KIM DO YOUNG expressed his emotions over a series of walks

Throwing the bat in anger and expressing emotions

He had no intention. However, when he was hit by a fastball at the first pitch, Kim was furious.

토토사이트‘s ball control, which came up to prevent additional runs in the second half of the game, did not listen, and there was no intention. Kim Do-young, who was hit by a fastball on the body of the first pitch, threw the bat back and looked at the pitcher when Park Chan-ho had already reached base with a hit ball.

Doosan Bears and KIA Tigers held a game at Jamsil Stadium on the 31st. Doosan pitcher Choi Ji-gang’s fast ball, which came up to prevent Kia’s offense in the seventh inning and the crisis of losing a point with one out and runners on the second and third bases, did not go well, and the mood instantly turned sour.

He lowered Lee Byung-hun and put in Choi Ji-gang.

In the seventh inning, KIA’s leadoff hitter Seo Kun-chang drew a walk against Doosan’s Lee Byung-hun. In the ensuing game, Han Jun-su’s hit fell to an exquisite position in front of left fielder Kim Jae-hwan, leading to a double. Lee Byung-hun was replaced after hitting Choi Won-joon to ground out to first base with no outs and runners on second and third bases.

KIA had a chance to run away, but Doosan’s bench had to block additional run, on the contrary, gave up Lee Byung-hun and deployed Choi Ji-gang. Doosan pitcher Choi Ji-gang threw a 148-km two-seam fastball for the fourth pitch against KIA’s first batter Park Chan-ho, with one out and runners on the second and third bases. The pitch that went too deep fell after being hit by batter Park Chan-ho and others.

Park Chan-ho, who was hit by an area without a guard, collapsed at bat.

After taking a breath, Park Chan-ho took off his hat and headed to the first base with a gesture that he was okay. On the mound, Choi took off his hat and waited for Park to make eye contact. Choi expressed his regret to Park Chan-ho who was heading to the first base. Park also waved his hands and felt that the situation with the ball hit his body was over.

However, in the ensuing match with Kim, Choi Ji-gang’s first pitch of 147 kilometers went deep into the body and was hit by the batter’s body once again. After being hit by the fastball, Kim touched the ribs with his hands and complained of pain.

After getting out of the batter’s box, Kim Do-young was breathing heavily and threw the bat he was holding to the back of nowhere else, looking at the pitcher. Kim Jung-kook’s centerpiece was standing in front of the batter just in case.

The additional loss in the second half of the game could have led to defeat, so there was no reason for the pitcher to intentionally hit the batter, but when the ball hit the body for two consecutive batters, Kim Do-young threw the bat and expressed dissatisfaction with the pitcher.

Both Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young continued the game without injury.

On the contrary, from the batter’s point of view, it was a scene where he could have been angry at the fast ball that came too deep. Just before Park Chan-ho was hit by a fast ball coming in behind his body, so Kim Do-young, who was momentarily angry at a series of hit balls, collected his emotions and walked out to first base.

Both Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young continued their games without injury. KIA Tigers’ central hitters Na Sung-bum and Hwang Dae-in were out due to injury in the early days of this season. No more injured should come out. As the fastball that could lead to injury if hit by an area without a guard did not work, Choi Ji-sung on the mound also seemed flustered.

Kim Do-young even played defense in the ninth inning.

Meanwhile, KIA Tigers fans who filled the third-base stands swept their hearts to see Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young walk back to first base after complaining of pain right after being hit by the pitch.

After completing offense in the seventh inning, Park replaced Park in defense in the eighth inning. “Park Chan-ho is undergoing icing treatment after getting hit by a pitch. He has been replaced to protect the player,” the club said.

Kim also played defense in the ninth inning. KIA, which had 14 hits against Doosan, secured a 9-3 win, and concluded its three consecutive weekend games with a winning series.

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