PGA Tour’s ‘Saebyeol’ Arbery rejects LIV Golf recruitment offer twice

Ludwig Arbery (Sweden), a rising star on the PGA Tour, said he received an offer to recruit from LIV Golf, but declined it.In an interview with Golf Week on the 22nd (Korean time), Arbery said that he received an offer to join LIV Golf after finishing this season, but he rejected it.Even when he was about to graduate from college, he received an offer to come to LIV Golf.I have resisted the sweet temptation of LIV Golf twice. However, he did not reveal the details of the proposal made by LIV Golf, including the down payment.

Arbery said, “I will never chase money. I am confident I made the right decision.”Arbery, who said, “I like competition,” explained why he decided to stay on the PGA Tour, saying, “I want to compete with the However, perhaps out of consideration for Jon Lam (Spain), who recently moved to LIV Golf, he added, “But I respect everyone else’s decisions.”Arbery, 24 years old, entered the PGA Tour midway through this year’s college golf rankings as the No. 1 player in the U.S. college golf rankings. He has played 11 times and has never missed a cut. He won the RSM Classic last month and is considered a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year.He participated in the Ryder Cup 카지노사이트킹 with Rahm and contributed to Europe’s victory.

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