MLB-related sportswear and socks nationwide based in Dongdaemun Market (2 locations) or Namdaemun Market (5 locations).

Through this intensive crackdown, the trademark police confiscated 44,341 counterfeit products (equivalent to 150 million won in genuine value) bearing the trademarks of six famous MLB teams, including the Los Angeles (LA) Dodgers and New York Yankees.

Until now, only a small amount of counterfeit products on display in stores were cracked down, but in this crackdown, in order to prevent the distribution of counterfeit products in advance, large-scale distributors of counterfeit products were identified and a seizure warrant was issued. counterfeit products were confiscated.

In fact, in the case of the five Dongdaemun stores, they are all adjacent, so when the first store was cracked down, considering that the remaining stores were arranged in a structure that made it easy to hide or steal counterfeit products, seizure warrants were executed simultaneously at night and all five stores were cracked down.

Park Joo-yeon, Chief of the Trademark Special Judicial Police Division, said, “We have already confirmed that there is a lot of counterfeit MLB product distribution even before the opening game,” adding, “We will conduct crackdown activities to raise awareness of counterfeit product distributors until the opening game to prevent damage from counterfeit products.”

“We plan to continue,” he said.

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Gohan-eup Residents’ Association in Jeongseon-gun Open a Ski Camp

Why did the Gohan-eup Residents’ Association in Jeongseon-gun open a ski camp?

Developing local teenagers and young adults as ski instructors and encouraging them to settle in the area

The Gohan-eup Residents’ Association in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do announced on the 22nd that it has opened a ski camp for local youth and young adults to acquire ski instructor certification. 바카라사이트

28 teenagers and young adults from Gohan-eup participated in the event held at High1 Ski Resort until March 10th.

The local residents’ association plans to support people in obtaining ski level 1 or higher certification and junior ski skill level certification from the Korea Ski Instructors Federation.

The project cost was raised through the budget of the local residents’ association, sponsorship from the Jeongam Scholarship Association, and personal expenses.

The Residents’ Autonomy Association received the grand prize at the 2023 Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Residents’ Autonomy Expo.

Lee Tae-hee, head of the local residents’ autonomous association, said, “We hope that local youth and young adults can work as ski instructors and settle in the area, thereby contributing to the development of the local community.”

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Shinhan Bank lost to Samsung Life Insurance

Women’s basketball Shinhan Bank lost to Samsung Life Insurance… Far away PO ticket

In the women’s professional basketball team, Incheon Shinhan Bank’s chances of advancing to the semifinals of the playoffs have become slim.

Shinhan Bank lost 60-67 to 3rd place Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, which confirmed its advancement to the playoffs, in the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league home game held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 21st.

5th place Shinhan Bank, which lost 5 games in a row and has 7 wins and 20 losses, cannot advance to the playoffs if 4th place Bucheon Hana One Q (9 wins, 18 losses) adds just one win in the remaining 3 games. 카지노사이트

Hana One Q will face bottom-ranked Busan BNK on the 22nd.

Shinhan Bank did not play well in the first half due to extreme shooting difficulties, with the 2-point shot success rate staying in the 20% range.

In addition, Samsung Life Insurance’s pick-and-roll play led by Bae Hye-yoon (17 points, 9 assists) gave up a lot of points, falling behind 22-38.

Shinhan Bank, which found a clue to its pursuit in the third quarter with 5 consecutive points from Ji-young Kim (8 points), scored on a fast break following a 3-point shot by Jin-young Kim (14 points), a 2-point shot by Kyeong-eun Lee, and a steal by Sonia Kim (11 points). Coming out, we trailed to 44-45.

Samsung Life Insurance put out the fire quickly with a 3-point shot and 2 free throws by Shin Seul (16 points, 3 3-pointers) and entered the fourth quarter with a 52-44 lead.

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Lee Kang-in Apologizes in London to Son Heung-min

Lee Kang-in apologizes in London… Son Heung-min posted a photo taken together

National soccer team midfielder Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain, right), who caused the ‘Table Tennis Gate’ controversy, went to London, England and personally apologized to Son Heung-min (Tottenham, left).

National team captain Son Heung-min publicly asked for forgiveness for Lee Kang-in.

In an apology posted on his SNS on the 21st, Lee Kang-in said, “Due to my short-term thinking and careless actions during the last Asian Cup, Heung-min has caused great disappointment to his brother, the entire team, and all soccer fans.” 온라인카지노

He continued, “I would like to thank Heung-min once again for welcoming me when I visited London.

