Park Dong-jin 1 goal, Wales 1 goal, 2 assists…’Freshman explosion’ Gyeongnam defeats Seongnam 4-1 → Hellish 6G draw ends

Park Dong-hyuk-ho sparked a resurgence.

Gyeongnam FC defeated Seongnam FC 4-1 in the 21st round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at Tancheon Sports Complex at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 8. Gyeongnam, which had gone six matches without a win (two draws and four losses), is ranked 11th with 20 points.

Gyeongnam started with Go Dong-min, Kim Jin-rae, Park Jae-hwan, Kim Hyung-jin, Woo Woo-seong, Park Min-seo, Lee Min-hyuk, Lee Kang-hee, Welsh, Park Dong-jin, and Arabuli. Park Dong-jin and Wales, who were acquired in the summer transfer window, 카지노사이트 started side by side and stood out.

Seongnam conceded an early goal. Huiz scored a goal to make it 0-1. Gyeongnam fought back. Park Dong-jin slipped through the defense and created a chance. In the 16th minute, Park scored a goal after receiving a Welsh cross. It was his debut goal for Gyeongnam.

After the goal, Gyeongnam went on a rampage. In the 22nd minute, Park Dong-jin’s shot was blocked by Choi Pil-soo. In the 23rd minute, Wales had a shot on goal, but it didn’t go in. In the 33rd minute, Park Min-seo’s shot hit the post twice and went wide. In the 42nd minute, Kim Hyung-jin was injured and Kim Hyung-won was introduced.

At the start of the second half, Gyeongnam substituted Park Han-bin for Lee Min-hyuk. In the fourth minute of the second half, Kim Hyung-won headed home a corner kick from Wales. It was a reversal of fortune. In the ninth minute of the second half, Wales scored with a powerful shot and shook the goal net again.

Gyeongnam added more strength to their flank in the 16th minute of the second half with Lee Joon-jae. Seongnam had a strong attack, but they held on. In the 30th minute, they added Fonseca and Park Won-jae to add more mobility. In the 35th minute, Chris had a lucky shot that hit the post. In the 40th minute, Park Han-bin’s shot deflected off Yoon Young-sun. It was a trajectory that Choi Pil-soo couldn’t do anything about.

Seongnam pounded away, but the shots kept going wide of the goal. The match ended with a 4-1 victory for Gyeongnam.

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