Munich’s new coach Company “Looking for hungry players” Minjae Kim Should I take the chance?

Company, inauguration press conference at Munich’s home stadium “We will pursue aggressive football like we did at Burnley.”

Vincent Company, the new head coach of Bayern Munich in the German professional soccer Bundesliga, where national soccer player Kim Min-jae plays, predicted endless competition next season.

Coach Company held an inauguration press conference at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on the 30th (Korean time) and said he would check how serious the players are as Munich players.

At the press conference on this day, Coach Company said of his first impressions of Munich, “I know how big of a club Munich is, so I am very proud and motivated,” and “I want to start the season right away.”

Coach Company then once again revealed his soccer philosophy of pursuing bold and aggressive play.

“We will maintain the same style as at Burnley,” he said. “I want the players to have guts and play attacking football, and I hope they will maintain that throughout the game.

When asked if he already had a lineup of starting players in mind, he replied, “It’s still too early to talk about the players.”

However, he said, “I want to know how hungry the Munich players, who missed out on being the league champion last season, are right now,” and added, “We will look into which players are most desperate.” General manager Max Eberl, who also attended the press conference, also responded to rumors that there would be a major change in the Munich squad, asking, “What is a major change?” and saying, “There is no specific list of players that we want to release.” said. Still, he added, “there will definitely be some players who will have a difficult time next season,” adding, “it’s just a level playing field.” When asked if the position of coach of Munich was burdensome, Coach Company said, “Pressure or criticism from outside does not affect me at all,” and added, “If we become the best, others will follow us.” He then expressed his confidence, saying, “There is no need for people to be confident in me even before I start working as a coach in earnest,” and “I am confident that everyone will be satisfied with me when they see me on the pitch.” Lastly, he expressed his ambition, saying, “My job is to help players develop,” and “I will implement my clear vision in Munich.” As a defender during his time as a player, Coach Company won numerous trophies with Manchester City, including winning the English Premier League (EPL) four times, the English Football Association (FA) Cup twice, and the English Carabao Cup four times. After his retirement, he went to Anderlecht, a prestigious club in Belgium, and took over as manager of Burnley in 2022, but suffered the humiliation of being relegated to the second division after finishing 19th in the EPL in the 2023-2024 season. Kim Min-jae, who had a difficult time after being pushed out of competition for the team’s starting position since the middle of last season, is expected to compete fiercely again next season under coach Company. 토토사이트

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