Victory’ LG Twins Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop

Victory’ LG Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop “Today’s Comeback Victory is an Opportunity to Gain Confidence”

“Thank you to the bullpen for holding on and the players, including Park Dong-won,

who hit a come from behind home run.”

LG Twins manager Yeom Kyeong-yeop (55) made a game-winning move early on by punishing starting pitcher Choi Won-tae, who had only one out count in the top of the first inning.

Although they were drawn throughout the game,

Manager Yeom showed his will to win by bringing in a series of bullpen pitchers and eventually turned the game around in the bottom of the 8th inning. 파워볼사이트

LG defeated KT Wiz 5-4 in Game 2 of the Korean Professional Baseball Series held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 8th.

They avenged their 2-3 loss the previous day and brought the series back to square one.

After the game, coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Starter Choi Won-tae had trouble controlling his ball early in the game, so we had a difficult game.

However, the bullpen held on and laid the foundation for victory.

Following Oh Ji-hwan’s solo shot in the 6th inning and Kim Hyun-soo’s timely hit in the 7th,

Park Dong-won hit a come-from-behind home run in the 8th inning,

he said after recovering the game, hoping that “it will be an opportunity to build confidence that we can win the series, not just one win.

” It is also a great benefit that our young bullpen had a very good experience today.

“We can boldly use young bullpen players such as Jung Woo-young, Baek Seung-hyeon, and Yoo Young-chan in the remaining games,” he said with satisfaction.

He was also satisfied that Go Woo-seok, who was the losing pitcher in the first game,

made the save in the second game, preserving the victory by one run.

The coach said, “Go Woo-seok wasn’t in bad shape in the first game either.

“My opponent (Moon Sang-cheol) hit one missed throw well,” he said.

“Today, he regained his form.”

“We can only achieve our goal if Wooseok maintains his finishing position,” he said.

LG has entered the Korean Series for the first time in 21 years since 2002, and is aiming to win the championship for the first time in 29 years since 1994.

Director Yeom Kyung-yeop stood on the Korean Series stage for the first time in nine years since 2014,

when he was leading the Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom).

Coach Yeom has not yet won a championship as a coach.

He said, “For me personally, today’s victory means a lot.”

Of course, Choi Won-tae’s early defeat was not in Coach Yeom’s plan.

However, Coach Yeom responded flexibly and led the team to a comeback victory.

Coach Yeom once again emphasized another income gained from the victory, saying, “There are more cards to use in the bullpen,” and said, “The starter for Game 3 is Lim Chan-gyu.

The starter for Game 4 will be Choi Won-tae, who threw 200,000 balls today, or Kim Yun-sik as originally planned.

“We have to think about whether to put him in.

There is also a possibility of removing Choi Won-tae from the starting lineup altogether,”

he said, also revealing his newly acquired concerns.

However, the biggest worry was put aside by winning the second game.

Coach Yeom confessed, I was really sorry to the fans for losing in the first game.”

They cheered me passionately, but I couldn’t repay them, so I couldn’t sleep well,” and added, “I’m really happy that our players came together today and showed a good game to the fans.”

“Thank you to everyone, and thank you to the fans,” he said with relief.

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Benjamin vs Lim Chan-gyu, KS Championship Trophy

Benjamin vs Lim Chan-gyu, KS Championship Trophy Direction 3rd Round Selection Match

Korean series with 1 win and 1 loss.

Announced as a starter for the 3rd game to be held in Suwon on the 10th.

The 2023 KBO Korean Series between KT Wiz and LG Twins is tightly contested with 1 win and 1 loss, and Wes Benjamin (30, KT) and Lim Chan-gyu (31, LG) will face off in the third game. 카지노사이트킹

After the second game of the Korean Series held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 8th,

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol and LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop announced Benjamin and Lim Chan-gyu as starters for Game 3, respectively.

Wes Benjamin

For KT, left-handed pitcher Benjamin, who had 15 wins, 6 losses, and an average ERA of 3.54 in 29 regular season games, took on a key role in Game 3.

