Seoul World Cup Stadium turf managed smartly with IoT technology

Seoul Facilities Corporation announced on the 22nd that it will introduce a ‘smart lawn management system’ using Internet of Things (IoT) technology at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul.The smart lawn management system uses IoT sensors installed in the stadium to measure and report the temperature, moisture content, and fertilizer concentration of the grass in real time.Ground internal humidity, temperature, field color, etc. are provided by linking and analyzing data and weather conditions, and watering and blowing can also be controlled remotely.

The stadium is equipped with one self-driving soil environment observation robot based on a location information system (GPS), three vegetation index, red, green, and blue (RGB) cameras, and four atmospheric environment observation sensors to scientifically inspect the condition of the grass.The corporation expected that this system would contribute to improving the quality of the ground by managing the grass at Seoul World Cup Stadium more scientifically and systematically.Seoul Facilities Corporation Chairman Hankook Young said, “We will continue to strive to provide the best ground conditions so that players can perform well and 온라인카지노 citizens can enjoy high-quality games.”

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