Heung-min did not listen to the advice he gave me as captain, older brother, and teammate for the sake of unity, but only expressed my opinion.” I reflected.

He said he contacted other seniors and colleagues one by one to apologize and said, “I am deeply reflecting.”

Son Heung-min also posted on his SNS, “Kang-in is going through a very difficult time after that incident.

“Please forgive me with a generous heart just once,” he said, posting a photo of himself smiling while standing side by side with Lee Kang-in.

Son Heung-min said, “When I was young, I made a lot of mistakes and showed bad behavior, and I think I was able to be where I am today because of the good advice and teachings of good seniors every time I did that.”

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Women’s Table Tennis Takes Brazil to the Quarterfinals

Women’s table tennis takes Brazil to the quarterfinals of the Busan World Championships… Securing Olympic Tickets

Korean women’s table tennis defeated Brazil and advanced to the quarterfinals of the BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships.

Korea (5th place), lined up with Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air), Jeon Ji-hee (Mirae Asset Securities), and Lee Si-ion (Samsung Life Insurance), defeated Brazil (14th place) with a match score of 3-1 in the round of 16 of the tournament held at the BEXCO Special Stadium in Busan on the 21st. won with

As a result, Korean women’s table tennis achieved its ‘first goal’ by obtaining a ticket to the 2026 Paris Olympics team event, which is given to the team that reaches the quarterfinals of this competition. 카지노사이트

In the tournament draw held the previous day, Korea had the worst result, meeting the ‘strongest’ China in the quarterfinals, so the secondary goal of ‘winning the prize’ seems difficult.

Korea will compete with China, which defeated Thailand with a match score of 3-0, to advance to the semifinals on the 22nd.

The World Table Tennis Championships do not hold a third-place match, and bronze medals are awarded to both teams eliminated in the semifinals.

Korea had a difficult match as Shin Yu-bin, who played in the first singles, was defeated by Bruna Takahashi 2-3 (11-7 7-11 9-11 11-6 8-11).

Fortunately, second-single player Jeon Ji-hee defeated Giulia Takahashi 3-0 (11-9 11-7 11-2), bringing the momentum back to Korea.

In the 3rd singles match, Korea achieved a comeback by defeating ‘one-armed player’ Bruna Alexandre 3-0 (11-5 11-8 11-4).

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China pledges to increase opportunities for foreign companies to boost its economy

Chinese Vice President Han Zheng, center right, chats with with U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns as they attend an Amcham event held in Beijing, China, March 1.  Vice President Han pledged Friday to provide more opportunities for foreign companies in China as the government tries to restore confidence in the world’s second largest economy. AP-Yonhap

Chinese Vice President Han Zheng pledged Friday to provide more opportunities for foreign companies in China as the government tries to restore confidence in the world’s second largest economy.Han told an audience of American business people in Beijing that the government would continue to open up more industries to foreign investment and create a market-oriented and law-based international business environment.“China’s development achievements have been made through opening up,” he said at an American Chamber of Commerce in China banquet. “We will unwaveringly adhere to a high level of opening-up to the outside world.”Chamber officials portrayed his appearance at the annual dinner as a positive signal that the government is serious about addressing the concerns of U.S. and other foreign companies about operating uncertainties and other challenges in the Chinese market.

The U.S. and China remain divided on a wide range of issues from trade and technology to the war in Ukraine, but they are at least talking again and seeking ways to manage their differences.Both Premier Li Qiang and the commerce minister met this week with a visiting delegation led by Suzanne Clark, the head of the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Chamber of Commerce.“What I think the Chinese were trying to do is to reassure us that they know there are still things on the to-do list that need to get done and to reassure us that they will get done,” said the chair of AmCham in China, Sean Stein, who joined the meeting with Li.Progress has been made in some areas but not in others, Stein said before the dinner, adding, “it’s been a mixed bag.”The American Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns told the audience that several months of high-level meetings and exchanges had given a measure of badly needed stability to the U.S.-China relationship, but that difficult issues remain.He cited manufacturing overcapacity in China, which has raised fears in the U.S. and Europe that Chinese exports will flood their markets; U.S. sanctions on Chinese companies that are supporting what he called “Russia’s defense-industrial complex,” and U.S. President Joe Biden’s recently stated concern that connected vehicles from China could pose a national security threat.Burns pushed back at Chinese accusations that the United States is seeking to decouple its economy from China’s, saying his country is only trying to reduce risk by diversifying its supply chains and restricting some exports because of national security concerns.“I must say frankly, too many here in China are suggesting that we are decoupling,” he said. “But the 안전 facts will not support that argument. We are derisking, which is a necessary and fully justifiable policy