This is his first appearance in five days since appearing in Game 5 of the playoffs against NC Dinos on the 5th.

Benjamin is on the starting mound every five days in this fall baseball season.

His overall KBO League postseason record, including last year’s semi-playoffs, is 4 games, 1 win, 2 losses, and an average ERA of 3.27.

Benjamin showed off his ‘Grim Reaper’-like appearance against LG this season.

He has 4 wins and no losses in 5 appearances, with an earned run average of 0.84.

Wes Benjamin tightly tied up the left-handed batters that LG is proud of.

Oh Ji-hwan, Hong Chang-ki, and Park Hae-min all had a batting average of just 0.167 (2 hits in 12 at-bats) against Benjamin,

while Kim Hyun-soo’s batting average was 0.182 (2 hits in 11 at-bats).

Moon Bo-kyung had a batting average of 0.100 with 1 hit in 10 at-bats, and Moon Seong-ju had no hits in 7 at-bats.

Players playing in the Korean Series agree that “regular season opponent records do not mean much in short-term games.”

If Benjamin overturns this perception and plays ‘as usual’ against LG, KT’s victory becomes even closer.

In response to this, LG will have Lim Chan-gyu on the starting mound as scheduled.

Lim Chan-gyu

He is an avid LG fan who has supported LG since elementary school and cried, saying, ‘I don’t want to go to school’ when they finished second in the Korean Series in 2002.

Lim Chan-gyu, who calls himself a “successful otaku,” took on the important responsibility of saving LG, which was in crisis.

In the second game, LG’s starter Choi Won-tae gave up 4 runs in ⅓ innings,

leaving the mound without even completing the first inning, and starting the bullpen early.

In Game 2, the bullpen pitchers combined for 8⅔ innings without allowing any runs, but for LG,

the best scenario is for Lim Chan-gyu to last on the mound for as long as possible.

Lim Chan-gyu took the victory every time he came out in a situation where the starting lineup collapsed at the beginning of the season and was on the mound for LG.

He played a decisive role in regaining his strength.

Having had his best year by finishing the regular season with 14 wins, 3 losses, 1 hold, and an ERA of 3.43,

he needs to repeat the comeback performance of May, when he won all 4 games.

This year, he faced KT in the regular season and did not have good results.

He had 4 games, 1 win, 1 loss, 1 hold, and an ERA of 6.61.

In the KT batting lineup, Kim Min-hyuk, Kim Sang-soo (batting average of 0.571),

Hwang Jae-gyun (batting average of 0.500) showed a strong performance against Chan-gyu Lim.

However, Lim Chan-gyu did not give up a single home run to KT batters.

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LG Park Dong-won, Aiming to Become the ‘Winning Catcher’

LG Park Dong-won, Aiming to Become the ‘Winning Catcher’, KS’s First Home Run is a Come-from-Behind Home Run

KT’s key bullpen Park Young-hyun explodes with a two-run gun in the second game of KS

‘Geopo-type catcher’ Park Dong-won (33, LG Twins) hit his first career Korean Series home run.

It was a thrilling come-from-behind two-run shot that saved LG from being cornered.

It was also a shot toward his dream of becoming a winning catcher. 카지노사이트탑

In the bottom of the 8th inning, trailing 3-4 in game 2 of the professional baseball Korean Series held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 8th,

Park Dong-won hit 124 km/h changeup from Park Young-hyun, the nucleus of the KT Wiz bullpen.

On the first pitch and drew a two-run arch that went over the left-center wall with one out and runners on second base.

Park Dong-won

Until this day, Park Young-hyun, who had pitched 5 games and 6 innings without allowing a run in this year’s postseason,

also collapsed due to Park Dong-won’s earnest swing.

Park Dong-won’s batted ball flew 122 meters at 166 km per hour.

From the moment his hit ball and bat made a cracking sound until Park Dong-won came around the ground and stepped on home plate, LG fans cheered with a ‘yellow wave’.

