LG Twins captain Oh Ji-hwan (33), who returned to the dugout after the first-place regular season ceremony with the fans, seemed to be overcome with emotion .Speaking to reporters after the game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Thursday, Oh said, “I’m really playing baseball for this, but I think I did it too late, so I’m sorry to the fans. I’m excited because it will be memorable for me,” he said .LG, which clinched first place in the regular season and punched its ticket to the Korean Series for the first time since 1994, came from behind to beat Lotte 7-6 earlier in the day. With the score tied at 6-6 in the bottom of the ninth inning, Oh drove in the game-winning run with a pitcher’s choice infield single to center field. Thanks to Oh’s hit, LG was able to celebrate its first-place finish in the regular season. “It felt like we were notified (of the top spot) after two teams (KT Wiz and NC Dinos) literally lost without playing a game,” said Oh, who had traveled to Busan the day before. “If it was a little disappointing because we didn’t feel like we did it, it was better today because we played until the end and won a close game. “Joining the team in 2009, during LG’s “dark days,” Oh overcame all odds to become the team’s franchise star, and tasted first place in the regular season as captain. “I think of my older brothers, who were with me before, and when I did such a good thing (like the first place ceremony), I feel like I wish my seniors could have enjoyed it with me, and I feel sorry that I couldn’t fulfill it,” he said .He continued, “A lot of my seniors contacted me to congratulate me. It feels good to be at the center as the LG captain. “LG now has eight games left in the regular season .With 83 points, LG needs five wins in the remaining eight games to set a new record for most wins in team history. “We will do our best in the remaining games,” said Oh Ji-hwan. “There are teams that are competing for the top spot, so we have to do our best in the remaining games,” said Oh. “If we win a lot of games, we will be able to carry the momentum of victory into the Korean Series .The important thing now is to win the Korean Series to complete the overall title. “If we win four games, we can accomplish everything. 카지노사이트 “We told the players to keep our minds together. For now, we’ll just focus on the game.”

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