What is the Biggest Cause of Super Team KCC’s Ups and Downs

 KCC started the season being called a ‘super team.’ However, so far, there are ups and downs that are close to being a ‘goblin team’. 

After their long winning streak was halted, they suffered three consecutive losses. The biggest cause lies in concerns about number 1 (point guard).

KCC, known for its ultra-luxurious lineup, has an inconsistent performance. They overpowered the leading DB and were also held back by the lower ranked team, Gas Corporation. A KCC official said, “Because there is no clear number one (point guard), stable performance is not possible. 

When playing with a tall lineup, Choi Jun-yong sometimes takes on the number 1 role, but it is difficult to keep playing him,” he said. 먹튀검증사이트

Guard Lee Ho-hyun was recruited as a free agent, but he is struggling physically. This is because he had to rest for a month during pre-season physical training due to a shoulder injury. 

Song Dong-hoon is short at 175cm, and his attacks are not up to expectations. He still can’t solve his worries about being his number one starting pitcher.

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “Laguna’s body has improved compared to the beginning, but she is frustrated because the ball is not being put inside.

 After much deliberation, ahead of the SK game on the 3rd, a starting lineup was put forward with Choi Jun-yong as number 1. 

However, after the loss, coach Jeon expressed his disappointment, saying, “I don’t think we will be able to use the same lineup as in the first quarter again.”

KCC needs to solve its No. 1 problem to be able to show its competitiveness in the long-term season ranking competition.

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