LG won 5-4 thanks to Park Dong-won’s comeback shot.

Park Dong-won was selected as the Daily MVP of Game 2 of the Korean Series and received a prize of 1 million won.

Park Dong-won, who started his professional career with Seoul Heroes (now Kiwoom) in 2009,

played in the Korean Series wearing the Heroes uniform in 2014 and 2019,

but suffered the bitter taste of defeat.

Park Dong-won, who was traded to the KIA Tigers in 2022,

signed a free agent (FA) contract with LG for up to 6.5 billion won (2 billion won contract deposit, 4.5 billion won total annual salary) for four years after the end of the season.

Korean Series

Park Dong-won said, “Excluding me, LG’s batting lineup is truly breathtaking.

As a catcher, I am very lucky not to have to face LG Twins.”

He added, “When I get the chance, I tell our pitchers, ‘How good it is to not have to face LG batters.’

“I want to,” he said.

However, Park Dong-won is also the ‘LG gun’ that opponents fear.

Park Dong-won posted a batting average of 0.249, 20 home runs, and 75 RBIs in this year’s regular season.

It has been 13 years since Jo In-seong (28 home runs) in 2010 that an LG catcher hit more than 20 home runs in a season.

Park Dong-won also had a thrilling experience in the Korean Series wearing the LG uniform.

LG, who lost 2-3 in the first game and was dragged by giving up 4 points in the second game,

turned the game around with Park Dong-won’s one shot.

LG, dreaming of winning the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years,

has brought this series back to square one thanks to Park Dong-won, who aims to become the ‘winning catcher’.

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Heungkuk Life Insurance Defeats IBK Industrial Bank for 3 Wins

In the men’s division, Hyundai Capital defeated KB Insurance after a full set.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, ranked first in the professional volleyball women’s division, maintained its lead with three consecutive wins.

The Heungkuk Life Insurance defeated IBK Industrial Bank with a set score of 3-1 (23-25 ​​27-25 25-20 25-23) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League women’s visiting game held at Hwaseong Sports Complex in Gyeonggi-do on the 8th.

Heungkuk Life Insurance was far ahead of second place GS Caltex (5 wins, 1 loss, 13 points) with 6 wins, 1 loss, and 18 points.

IBK Industrial Bank failed to leave 6th place due to two consecutive losses. 온라인카지노사이트

Heungkuk Life Insurance

Heungkuk Life Insurance unfortunately gave up the first set.

After a rally at 22-22, she gave up consecutive points to Min-kyung Hwang of the opposing team, and failed to block the attack of Britney Abercrombie (registered name: Abercrombie),

a foreign player on the opposing team, at 23-24.

The second set was also a close match.

Heungkuk Life Insurance struggled as it was blocked by the opposing team’s middle blocker Choi Jeong-min.

Kim Yeon-kyung

At 16-16, attacks by Kim Mi-yeon and Jelena Mrazenovic (registered name Jelena) were blocked by Choi Jeong-min in succession.

However, Heungkuk Life Insurance turned the game around by tying the score at 21-23 after Kim Yeon-kyung succeeded in a push attack from the rear, and Yelena tied the score with a parry attack.

Afterwards, the team succeeded in turning the tables due to a defensive error by the opposing team.

Heungkuk Life Insurance took the lead again at 24-24 with Kim Mi-yeon’s touch-out attack, and at 25-25,

Kim Yeon-kyung scored consecutive points to end the second set.

The Heungkuk Life Insurance, who made the set score 1-1 after going through a difficult time, easily took the 3rd set.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, riding the momentum, scored four consecutive points after the start of the third set, and then maintained the score difference, making the set score 2-1.

The match ended in the 4th set.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was playing a see-saw game,

seemed to collapse after conceding consecutive goals at 20-20,

but regained momentum with Kim Yeon-kyung’s time-lapse attack.

