‘Six-time champion’ MVP Yoon Ji-won “I’m sorry for my colleagues”

Yoon Ji-won (16, 190 cm) led Samseonjung to a sixth title.

Samseonjoong won the 53rd Autumn National Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Federation Game at Woosul Gymnasium in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do on Nov. 21.
South Central Final against Whimunjung, 76-59, at Woosul Gymnasium in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea.

Samsunjung suffered a power leak ahead of the tournament as leading scorer Yoon Ji-hoon was called up to the U16 Asian Championships. 스포츠토토 But in the end, it didn’t matter.

Led by Yoon’s twin brother, Yoon Ji-won, every player on the court, including Song Young-hoon, Jung Woo-jin, Kim Jung-won, and Hwang Dong-hyun, played their part. This, coupled with the leadership of Coach Han Kyu-hyun, helped Samsunjung rise to the top of the South Central Region once again.

After winning the 2023 Spring League, the Association Championships, the National Youth Sports Championships, the National Championships, and the Weekend League Wangjungwang, Samseonjoong has now won the Autumn League, completing a remarkable feat of winning six titles in a season.

On the other hand, Huh Moon-joong, who finished as the runner-up in the last tournament, vowed to take revenge in the Fall League, but once again failed to overcome Samseon-joong’s barrier.

The Most Valuable Player was Yoon Ji-won, who averaged 19 points, 13.1 rebounds, 5.7 assists and 1.8 steals in seven games. Yoon Ji-won was especially strong on offense, leading the team in scoring from the qualifiers to the first game of the finals.

After the game, Yoon Ji-won said, “I didn’t expect to win, and it’s even better that we won together as a team. I hope my sophomore siblings will work hard next year and win many championships.”

As mentioned earlier, Yoon Ji-won was named the South Central MVP for his consistent performance from the start to the end of the tournament. However, in an interview with us, she was the first to admit that she felt sorry for her teammates.

“There were many of my teammates who performed better than me in every game. I feel very sorry for the other third-year players.”

One of the opponents Samseonjoong faced in the final was twin brothers Park Bum-yoon and Park Bum-jin. Their double post combination was seemingly unstoppable. Their combined size and attack radius was not limited to the painted area, making them very difficult to defend.

However, Yoon Ji-won taught them a lesson in the final, especially with her soft footwork, which allowed her to attack the basket and score in succession. On the other hand, the fierce twin brothers left a lot to be desired with their hasty finishing.

Yoon Ji-won said, “They are still one grade below me. I think I had the edge in experience, so it went well. I believe they will both do better next year,” Yoon praised the two players.

From the middle of the second quarter, Samsunjung showed a solid perimeter defense centered on Yoon Ji-won. The Whimunjung players were unable to get into the paint and relied on three-pointers, which have a relatively low success rate.

Yoon Ji-won said, “I think (Song) Young-hoon and I did a good job defending under the basket. Coach also emphasized the up-front defense by telling us to protect ourselves. I think my sophomore brothers did a good job with their quick feet on the outside.”

Due to the intense physicality, Yoon Ji-won was unable to stay on the court until the end of the game. She got into foul trouble early on and was eventually ejected for five fouls.

“I was worried because I got into foul trouble early, but the players on the court did a great job. I’m grateful to them.”

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