Korea signs tentative agreement with Vietnam for city development cooperation

Korean Land Minister Park Sang-woo, left, and his Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen Thanh Nghi, shake hands at a signing ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam, Tuesday. Yonhap

Korea’s land ministry said Wednesday it has signed a tentative agreement with Vietnam’s construction ministry to cooperate in city and town development projects in the Southeast Asian nation.

Korean Land Minister Park Sang-woo signed a memorandum of understanding with his Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen Thanh Nghi, on the cooperation on urban and social housing development during his trip to Hanoi on Tuesday, the ministry said.

The ministry said it expects the Vietnamese government to formally establish ways for Korean companies to participate in urban development projects in the country, such the one in the Bac Ninh region and Hanoi’s plan to build 1 million social housing units by 2030.

Nguyen said Vietnam aims to increase its urbanization rate from the current 43 percent to 50 percent by 2030 and expressed hope that Korean companies will actively participate in 토토 Vietnam’s urban and housing development.

Park said Korea’s experience in managing rapid urbanization through new city development and urban redevelopment will serve as a valuable example. He promised to share Korea’s experience and knowledge on land and fund procurement, as well as housing allocation methods, with Vietnam.

The Korean minister also requested cooperation from the Vietnamese construction ministry to facilitate the participation of the Korea Land and Housing Corp. in the Bac Ninh region’s development project. 

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Nat’l Assembly speaker proposes constitutional revision be put to direct vote in 2026 elections

National Assembly Speaker Woo Won-shik delivers a speech to mark the 76th anniversary of Constitution Day at the National Assembly in Seoul, Wednesday. Yonhap

National Assembly speaker Woo Won-shik on Wednesday proposed the parliament come up with a bill to revise the Constitution with the aim of holding a national referendum in 2026.

Woo made the suggestion in an address marking the 76th anniversary of Constitution Day, officially proposing that President Yoon Suk Yeol hold talks with the Assembly to discuss the amendment.

“The 22nd National Assembly should be one that succeeds in revising the Constitution,” he said, seeking support from the rival parties.

“We should pass the constitutional revision bill by the next local elections under any circumstances while leaving open the scope of the Constitution and the timing of applying the new Constitution,” he added.

Woo proposed forming a special committee on the constitutional amendment, saying an advisory body directly under the Assembly speaker will be launched at the earliest date to push for discussions.

“I also propose a dialogue on the Constitution to 토토사이트 President Yoon,” he said. “If the president and the legislative representatives meet in person and have wide-ranging discussions, the possibility of realizing the constitutional revision will be much greater.”

Past attempts to revise the 1987 Constitution, which limited the presidency to a single five-year term, have failed due to political power split between a powerful presidency and a fractious parliament.

In Korea, the president or parliament can propose a constitutional amendment, which must be approved by a two-thirds majority in the Assembly and then by a majority in a national referendum in which more than half of eligible voters participate.

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MetLife Korea nurtures ‘expert agents’ to help customers with insurance, estate planning

MetLife Asia President Lyndon Oliver, center, poses with MetLife Korea executives and employees at the 2024 Expert FSR Summit at the Grand Hyatt Seoul, July 10. Courtesy of MetLife Korea

MetLife Korea is enhancing training and operational support for its financial sales representatives (FSRs), so that it can meet increasing demand for expert services among corporate and high-net-worth clients, the insurer said Wednesday.

As a part of the measures, MetLife Korea held its first-ever 2024 Expert FSR Summit at the Grand Hyatt Seoul on July 10. The insurer shared its plans to develop expert agents and help them provide the best service possible. Expert FSRs are talented professionals such as doctors, lawyers, 대표하는 certified public accountants, tax accountants, patent attorneys, labor attorneys and appraisers who also work as insurance sales agents.

Expert agents are in demand because customers are increasingly finding it challenging to navigate tax and legal issues surrounding inheritance and donations. From 2019 to 2024, the number of MetLife Korea’s expert FSRs increased by an average of 72 percent per annum.

Today, they work with other agents to provide in-depth expertise, enabling customers to receive comprehensive advice and solutions tailored to their insurance and savings needs.

More than 250 attendees including MetLife leaders and expert FSRs participated in the summit, reinforcing the vision for the team and sharing success stories.

“Korea is the important market for MetLife,” MetLife Asia President Lyndon Oliver said during the summit.