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Iris Apfel, fashion icon known for her eye-catching style, dies at 102

U.S. designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel  attends the presentation of Atelier Swarovski's Fall-Winter 2016 collection in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Oct. 20, 2016 (reissued 02 March 2024). Fashion icon and designer Iris Apfel died, March 1, at the age of 102, according to a post on her verified social media account.  EPA-Yonhap

Iris Apfel, a textile expert, interior designer and fashion celebrity known for her eccentric style, has died. She was 102.Her death was confirmed by her commercial agent, Lori Sale, who called Apfel “extraordinary.” No cause of death was given. It was also announced on her verified Instagram page on Friday, which a day earlier had celebrated that Leap Day represented her 102nd-and-a-half birthday.Born Aug. 29, 1921, Apfel was famous for her irreverent, eye-catching outfits, mixing haute couture and oversized costume jewelry. A classic Apfel look would, for instance, pair a feather boa with strands of chunky beads, bangles and a jacket decorated with Native American beadwork.With her big, round, black-rimmed glasses, bright red lipstick and short white hair, she stood out at every fashion show she attended.Her style was the subject of museum exhibits and a documentary film, “Iris,” directed by Albert Maysles.“I’m not pretty, and I’ll never be pretty, but it doesn’t matter,” she once said. “I have something much better. I have style.”Apfel enjoyed late-in-life fame on social media, amassing nearly 3 million followers on Instagram , where her profile declares: “More is more & Less is a Bore.” On TikTok, she drew 215,000 followers as she waxed wise on things fashion and style and promoted recent collaborations.“Being stylish and being fashionable are two entirely different things,” she said in one TikTok video. “You can easily buy your way into being fashionable. Style, I think is in your DNA. It implies originality and courage.She never retired, telling “Today”: “I think retiring at any age is a fate worse than death. Just because a number comes up doesn’t mean you have to stop.”“Working alongside her was the honor of a lifetime. I will miss her daily calls, always greeted with the familiar question: “What have you got for me today?,” Sale said in a statement. “Testament to her insatiable desire to work. She was a visionary in every sense of the word. She saw the world through a unique lens – one adorned with giant, distinctive spectacles that sat atop her nose.”

Apfel was an expert on textiles and antique fabrics. She and her husband Carl owned a textile manufacturing company, Old World Weavers, and specialized in restoration work, including projects at the White House under six different U.S. presidents. Apfel’s celebrity clients included Estee Lauder and Greta Garbo.Apfel’s own fame blew up in 2005 when the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City hosted a show about her called “Rara Avis,” Latin for “rare bird.” The museum described her style as “both witty and exuberantly idiosyncratic. Her originality was typically revealed in her mixing of high and low fashions — Dior haute couture with flea market finds, 19th-century ecclesiastical vestments with Dolce & Gabbana lizard trousers.”The museum said her “layered combinations” defied “aesthetic conventions” and “even at their most extreme and baroque” represented a “boldly graphic modernity.”The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, was one of several museums around the country that hosted a traveling version of the show. Apfel later decided to donate hundreds of pieces to the Peabody — including couture gowns — to help them build what she termed “a fabulous fashion collection.” The Museum of Fashion & Lifestyle near Apfel’s winter home in Palm Beach, Florida, also plans a gallery dedicated to displaying items from Apfel’s collection.Apfel was born in New York City to Samuel and Sadye Barrel. Her mother owned a boutique.Apfel’s fame in her later years included appearances in ads for brands like M.A.C. cosmetics and Kate Spade. She also designed a line of accessories and jewelry for Home Shopping Network, collaborated with H&M on a sold-out-in-minutes collection of brightly-colored apparel, jewelry and shoes, put out a makeup line with Ciaté London, an eyeglass collection with Zenni and partnered with Ruggable on floor coverings.In a 2017 interview with AP at age 95, she said her favorite contemporary designers included Ralph Rucci, Isabel Toledo and Naeem Khan, but added: “I have so much, I don’t go looking.” Asked for her fashion advice, she said: “Everybody should find her own way. I’m a great one for individuality. I don’t like trends. If you get to learn who you are and what you look like and what you can handle, you’ll know what to do.”She called herself the “accidental icon,” which became the title of a book she published in 2018 filled with her mementos and style musings. Odes to Apfel are abundant, from a Barbie in her likeness to T-shirts, glasses, artwork and dolls.Apfel’s 슬롯사이트 husband died in 2015. They had no children.