Afterwards, Asia Quarter player Reina Tokoku (registered name Reina) blocked Pyo Seung-ju’s attack with a heavenly block and tied the game again.

In 23-23, Yelena blocked Abercrombie’s attack with an effective block and scored a valuable point by directly hitting Kang Spike, and in 24-23,

Won-jeong Lee ended the game by blocking Seung-joo Pyo’s attack.

Hyundai Capital

Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena led the attack, scoring 25 points each.

Kim Mi-yeon contributed with 12 points and Raina with 10 points.

For IBK Industrial Bank, Abercrombie scored 24 points and Pyo Seung-ju scored 21 points,

but they collapsed at every difficult point and unfortunately lost.

In the men’s match held at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do,

Hyundai Capital defeated KB Insurance 3-2 (25-23 23-25 ​​25-20 20-25 15-10) after a close full set.

5th place Hyundai Capital broke the whistle for 2 consecutive wins,

6th place KB Insurance suffered mixed emotions as it fell to 6 consecutive losses after winning the opening game.

The game was decided in the final 5 sets.

At 9-9, Hyundai Capital’s main gun Heo Soo-bong hit a serve ace, and Jeon Gwang-in blocked the attack of the opposing team’s foreign player Andres Vijena (registered name Viena) to secure the win.

Afterwards, Heo Soo-bong sent a spike serve into the opponent’s court again, effectively splitting the match.

Hyundai Capital’s foreign player Ahmed Ikhbairi (registered name Ikhbairi) scored a whopping 40 points.

Heo Soo-bong scored 15 points, including two serve aces, and Jeon Gwang-in added 10 points, including four blocks.

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LG’s 2nd Game Come from Behind Victory

LG’s 2nd Game Come from Behind Victory… The Starters Gave Up 4 Runs in ⅓ Innings, and the Bullpen Gave up 8 ⅓ Innings of No Runs

LG, 0-4 → 5-4 come-from-behind win thanks to bullpen power, despite early opposition to starter Choi Won-tae

Professional baseball’s LG Twins suffered heavy defeat as starting pitcher Choi Won-tae collapsed in the first inning.

Choi Won-tae’s report card includes 20 pitches, 2 hits, 2 walks, and 4 runs in ⅓ innings. 카지노사이트위키

However, LG had a bullpen that was like a ‘fountain that never runs dry.’

Thanks to the bullpen’s remaining 8 ⅓ innings of scoreless innings,

they were able to turn the game from 0-4 to 5-4 and bring the Korean Series back to square one with 1 win and 1 loss.

Choi Won-tae

In Game 2 of the 2023 KBO Korean Series against KT Wiz held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 8th,

LG had no choice but to use the mound as a ‘bullpen day’ due to starting pitcher Choi Won-tae’s unexpected sluggish performance.

If the LG bullpen had not been strong, the LG bench would not have been able to make the bold choice of removing the starting pitcher with one out in the first inning.

As a result, leaving out Choi Won-tae was an excellent choice.

Lee Jeong-yong, who took the mound first,

cooled the already heated KT lineup with 3 hits, 1 strikeout, and no runs in 1⅔ innings.

Lee Jeong-yong gave up 2 RBIs and a timely hit to Bae Jeong-dae,

perhaps because he suddenly took the mound in the 1st inning with one out and 2nd and 3rd bases,

but he completed his mission after finishing the 2nd inning.

Jung Woo-young, who took the mound at the start of the 3rd inning, pitched 1⅓ innings,

allowing 2 hits and no runs, and Kim Jin-seong, who followed him,

continued the momentum with ⅔ innings of no runs.

LG Twins

Baek Seung-hyun, who appeared on the mound in the 5th inning,

was shaken with 1 hit and 1 walk in ⅔ innings, but Yoo Young-chan,

who came on as a relief pitcher with 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases,

pitched the brightest pitch out of the bullpen.

Yoo Young-chan, who is new to the postseason stage,

was responsible for 7 outs alone with 2 strikeouts and no runs in 2⅓ innings.