“MetLife has built a respected brand in this market. Our goal is to set new benchmarks in customer care, product innovation and growth, so that we can stand out from our competitors,” he said.

MetLife Korea CEO Song Young-rok said MetLife will reinforce the professional service.

“We will deliver a tailored program for expert FSRs to provide multi-faceted support for their growth, and also reinforce the professional consulting service for our corporate and high net-worth customers to address labor, tax and legal issues,” Song said.

MetLife Korea, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, recently unveiled its ambition to become one of the top five life insurers in Korea in the next five years.

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Newcastle make bid for Lee Kang-In… “He wants to leave PSG”

Reports have emerged that an unnamed Premier League (PL) club has made a mega-bid for Lee Kang-in, and it’s looking increasingly likely that it could be Newcastle United, whose owners are Saudi Arabian oil money.

Newcastle have been linked with a move for Lee. However, the transfer fee is not €70 million, as reported by French media, but £40 million ($71.8 billion).

The news comes at the same time as reports suggest that PSG, who want Napoli striker Victor Osimhen, are planning to include Lee in their bid to sign him.

“In the past 24 hours, Newcastle have made an official enquiry to PSG about the 23-year-old striker,” said Newcastle’s new sporting director Paul Mitchell, according to Mekpai Media (a Newcastle nickname), ‘and the club’s new sporting director has identified Lee as his ’dream’ target in the transfer market.” “The 23-year-old South Korean left-back can play on both flanks and in central midfield. He has the ability to impress (Newcastle manager) Eddie Howe.”

The outlet added: “Newcastle believe a transfer fee of around £40 million will be enough to secure Lee. Lee will be looking for a permanent move away from PSG in order to become a first-team regular.”

Lee Kang-in suddenly became the subject of transfer rumors on the 16th.

French journalist José Casse, who works for France’s Foot Mercato, reported on Saturday that an unnamed PL club made a €70 million bid for Lee, but PSG rejected it, making it clear that they have no intention of selling him.

Kase also explained that the player himself was clear that he wanted to stay at the club. According to Kase, Lee is happy at PSG and has no intention of leaving the club.

The summer transfer window is in full swing, so this is just another transfer rumor.

Lee has been linked to a number of PL clubs before, even last season when he was playing for RCD Mallorca before joining PSG. Last summer, reports surfaced in Spain that Lee could move to either Manchester City or Aston Villa after his agent, Javier Garrido, posted photos on social media of Lee visiting the home stadiums of both clubs. Manchester United were also briefly mentioned as a possible destination for Lee.

However, the current situation of clubs that can afford to spend €70 million on a player leads us to believe that these rumors are just that, rumors.

It’s true that PL clubs have more money to spend in the transfer 파워볼게임 market than clubs in other European leagues due to the PL’s strong cash flow, but even in the PL, there aren’t many clubs that can realistically spend €70 million on a player.

However, the £40 million reportedly offered by Newcastle is more in line with what the top PL clubs can afford. Of course, it remains to be seen if PSG will accept this amount.

Newcastle are one of the big six PL clubs that have been linked with Lee in the past, and this summer they are at the center of the speculation again.

The midfielder was linked with a move to Napoli on Saturday.

On the same day, Italian transfer market expert Gianluca DiMarzio said, “PSG is the most interested in Osimhen. Osimhen’s agent was in the French capital on the 15th,” and said that PSG, who want to sign Osimhen, have a plan to include the player in their negotiations.

The news of PSG wanting Osimhen is not new. They are looking to fill the void left by Kylian Mbappe, who left the club at the end of last season when his contract expired. Replacing Mbappe, who was the club’s best striker, will not be easy, but PSG has identified Osimhen, who was a consistent scorer for Napoli, leading the Italian Serie A in scoring in the 2022-23 season, as a possible replacement.

What’s interesting to note is what comes next. Di Marzio explained that PSG could include one player in their offer for Osimhen and add cash on top.

Di Marzio mentioned three players in total, including Lee Kang-in. It has been suggested that the deal could include Lee’s close friend Carlos Soler, who played with Lee at Valencia, Montpellier, RB Leipzig defender Nordy Moukiele, who joined PSG in 2022 after playing for RB Leipzig, and Lee himself.

