KCC and LG’s common keyword is ‘trend’, KCC is the team that laughed after the game

KCC’s speed was faster and more sophisticated than LG’s.

Busan KCC defeated Changwon LG 90-69 in the regular season of the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball League at Sajiksil Indoor Gymnasium in Busan on the 8th.

Both KCC and LG are teams that emphasize the importance of transition. LG coach Cho Sang-hyun has emphasized quick offense after defense since he took over. Even before the game against KCC, he said, “We were missing Marey. We lost 15 to 20 points. We need domestic players to score. The easiest way to score is in transition, and I hope we can score points through that.”

KCC is no slouch in the transition battle either. The team has Song Kyo-chang (200 cm, F), Alize Johnson (201 cm, F), and Heo Woong (185 cm, G) who specialize in transition. In fact, KCC averages 10.3 fast break points per game. This is the second most fast break points in the league. The team also averages 86.4 points per game, making them the second-hottest offense after Wonju DB.

Both teams also run a fast-paced offense, so they have a high probability of scoring. Their offensive rating (points expected per 100 offensive possessions) is also top-notch. LG is second in the league with 113.7. KCC is third in the league with 113.1.

From the first quarter, both teams came out with quick offense. LG was the first team to capitalize on the speed of Justin Gutang (188 cm, G). After getting a defensive rebound, they quickly launched their offense to harass the opponent. It was successful. Gutang made all three of his shots in the first quarter. LG scored 10 points in the first five minutes of the quarter.

However, KCC was no slouch in speed either. They scored six points on fast breaks alone. In particular, Lagunia’s (200 cm, C) fast break end-one with 3:22 left in the quarter was enough to turn the tide of the game. Despite the outside shooting struggles, both teams relied on transition scoring to keep the game close.

The second quarter was more intense. KCC attacked the perimeter in transition before the defense could settle down. Johnson’s performance set the tone. He scored 16 points in the first five minutes of the quarter. Johnson’s fast break basket with 2:09 left in the quarter was enough to lift the team’s spirits. It extended KCC’s lead to five points.

Once KCC got into a groove, they didn’t let up. Johnson had a huge second quarter, scoring 10 points and dishing out four assists. After the defensive success, she went directly to the offense. They utilized their speed to quickly 메이저사이트 increase the lead. The score was 48-38 at halftime.

LG’s firepower was no match. LG responded with a quick offense. They didn’t lose the pace battle, but their outside shots missed the rim and they couldn’t close the gap.

The third quarter was a similar story. KCC still ran a fast-paced offense with Johnson leading the way. This, coupled with the outside scoring of other players, extended the lead. Not to be outpaced, KCC built a 20-point lead and took control of the game.

Both teams emphasized transition scoring. After winning the speed battle, KCC turned the tables on LG by beating them in transition.

The winning KCC players also approved of the transition offense. Johnson said, “Overall, everyone ran well in transition, and I think it worked out well,” while Heoong said, “I think the key before the game was to get our energy level up and get through the offense early. It worked out well today.”

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