“What happened to Liverpool’s greatest legend…Middle Easternized!”…My dream is to bring Messi to Saudi…

Steven Gerrard. The great name of the English Premier League (EPL)’s “house of cards,” Liverpool.

Gerrard is a legend who played 17 seasons for Liverpool between 1998 and 2015. With a total of 710 games, he ranks third on Liverpool”s all-time list. Gerrard’s history with the Reds includes winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL) with the Istanbul Miracle. Gerrard is also revered as one of Liverpool’s greatest captains. In short, Gerrard was the symbol of Liverpool.

But then he followed the money to Saudi Arabia. After retiring from the field, Gerrard went on to manage Liverpool U-18s, then Scottish Rangers, and then Aston Villa in England. The results weren’t great. In 2022, after being unemployed since stepping down, 카지노사이트 추천 he finally found a new job. Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittifaq.

To Saudi Arabia, the heart of Liverpool. Gerrard had a lot to answer for. While it was understandable for a player coming down from his prime in his late 30s to choose Saudi Arabia, it was unacceptable for a 43-year-old manager at the peak of his powers.

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan said: “Gerrard has wasted away in Europe. He went to Saudi Arabia, which is not going to help his managerial career in any way. If you want to be a successful manager, you don’t need to go to the Middle East. In Gerrard’s case, it’s not about football. It”s only about money. He won’t be successful as a manager, and his reputation and stature won’t increase. Even if Gerrard succeeds in Saudi Arabia, he won’t be able to return to the EPL. I don’t think the EPL will offer Gerrard a managerial job after what he has done in Saudi Arabia.”

Gerrard took over at Al Ittifaq in July 2023. A year later. Despite a dismal 36.1% win percentage, Gerrard is still proud of his country. Middle Easternization is complete.

Gerrard told Egypt’s MBC Masr 2: “My dream is to bring Messi to Al Ittifaq. I would love to see Messi in my team, he is an amazing player and would be a great asset to Al Ittifaq. I know it’s difficult for Messi to come to Saudi Arabia. But there is nothing wrong with dreaming,” he said.

Gerrard added: “Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are amazing players with amazing stories in football. Ronaldo is a great goal scorer. Messi is a more complete team player. You can’t choose between the two. They are both legends,” he added.

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