There is a reason why PSG want to include them in the deal. Napoli president De Laurentiis has reportedly placed a €130 million ($196 million) buyout clause on Osimhen, and even for a club with deep pockets, it’s risky for PSG to “cash in” on a player in his mid-20s for close to $200 million. It is believed that the club will try to include the player in the deal to lower the transfer fee.

Newcastle, Napoli, and PSG were all on the table for Lee, as well as a move to Newcastle. With all these moves, we wonder if Lee will find his fourth European club in a year.

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Hwang Hee-chan racist Como “I said Jackie Chan, Wolverhampton exaggerate”

Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers) is troubled by Italy’s allegedly racist culture.

Wolverhampton have lodged an official complaint with UEFA over racist remarks directed at Hwang Hee-chan during a preseason match against Italian club Como 1907 on Saturday.

Wolverhampton, who are currently training in Marbella, Spain, for the 2024-25 season, played a friendly against Serie A promotion side Como.

Hwang Hee-chan started the match. He came on as a substitute at the start of the second half. The incident in question occurred in the 23rd minute of the second half. A Como player shouted a racist slur at Hwang. Hwang immediately expressed his displeasure, and in the process, his teammate Daniel Podense threw a punch at a Como defender.

The incident, which ended in a physical altercation, was triggered by Como, with the Express and Star explaining that “the incident occurred after Hwang’s Wolverhampton teammates became enraged after he accused Como of racist abuse.”

Hwang Hee-chan showed no signs of slowing down. She played the rest of the second half without being substituted. “I had a conversation with her and gave her the opportunity to quit the game,” said head coach Gary O’Neill.

“He was very discouraged after hearing the racist comments,” O’Neill said, ”but when I talked to him, he was focused on the team moving forward and doing what we needed to do. “It’s really disappointing that racism happened, that we had to talk about it, that it affected the game, and that it shouldn’t have happened.

Hwang finished the match strong, but it clearly took a psychological toll. “She’s obviously disappointed,” O’Neill said. He wanted to play and get playing time, even though he’s been through such a humiliating experience. He’ll be fine. He will be fine and we will give him our full support.”

Como explained the incident through its own 토토사이트 investigation. But it was a controversial statement, and one that stirred up anger. “We do not tolerate racism. We are against racism in all its forms.”

“I checked with the defense attorney to see what was said between the players. Our player said, ‘Ignore Hwang Hee-chan, he thinks he’s Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan),’” he said, adding, ‘The Wolverhampton players said that because they referred to him as a kicker,’ which was an incomprehensible explanation.

Instead, he blamed Wolverhampton for the clash. “We didn’t intentionally disparage Hwang Hee-chan, we didn’t say anything like that,” Como said, adding that it was ”disappointing that the opposing players exaggerated the reaction.”

This is not the first time racism has been directed at Hwang. Just two years ago, in preseason, she was also racially abused by opposing fans after scoring a penalty kick goal against Portuguese second division side Farense. At the time, he said, “I shouldn’t have to go through this,” but the problem hasn’t gone away, leaving him with a lot of regret.

Still, Hwang responded in a mature manner. “Thank you for the many messages of support from the club, staff, teammates, and fans,” he wrote on Instagram, adding that ‘we are all the same human beings’ and addressing the issue of racism.

He added: “We have to be mature and enjoy this sport. No one should have to go through this anymore, not my teammates, not my younger teammates, not anyone,” he emphasized.

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Chukhyup criticism relayed…Kim Young-gwang also joins

“Director Hong Myung-bo’s judgment is much regrettable”

Kim Young-kwang, 41, a former South Korean national soccer goalkeeper, also weighed in on the controversy over Hong Myung-bo’s appointment.

“There’s no system in place, so it’s a hasty appointment,” Kim said on his YouTube channel, ‘It’s not like they’re picking the class president of an elementary school, even though they said they had a majority vote (in the power strengthening committee).’ ‘There was something internal,’ he said, ‘but outside the fans can only say, ’Are you kidding?

“There may have been something internal, but when fans see it from the outside, they can’t help but think, ‘Are you kidding me?

“If you are in the KFA and you think there is something wrong with you, you should leave,” he said, adding, ”That’s how Korean soccer will develop. I think they know that themselves,” he added.

The KFA fired Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany) in February and immediately began the search for his successor.

Led by former National Strength and Conditioning Committee chairman Chung Hae-sung, the KFA had been considering a number of domestic and foreign coaching candidates.