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Oil spill, fertilizer leak from sinking of cargo ship highlight risks to Red Sea from Houthi attacks

A satellite image shows the Belize-flagged and UK-owned cargo ship Rubymar, which was attacked by Yemen's Houthis, according to the U.S. military's Central Command, before it sank, on the Red Sea, March 1. Reuters-Yonhap

A vibrant fishing industry, some of the world’s largest coral reefs, desalination plants supplying millions with drinking water. They’re all at risk from large amounts of fertilizer and oil spilled into the Red Sea by the sinking of a cargo ship attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels.Officials on Saturday said the M/V Rubymar, a Belize-flagged vessel reportedly carrying 22,000 metric tons of toxic fertilizer, sunk after taking on water in the Feb. 18 attack.Even before plunging to the ocean’s depths, the vessel had been leaking heavy fuel that triggered an 18-mile (30 kilometers) oil slick through the waterway, which is critical for cargo and energy shipments heading to Europe.Since November, the Houthi rebels have repeatedly targeted ships in the Red Sea over Israel’s offensive in Gaza . They have frequently targeted vessels with tenuous or no clear links to Israel.U.S. Central Command, which oversees the Middle East, has warned in recent days of an “environmental disaster” in the making. That has less to do with the size of the vessel’s hazardous cargo than the unique natural features and usage of the Red Sea, said Ian Ralby, founder of maritime security firm I.R. Consilium. Aggravating concerns over the Rubymar’s sinking is the Red Sea’s unique circular water patterns, which operate essentially as a giant lagoon, with water moving northward, toward the Suez Canal in Egypt, during winter and outward to the Gulf of Aden in summer.“What spills in the Red Sea, stays in the Red Sea,” said Ralby. “There are many ways it can be harmed.”Saudi Arabia for decades has been building the world’s largest network of desalination plants, with entire cities like Jeddah relying on the facilities for almost all of their drinking water. Oil can clog intake systems and inflict costly damage on saltwater conversion.

The Red Sea is also a vital source of seafood, especially in Yemen, where fishing was the second largest export after oil before the current civil war between the Houthis and Yemen’s Sunni government.Ralby has been studying the Red Sea’s vulnerabilities in relation to what could’ve been a far worse maritime tragedy: the FSO Safer, a decrepit oil tanker that had been moored for years off the coast of Yemen with more than 1 million barrels of crude until its cargo was successfully transferred to another vessel last year.While the amount of oil the Rubymar leaked is unknown, Ralby estimates it couldn’t have exceeded 7,000 barrels. While that’s a mere fraction of the Safer’s load, it’s significantly more oil than was spilled by a Japanese-owed vessel, the Wakashio, that wrecked near Mauritius in 2020 , causing millions of dollars in damages and harming the livelihood of thousands of fishermen.Harder to grasp is the risk from the 22,000 metric tons of fertilizer that port authorities in Djibouti, adjacent to where the Rubymar sank, said the ship was transporting at the time of the attack. If the Rubymar remains intact underwater, the impact will be a slow trickle instead of a massive release, said Ralby.Fertilizer fuels the proliferation of algae blooms like the ones seen every year in the Texas Gulf Coast as a result of far larger nutrient runoff from farms, urban lawns and industrial waste. The result is the loss of oxygen, asphyxiation of marine life and the creation of so-called “dead zones.”At risk in the Red Sea are some of the world’s most colorful and extensive coral reefs. Several are major tourist draws and increasingly a subject of great scientific research owing to their apparent resilience to warming seawater temperatures that have destroyed reefs elsewhere in the ocean.However manageable the fallout from the Rubymar’s sinking, Ralby worries that it could be a forerunner of even worse to come. He said most of the container ships pulled out from the Red Sea shipping lanes since the Houthis began targeting ships in the area over the Israel-Hamas war . What remains, he said, are poorly maintained vessels, oil tankers and bulk carriers that pose far greater environmental risks.“With fewer and fewer container ships to target, the odds of another spill with massive environmental impact has increased enormously,” 카지노 said Ralby.