While Yoo Young-chan held on on the mound, LG batters followed suit one by one, putting pressure on KT.

Austin Dean’s timely hit in the 3rd inning, Oh Ji-hwan’s 1-run home run in the 6th inning, and Kim Hyun-soo’s double in the 7th inning gave them 1 run each to reach 3-4.

And when Ham Deok-ju, who came on the mound in the top of the 8th inning, set up three KT batters,

LG turned the game around with Park Dong-won’s 2-run home run in the bottom of the 8th inning.

To protect their lead of 5-4, LG sent Go Woo-seok,

the losing pitcher from Game 1 the previous day, into the 9th inning.

Go Woo-seok neatly handled the 9th inning with a three-way penalty, preserving LG’s victory.

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Kim’s first year was a success… even if he didn’t win the unified championship

Head coach Kim Joo-sung wrapped up his first season as a full-time head coach.

The Wonju DB Promy lost 63-80 to the Busan KCC Aegis in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League quarterfinals playoffs at the Busan Sajik Gymnasium on Nov. 21.

DB dominated throughout the regular season, but they were stopped by KCC in the quarterfinals, and their challenge for the overall championship was thwarted by the loss.

That was the end of Kim Joo-sung’s first year as head coach. Kim, who served as acting head coach midway through last season, signed a full-time coaching contract with DB ahead of this season, 토토사이트 추천 and the club has been properly anchored.

Despite failing to win the coveted title, there was plenty to be encouraged about in the first year of the Wonju basketball legend’s tenure. He has brought DB back to the top of the table after a disappointing run in recent years.

Kim, who teamed up with coaches Han Sang-min and Lee Kwang-jae, made moves to improve the team’s constitution in the offseason. The No. 1 pick, Derek Lawson, ended the foreign player atrocities and captain Kang Sang-jae took on increased responsibilities and had the best season of his career. His pre-season efforts to avoid the ankle injury that had been plaguing him paid off.

While the team continued its acidic image with a triple-post lineup of Kim Jong-kyu, Kang Sang-jae, and Dedrick Lawson, it also utilized Park In-woong, Choi Seung-wook, Kim Young-hyun, and Min-su Min at the right time to create a lineup that was full of activity. The team averaged 89.9 points per game, thanks to its high-powered offense and potent transition game.

Despite the ups and downs, DB’s regular season was impressive, with Kim securing the top spot for the first time since the 2019-2020 season ended early due to COVID-19.

Kim won the coach of the year award after winning the regular season wire-to-wire. However, he was unable to break through the playoff barrier. In a head-to-head matchup between Jeon Chang-jin and Sajeji, who had collaborated on multiple championships in the past, Kim lost in the best-of-four playoffs, ending his season.

When asked about his plans for next season after Game 4, Kim said, “I’m thinking about rebuilding. I’m thinking about developing a lot of good players and going younger. The word ‘rebuilding’ is something that came to my mind right now, and there is nothing definite.”

It remains to be seen whether Kim is referring to a complete overhaul or a change in tactical direction while keeping the same roster composition. Although he mentioned the word “rebuilding,” it’s possible that it’s just a fleeting thought, and that he’ll keep the current composition and system in place. It’s something to think about during the break and off-season.

The season is over, but Kim has another important period ahead of him. DB will have Kim Jong-kyu, Kang Sang-jae, and Choi Seung-wook become free agents.

How they spend their free agents will change the direction of the team. The team will also have to think about foreign players once the contract of domestic MVP Lee Sun Albano expires. They’ll also need to sort out the status of Doo Kyung-min, who finished the season without a place in the squad. A successful transfer window will give the team a major boost in their bid to repeat as champions.

Despite the sports myth that star players don’t make good managers, Kim has had a successful first season in charge. The playoff loss was also a great asset and experience for him. What will be the outcome of Kim’s second season as head coach?

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‘First time ever for a No. 5 team,’ KCC catches No. 1 DB in regular season to advance to championship game

Busan KCC defeated Wonju DB, the No. 1 team in the regular season, to advance to the championship game for the first time as the No. 5 team in the regular season.

