Kim Ki-Dong on ‘4 games without a win + 5 home losses in a row’

Kim Ki-dong was undeterred. He believes that FC Seoul can only move forward by maintaining its current direction.

However, Kim vowed to think about how to achieve both content and results while maintaining the direction.

FC Seoul, led by Kim Ki-dong, conceded an early goal and then equalized through Kwon Wan-kyu in the 16th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against Gwangju FC at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on Feb. 2, but conceded a late goal to lose 1-2.

Seoul, who had been winless in three matches, failed to pick up a point on the day, extending their winless streak to four matches and dropping them to ninth in the standings. It was also an uncharacteristic result for Seoul, as they lost their fifth straight home game. Seoul’s last win at home was in April against Gimcheon Sangsung.

It was a difficult game. Seoul was able to withstand Gwangju’s offense well in the first half, but one bad luck broke them down. A deflected shot from Gwangju center back Byun Jun-soo fell to Choi Kyung-rok in the box, and Lee Eun-hee picked up the loose ball after Choi’s shot. It was an unlucky way to concede a goal.

After the game, coach Kim Ki-dong said, “It’s a problem that we lost five games in a row at home. I apologize to the fans. No matter what I say here, it won’t solve it. The only way is to overcome it with the players during the break. I’m sorry, but I want to apologize to the fans,” he said and bowed his head.

When asked what specific areas they need to work on, Kim Ki-dong said, “I think we played well today as we prepared. We created chances in the first half. However, when the opponent 먹튀검증 scored, we conceded in an unintentional situation.” ”I think we need to maintain the direction we are pursuing. “I think I have to keep the direction I’m going in, even if things change, I’m going to keep pushing,” he said.

“We’re not getting results, but I think we’ve improved from the first half. I gave up some space in the second half because I didn’t have enough energy, but if we work on that, we’ll get better. The problem is that we’re getting better but not getting results. The content is important, but I think we need to think about bringing results,” he said, recognizing the importance of results.

Kim Ki-dong also said, “I think the players still believe in me. They are following what the coach says and preparing with trust. It is most important that these things go without distraction,” emphasizing the need to 카지노사이트 maintain direction with the players’ trust.

When asked if the situation was similar to the one in 2021 when he led Pohang in the past, Kim Ki-dong said, “The situation is different from then. We had a lot of injuries,” he said, adding, ”In 2019, when I first became a coach, we played defense and counterattacked at the beginning. This tactic was also difficult as the opponents saw through it. I think it’s the pain of building a team, but the feeling is similar to that now,” he said, referring to the 2019 season.


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