However, the appointment process stalled, and the two Asian qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup North America in March and June were held under the interim regime of Hwang Sun-hong of Daejeon Hana Citizens and Kim Do-hoon.

Earlier this month, a number of potential foreign coaches were reported to be in the running, but negotiations ultimately stalled, leading to the appointment of Hong Myung-bo, who was succeeded by Lee Im-sang, the technical director, after the resignation of Jeong Jung-sung, the former head of the Power Enhancement Committee.

In the end, the KFA wasted five months and faced harsh criticism, with 안전놀이터 many pointing out procedural problems in the selection process.

Kim Young-kwang also questioned Hong’s selection.

“I personally like him, but I’m very disappointed in this decision. I think it’s a pity, ‘Why did you accept that,’” he said, adding, ”I wonder why you accepted it.”

“I think you must be thinking seriously about this situation and know exactly that there are many problems,” said Jung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association, adding, ‘I hope you don’t think, ’This will pass,’ but seriously review it and make good judgments and choices.”

He also expressed his sympathy for Park Joo-ho, a former member of the NSC who exposed the corruption within the NSC shortly after Hong Myung-bo’s appointment.

“It was hard for me to watch as a senior,” said Kim Young-kwang, ”because (Park) Joo-ho spoke with his head held high. (Park) Ji-sung, (Lee) Young-pyo, (Lee) Dong-guk, and (Jo) Won-hee are all speaking their minds.

He continued, “I feel very sorry for the situation with Jooho. Many people are giving him strength, and I hope it will be even stronger in the future,” he said, adding, ”I think it will be an opportunity for Korean soccer to develop.”

Starting with Park Joo-ho, former national team players such as Park Ji-sung, Lee Young-pyo, Lee Dong-guk and Cho Won-hee have been speaking out against the KFA.

Meanwhile, Hong Myung-bo is traveling to Europe on the 15th to select a foreign coach.

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‘Shocking excuse’ Hwang Hee-chan racism→This is called an explanation?

Wolverhampton Wanderers can’t believe it either. In response to the racial abuse of Hwang Hee-chan (28), an opposing club has come up with a ridiculous excuse.

“Our club does not tolerate racism,” the Italian soccer team Como said on its official channel on Nov. 16 (KST). ‘During the game against Wolverhampton, Como players saw Hwang and said, ’Ignore him, he thinks he’s Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan). There was no racism.”

During Como’s game against Wolverhampton, Daniel Fodens, 29, who heard racist comments, was sent off for punching an opponent. “Some Wolverhampton players overreacted to the incident,” Como said. The club is disappointed by this incident,” Como said in a statement.

Como’s racial slur against Hwang Hee-chan has already become a huge issue in the UK. The Athletic reported, “Hwang was subjected to racist comments during the match between Wolverhampton and Como. Wolverhampton will lodge an official complaint with UEFA,” reported The Athletic.

According to local media, Huang was subjected to racist remarks from Como players during a friendly match with Como. “Our player saw Hwang Hee-chan and said he looked like Jackie Chan,” Como himself reported. But he didn’t admit that the comment was racist.

It’s a lame excuse. In the non-Asian world, the “all Asians look alike” comment is a classic racist slur. Just last month, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur, 27, told a Uruguayan broadcaster, “I don’t know 해외 카지노 사이트 if this jersey belongs to Son Heung-min, 32, or his cousin. The Koreans look the same,” causing quite a stir. At the time, Bentancur immediately apologized to Son Heung-min.

The UK”s Daily Mail also highlighted a racist incident that occurred during a match between Como and Wolverhampton. “Wolverhampton are set to lodge a formal complaint. Fordens was sent off for throwing a punch at a Como player.” ”The game could have gone on for a lot longer. The game was restarted after manager Gary O’Neill spoke to Hwang Hee-chan directly.”

O’Neill even strongly criticized Como’s behavior in an interview with Wolverhampton’s official channel. “Chani (Hwang) heard the racist comments, he was really disappointed,” he said, adding, ”I spoke to him myself, I asked him if he needed to be substituted, I wanted him to keep playing, but Como’s behavior is obviously disappointing.”

O’Neill added: “It’s not ideal that this happened in a friendly match. It should never happen in a friendly,” O’Neill added.

Wolverhampton also said: “Racism in any form is unacceptable. We will be lodging a formal complaint with UEFA.”