KCC defeated DB 80-63 at home in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Jungkwanjang Professional Basketball League quarterfinals playoffs (PO) at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on Nov. 21.

With a 3-1 series lead in the best-of-five best-of-three PO, KCC advanced to the championship game for the third time in three years and the 11th time in its history since the 2020-2021 season (runner-up). Notably, KCC also became the first team from the fifth-ranked team in the regular season to reach the championship.

KCC, dubbed the “Super Team” for its spectacular lineup of Heo Woong, Choi Jun-yong, Ragan-ah, Song Kyo-chang, and Lee Seung-hyun, defeated Seoul SK in three straight games in the best-of-six PO, and swept the regular season’s No. 1 DB 스포츠토토존 in the best-of-four PO.

With the victory, KCC head coach Jeon Chang-jin surpassed 50 career PO wins (43). Jeon is second on the all-time wins list behind former Ulsan Hyundai Mobis coach Yoo Jae-hak (58 wins and 50 losses).

KCC will play for its sixth championship in 13 years and first since the 2010-2011 season in the championship match on Nov. 27.

The other best-of-four PO, which will determine KCC’s opponent, is still in progress, with regular-season runner-up Changwon LG leading third-place Suwon KT by two games to one heading into Game 4 on Dec. 22.

DB advanced directly to the best-of-four PO with a solid performance from Lee Sun Albano and Didrik Lawson, who were named the regular season’s domestic and international Most Valuable Player (MVP), as well as Kang Sang-jae and Kim Jong-kyu, but ended the season without reaching the championship game.

The first quarter belonged to KCC’s Laguna. After blocking DB Kim Young-hyun’s two-point attempt with 1:44 left in the quarter when KCC led 17-15, Lagunia widened the gap with a jump shot and then roared back with a block of Kim Jong-kyu’s shot with 42.5 seconds left.

Lagana’s block also came on Dedrick Lawson’s three-point attempt just before the end of the first quarter, giving KCC a 21-15 lead.

In the second quarter, Alize DeShawn Johnson, who came in for Lagana midway through the period, was hot. Johnson scored 10 points, more than half of her team-high 17 points in the second quarter, including back-to-back three-pointers to make it 29-24 with 4:25 left in the quarter and 32-26 with 3:48 left, to help KCC take a 38-32 lead into halftime.

After DB was held scoreless for the first four minutes of the second half, KCC scored 10 unanswered points, including three-pointers from Ragan and Choi, to take a 48-32 lead.

At the end of the third quarter, KCC led 55-44. DB, which had been held to eight and seven points by the regular season’s domestic and international MVPs Lee Sun Albano and Dedrick Lawson, respectively, through the third quarter, found itself in a more difficult situation when one of its pillars, Kim Jong-kyu, fouled out with five fouls with over eight minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Lawson and Albano’s outside shooting started to fizzle out, but KCC, led by Heo Woong’s performance, refused to lose momentum and drove a wedge with a three-pointer from Lagana that made it 75-61 with 1:36 left in regulation.

Lagunia finished with 17 points and 17 rebounds, including three 3-pointers, to record his first double-double in all four PO games and added six blocked shots on the night to lead the way to the championship.

Song Kyo-chang and Heo Woong added 14 points, while Choi Jun-yong and Johnson chipped in 10 points each to round out the ‘Super Team’.

At DB, Lawson had 16 points and eight rebounds, while Albano added 14 points and five rebounds.

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‘Yago hat-trick’ leads Gangwon to 4-1 win over Incheon…leap to 4th place in K League 1

Gangwon FC moved up to fourth place in the K League 1 after defeating Incheon United, led by a hat-trick from Yago.

Gangwon rode a hat-trick from Yago to a 4-1 win at home against Incheon United in the eighth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, on Wednesday.