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Household loans from 5 major banks grow for 10th straight month in February

Signs about a bank's loan programs  puts up on the exterior of a lender in Seoul, Feb. 25. Yonhap

Household loans extended by the five major lenders here rose for the 10th consecutive month in February, but their growth slowed to the smallest in eight months on rising rates, industry sources said Saturday.The loans were up 723 billion won ($541 million) from a month earlier to 696.37 trillion won as of the end of February, according to the sources.The gain sharply slowed from January’s 2.9 trillion won rise.Household loans from the banks have been on a steady rise since May 2023, when they posted a month-on-month increase for the first time in 18 months.In February, the rise was led by a 2.17 trillion won increase in home-backed loans, compared with a 4.43 trillion won gain the previous month.

Credit loans dropped by 1.09 trillion won, marking a decrease for the fourth consecutive month.The slowdown in household loans came amid a slump in the home market and rising market rates.Also, tightened lending criteria were blamed for the slow-down, the sources said.The central bank froze its key rate for the ninth straight session and cooled down expectations over early rate cuts last month amid woes over slower-than-expected inflation moderation and high household debt.The Bank of Korea (BOK) kept its policy rate unchanged at 3.5 percent.The BOK has stood pat following rate freezes last February, April, May, July, August, October, November and January. The rate freezes 온라인카지노 came after the BOK delivered seven consecutive rate hikes from April 2022 to January 2023

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Tensions loom as doctors plan mass rally as clash over medical school quota deepens

A medical staffer walks toward the emergency room at a general hospital in Seoul, March 1. The health ministry put up the state back-to-work order on its website for 13 trainee doctors affiliated with 12 general hospitals Friday. Yonhap

Tensions were rising Saturday as defiant doctors were set to hold a mass rally over the weekend in protest against the government plan to increase medical school admissions, with no sign of a breakthrough amid growing risks of a major medical disruption.The Korea Medical Association (KMA), the largest doctors’ lobby group, plans to stage a large demonstration in western Seoul on Sunday in a show of resistance against the government’s plan to add 2,000 more seats to the medical school admission quota starting next year.Some 20,000 doctors are expected to take part in the rally, the KMA said.The government is intensifying the pressure on the striking doctors, with the filing of a criminal complaint against some former and incumbent KMA officials in a clear warning that it will not hesitate to take legal action if the strike continues.On Friday, the police conducted raids on homes and offices of the KMA officials on suspicions of encouraging the trainee doctors to walk off the job en masse and abetting the strike.The government had made the final plea to the junior doctors to return to work by Thursday, or they will face punishment, including the suspension of licenses.The government’s appeal has done little to bring the interns and residents back to the hospitals. As of Thursday afternoon, 565 of 9,510 striking doctors had returned, representing only about 6 percent. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has posted a public notice on its website ordering about a dozen striking doctors taking the lead in the walkout to return to work, a move seen as a precursor to begin the process for penal action.The government is expected to wait until the end of the weekend for more doctors to return before taking steps for punitive measures. Friday was a public holiday in South Korea.

On Saturday, the World Medical Association issued a statement on the ongoing confrontation, calling the government’s plan a “unilateral decision to drastically increase medical student admissions, implemented without clear evidence,” and “lacking sufficient consultation and consensus with expert groups.””The right to collective action is universal, and guidelines are in place to ensure patient safety remains paramount during any collective action taken by physicians,” it claimed.The health ministry strongly refuted the claims, saying the statement only represents “the unilateral opinions” of Korean doctors.”It is not true that the government made the decision unilaterally,” it said, adding it had more than 130 rounds of talks with the medical circle.The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union also voiced concern over the growing healthcare gap earlier in the day, saying “The collective refusal of medical treatment by specialists has been threatening patients’ lives.””Surgeries, treatments, hospitalizations and examinations are not being performed on time, causing the golden treatment time to be missed,” it said.Doctors are subject to suspension of their medical licenses for up to a year, or could face three years in prison or a fine of 30 million won ($22,455), for not complying with such government orders.The strike, which began Feb. 20, has caused disruptions at major general hospitals across the country, leading to cancellations and delays in surgeries and other critical treatment.The government is pushing to increase the physician numbers as a way to resolve the shortage of doctors in rural areas and essential medical fields, such as pediatrics and neurosurgery, and also given the super-aging population.Doctors say the quota hikes will undermine the quality of medical education and other services and result in higher medical costs for patients. They have called for measures to first address the under-paid specialists and improve the legal 토토사이트 protection against excessive medical malpractice lawsuits. 

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