Earlier in the day, Wolverhampton beat Serie A-promoted Como 1-0 thanks to a Matt Doherty (32) header.

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Barnes will take the mound with the task of snapping a losing streak

Lotte Giants’ foreign ace Charlie Barnes (29) will take the mound with the task of snapping a three-game losing streak.

Barnes will take the mound against the Doosan Bears of the 2024 Shinhan Sol Bank KBO League on Saturday at Munsu Baseball Stadium in Ulsan, South Korea.

It will be his second start since returning from injury.

After struggling in April, going 1-2 with a 4.29 ERA in six starts, Barnes rebounded in May. In five starts, he went 2-0 with a 2.60 ERA. In 27⅔ innings pitched, he struck out 38 batters.

However, an injury ended his first half early.

On May 26 against the Samsung Lions, Barnes left the mound after just 1⅔ innings with left thigh tightness, and the next day he was diagnosed with a micro-damage to his left adductor muscle and removed from the roster.

After being sidelined for more than a month, Barnes returned to the mound on Tuesday after a 45-day absence.

In his first start of the second half of the season, Barnes pitched a strong game against the SSG Landers on Tuesday.

He shut down the SSG lineup for six innings, allowing just two hits and one walk while striking out nine. He struck out nine.

Barnes was coming back from injury, so he was limited to 80 pitches. Barnes threw 77 pitches in six innings. If he hadn’t been limited, he could have thrown a complete game.

Lotte, which had lost the last two games of the first half to Doosan and the first game of the second half to SSG on the 9th, was in the midst of a three-game losing streak, 메이저사이트 but they were able to capitalize on Barnes’ strong pitching to escape the three-game losing streak.

Once again, Barnes’ shoulders are heavy.

Lotte broke a three-game losing streak on the 10th against SSG, but then fell into a three-game losing streak again. They lost to SSG on the 11th and KT Wiz on the 12th and 13th.

Currently in ninth place, 5.5 games behind fifth-place SSG, Lotte’s fall baseball hopes are still alive. They need to break the losing streak sooner rather than later if they want to make a run at the mid-table.

If Barnes is able to show the same form he had before his injury, Lotte will be able to rebound.

Barnes has made one appearance against Doosan this season. On April 7, he pitched a quality start against Doosan, allowing two runs on six hits (one home run) with five strikeouts and two walks in six innings.

That’s what you want from your ace when your team is in a losing streak and you need to break it. Barnes will once again take the mound with the streak-stopper specialty.

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“Don’t think about taking off your uniform.”

“Don’t think about taking off your uniform.”

Kang Min-ho (39-Samsung Lions) hit a three-run home run in the top of the seventh inning of a 2-2 tie against Doosan in Jamsil on April 14. Doosan skipped Gu Jae-rook in favor of Kang Min-ho, and he proved them wrong.

It was Kang’s 327th career home run. He already holds the record for most home runs by a catcher. With one more, he’ll tie Shim Jung-soo for 10th place on the KBO’s all-time home run list. Two more would move him into ninth place, and three would put him in sole possession of eighth.

“I’ve been playing for a long time from a young age, so I think I’m getting more and more top 10s. I’ve done well, but I’m thinking more about how healthy I am,” he smiles.

Kang Min-ho isn’t the only player who exemplifies ‘veteran power’.

Choi Hyung-woo (41) of the KIA Tigers. Choi is batting .288 with 17 home runs and 80 RBIs in 82 games this season. He was the oldest player to win MVP honors at the All-Star Game on June 6, and has been on a tear since hitting a grand slam in the first game of the second half. Kang Min-ho said, “What (Choi) is doing is so good that I’m impressed as a junior. Last year, when he said he was having a hard time, I was sitting in the catcher’s box and said, ‘Don’t think about taking off your uniform. We seniors need you to stay on the field a little longer,'” he said. I often say things like this for the juniors. Some people call it greed, 안전놀이터 but I don’t think it’s greed. The longer we’re here, the longer the younger guys can wear the uniform. If you’re not competitive, you have to take it off, but if you’re competitive, I don’t think you have to decide when to retire. In that sense, (Choi) is doing a great job for me.”

Kang Min-ho is batting .299 with eight home runs and 41 RBIs in 87 games this season, helping to power the team’s center field. In his nine games in July, his batting average has increased by a whopping 5 percent.

He also has four home runs.