After recovering from the shock of a 0-4 defeat at Ulsan on the 13th, Gangwon moved up from seventh to fourth place with three wins, three draws and two losses (12 points). They are level on points with Suwon FC, 카지노사이트 but have the advantage in goals scored. Gangwon has 15 goals, Suwon FC has eight.

Incheon, winless in its last three matches (one draw and two losses), remained in ninth place with two wins, four draws and two losses (9 points).

Yago was the star of Gangwon’s victory. Yago, who hadn’t scored in five games this season prior to this match, looked sharp against Incheon.

After dominating from the start, Gangwon opened the scoring in the 19th minute through Yago.

After receiving a cross from Yoon Seok-young, Yago rattled the net with an exquisite left-footed turner. Yago’s masquerade goal of the season.

Kangwon widened the gap in first-half stoppage time, capitalizing on opponent mistakes to score back-to-back goals. Kangwon scored in the 46th minute when Yang Min-hyuk, who stole the ball from the opponent, sent a ground ball cross to Yago in front of the arc after a dribble break, and Yago scored with a left-footed shot into the right corner.

Kangwon added a third goal three minutes later. Hwang Moon-ki’s cross from the right flank was headed into the net by Kim Yi-seok.

Yago completed his hat trick eight minutes into the second half. He finished off a cross from Hwang Mungi down the right flank with a non-stop right-footed shot from the front of the arc.

Incheon had to settle for a late goal from Mugosa in the 34th minute to avoid defeat.

The match between Daegu FC and Daejeon Hana Citizens at DGB Park in Daegu ended in a goalless draw.

Daegu made a change on Sept. 19 when Choi Won-kwon resigned as head coach due to poor performance and was replaced by Chung Sun-ho, but the team was unable to get a win at Anbang. After three consecutive draws, Daegu is in 10th place with a record of 1W, 4D, 3L (7 points).

Daejeon also failed to move out of the bottom 12 with 1-3-4 (6 points) after three consecutive games without a win (one draw and two losses).

The game was a frustrating affair as the two teams were unable to open up each other’s defense. In the second half of stoppage time, Daejeon‘s Kim Seung-dae found the back of the net, but the goal was disallowed due to offside.

In the end, the teams played to a 0-0 draw.

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‘Four-game winning streak’ Suwon takes first lead since relegation…beats Anyang 3-1

Suwon Samsung, which dropped down to the K League 2 this year, beat FC Anyang to move to the top of the table with four straight wins.

Suwon won 3-1 away from home in the eighth round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at the Anyang Sports Complex on Nov. 21.

With the win in what has been dubbed the “fulcrum derby” between the two teams, Suwon improved to 6-2-2 (18 points) with four consecutive wins to overtake 현금홀덤사이트 Anyang (5-1-1, 16 points) at the top of the standings.

Suwon, which finished 12th in K League 1 last season and was relegated to K League 2, took the top spot for the first time in K League 2 on Sunday.

Anyang took the early lead in the match. Anyang threatened the Suwon goal on several occasions through Danrei and Mateus, but Suwon took the lead with just one attack while Anyang was indecisive.

In the 18th minute, Kim Joo-chan pounced on a long ball from Kim Hyun and scored with a chip shot to take the lead.

Riding the wave, Suwon added one more goal. In the 41st minute, Kim headed in a cross from Son Seok-yong from the left flank. It was Kim’s fourth goal of the season.

Anyang struggled to find an equalizer after that, but it was Suwon who scored another goal.

Looking to counterattack, Suwon scored the team’s third goal in the 44th minute when Mulicic found herself one-on-one with the keeper.

Anyang pulled one back in the 48th minute through Kim Woon, but there wasn’t enough time to catch up.

In the match between Ansan Greeners and Gimpo FC at Ansan Wa Stadium on the same day, Gimpo came out on top 2-1. After four games without a win (two draws), Gimpo picked up a valuable victory and sits in 10th place with two wins, two draws and three losses (8 points).

