‘3 Hits in PO Game 1’ NC’s Oh Young-soo “Will I start today?”

Without much thought, NC Dinos manager Kang Myung-ho (51) wrote Oh Young-soo’s (23) name in the No. 7 spot on the starting lineup card for Game 2 of the playoffs (PO).

However, on the 31st, the day of the second game of the PO against the KT Wiz at Katie Wiz Park in Suwon, Oh confirmed it again with a surprised expression, saying, “Is it true?”

“I wasn’t sure about the starting lineup, but…. I’ll do my best today,” he said.

In the previous day’s PO Game 1, Oh started as the seventh batter and first baseman, and in his first at-bat of the second inning, he hit a solo arch over the left-center field wall off KT starter William Cuevas.

He went on to go 3-for-5 with a home run and two RBIs in Game 1 of the PO, leading his team to a 9-5 victory.

“The best player in my mind is Oh Young-soo,” said Son after Game 1, “He must have been suffering from a bad semi-playoffs, but he did a great job. He hit a home run in the first game of the PO when it really mattered.” 바카라사이트 He praised his junior.

“I was surprised that he said that,” Oh said, “I was happy for the team to get to the top. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking, ‘I hope the day comes when I’m crazy too. I really want to do well,'” he confessed.

In the semi-finals against SSG Landers, Oh went 1-for-7.

However, coach Kang Myung-ho gave him a chance to start in Game 1 of the POs, and he responded with three hits, including a cool home run.

As a right-handed hitter, Oh thought, “KT’s starter today is left-handed pitcher Wes Benjamin, so I might be left out.”

However, Kang kept him in the starting lineup for the second game of the PO with a left-handed pitcher.

After Game 1 of the POs, Oh’s parents congratulated him, saying, “We laughed a lot because of him.”

“I don’t think my parents were overjoyed. They just said a short congratulations,” he laughed.

Of course, Oh’s father and mother would have been overwhelmed with emotion for their son, who was winning big game after big game.

Instead, the NC fans celebrated with loud cheers. Before the second game of the PO, one fan even handed him a gift. 카지노사이트

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