“I was too bad in the first half,” Kang said. In the second half, I think what didn’t work in the first half is coming out little by little,” he said. “I’m not just a professional baseball player wearing a uniform anymore, I’m in a position where I have to survive. If my performance drops, I have to take off my clothes, so I’m working hard every day. I prepared myself thinking that even if I didn’t do well in the first half, if I did what I could, the turning point would definitely come. In the second half, when the players were a little tired, I felt good as a senior to make a hit that helped the team win.”

Samsung, is in second place games behind the first-place KIA Tigers

Samsung, led by Kang Min-ho’s blistering bat, is in second place with 48 wins and 40 losses through 15 games, 4.5 games behind the first-place KIA Tigers (52 wins and 35 losses). The team will begin a three-game series against Kia in Gwangju on the 16th to try to reduce the deficit. Samsung recently made some rebounding moves, releasing David McKinnon and bringing in Ruben Cardenas as its new foreign bat. “The manager said that the real battle for the top spot will be in the summer, and now that we’ve done so well without a foreign hitter, I think we’ll have a great synergy with the new foreign hitter,” Kang said.

Kang Min-ho is especially eager for Samsung to do well this year. He hasn’t played in the Korean Series since joining the team in 2004. For him, reaching the Korean Series is one of his biggest goals as an active player. “The team goal is to do what we can without worrying about winning, but personally, I want to go to the Korean Series. It’s not too far away, so I want to smell it,” he says.

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The first requirement for success as a foreign athlete

The first requirement for success as a foreign athlete is cultural adaptation. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you can’t adapt to the culture, you’ll be out of the game early. There have been many cases of big-name players who made a name for themselves in the big leagues packing their bags after a dismal performance in Korea.

Samsung Lions manager Park Jin-man emphasized the importance of Ruben Cardenas (outfielder), who joined the team as a replacement for foreign hitter David McKinnon, saying, “It’s important for him to adapt to the domestic stage quickly.”

Samsung’s foreign pitcher Connor Seabold has been a great help for Cardenas. “Connor will help Cardenas adapt a lot,” the club official said, citing the examples of Jose Pirela (outfielder) and Albert Suarez (pitcher), who played for Samsung in 2022 and 2023.

Pirela and Suarez, both from Venezuela, have been close friends since childhood. Pirela joined Samsung in 2021, and the following year, he helped Suarez settle in as a new member of the Samsung family. Connor and Cardenas played together at California State University (CSU) Fullerton.

More than just teammates, they’re best friends.

“I’m very close with Cardenas,” Connor says. We played baseball together for two years in college and were roommates for one of those years. We stayed in touch after he went pro, and I attended his wedding. We’re also close with our wives. We played on the same college softball team. We have a lot of connections,” he said.

“It’s great to be with Connor,” Cardenas said. It’s great to be reunited with my best friend,” said Cardenas. “I told him a little bit about Korean professional baseball and we’ll talk more about it later,” Connor said.

Cardenas, who will be playing in Asia for the first time, 카지노사이트 추천 said, “It’s nice to have a new challenge. It’s important to adapt well, and I think I’m good at adapting,” he said. “He’s got a great personality and he’s a fun guy to play baseball with,” Connor said. I think the fans are going to like him.”

“My advice to Cardenas is to enjoy his time in Korea and embrace the different culture and game of Korean professional baseball,” Connor added.

“I’m looking forward to playing on the same team with Cardenas again,” said Connor, who will be wearing the same uniform as Cardenas. I think we’re going to have a good synergy, and I think we’re going to have a good synergy with the other guys as well.”

Cardenas, meanwhile, is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound right-handed hitting outfielder from the United States.

He has no big league experience. In 554 career minor league games, Cardenas batted .2043/.555 with 99 home runs, 362 RBIs and 333 runs scored.

In 75 games with the Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs of the Philadelphia Phillies this season, he batted .289 (80-for-289) with 20 home runs, 56 RBI, 52 runs scored and 10 stolen bases. Cardenas ranks second in home runs and sixth in RBIs in the pitcher-heavy Triple-A International League. He is a prolific long ball producer, hitting 20 or more home runs in the minors every year.

Cardenas will get his feet wet in a two-game series against the Lotte Giants in the Futures Summer League at Sajik Stadium on July 17 and 18, before making his Korean debut against Lotte at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on July 19.

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