Gimpo took an early lead with back-to-back goals from Lee Hyun-il and Lewis in the fifth and 47th minutes of the first half. Ansan only managed to pull one back in the 10th minute of the second half through Yang Se-young.

At the Asan Yi Sunshin Stadium, Chungnam Asan and Jeonnam Dragons battled to a 1-1 draw. Chungnam Asan’s Jung Mah-ho scored in the 12th minute and Jeonnam Valdivia scored in the 26th minute.

Gyeongnam won 2-1 against Seoul Eland at the Changwon Football Center.

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Jianyun FC keeps pace at the top with 7-0 win over STVFC

Seoul Yongsan-gu’s Gunyung FC (GUNYUNG FC) has kicked off the title race with a win over Seoul Jungnang-gu’s STV FC (STVFC).

The team put on a goal-fest and cruised to a 7-0 victory over STVFC in the fourth round of the Seoul Region of the 2024 K5 League at the Seongnae Yusuji Soccer Stadium on Nov. 21. With the victory, Gunyung FC (9 points) moved to 3-1-1, tied on points with Wolsan Players FC and TNT FC (3+), who have played one game less, and continued to compete for the top spot.

This year’s K5 League features a total of 84 teams across 13 regions. The lowest-ranked team in each region will be relegated to the K6 League, while the top team will qualify for the K5 Championship. The Seoul region consists of eight teams, including last year’s regional champions and K5 Championship winners, 바카라사이트 Wolsan Players.

Founded in 2006, Gunyung FC is based in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The team won promotion in the 2022 K6 League by finishing first in their region, and last year, despite being in their first year of promotion, the team burst onto the scene by finishing third in their region. The team is known for their attacking style of play, scoring 62 goals in the league last year alone.

Before the game, head coach Yoon Hyung-hyung of Gunyung FC said, “We may have the advantage in terms of objective power, but the ball is round, so we won’t let our guard down. We will try to play aggressive soccer with a high line from the beginning of the game.” “It’s a game that depends on when the first goal is scored. Even if we take the lead, if we don’t score quickly, it will be difficult for us.”

In contrast, STV FC, founded in 2016, is a team from Cottonmok-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, that finished runner-up in the K6 League last year and was promoted to the K5 League this year. The team name ‘STV’ stands for ‘Share The Vision’. Unlike most K5 teams, the team has relatively few professional players, and in this match, the starting roster was composed of three professional players.

STVFC Head Coach Jang Ji-won said, “Unlike last year when we played in K6, this year we are the challengers. Most of the teams in K5 are composed of professional players, so the difference in level is definitely felt.” “We have a lot of young players, so we will try to attack the opponent through our physical strength. Even if we lose, we want to show that we can do it too.”

Yoon’s attacking style of soccer worked right from the start. In the second minute of the first half, a cross from the right flank by a teammate was flicked on by captain Lee Kyung-taek with his head. Ko Gi-sung, who was in the doorway, calmly slotted it in to give the team the lead. Then, in the 13th minute of the first half, Ko Gi-sung rattled the net once again on a one-on-one opportunity to complete his multi-goal performance.

Shortly afterward, Kim Sung-wook added to the goal feast with a multi-goal performance. In the 17th minute, Kim scored the team’s third goal with a sharp free kick to the near post, and then rattled the net again two minutes later with a mid-range shot.

After Jung Kyung-tae added another goal in the 37th minute to make it 5-0 at halftime, Gunyung FC didn’t slow down their offense in the second half. In the 15th minute of the second half, substitute Yoon Hyung-hyung, the “Playing Director,” finished off a cross from the left flank by Jang Sung-hyun with his left foot to complete the scoring.

STVFC didn’t go down without a fight midway through the second half. Kim Woo-hyuk’s shot from the left side of the penalty area and Kim Gun-hyung’s header threatened the Gunyung FC goal on several occasions, but were denied by the goalkeeper’s saves, and the game ended with a 7-0 victory for Gunyung FC, with Ham Young-joon adding a goal just before the end of the match.

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