Lee Jeong-hoo, Who Declined to Comment on the ‘Lee Jong-beom

Lee Jeong-hoo, Who Declined to Comment on the ‘Lee Jong-beom KIA Director’ Theory, Said, “This is my Father’s Life”

KIA looking for a new head coach… Lee Jong-beom mentioned as one of the ‘legendary’ candidates Lee Jeong-hoo,

“There’s always talk about director vacancies, but I haven’t received any direct contact.”

The professional baseball KIA Tigers, which terminated the contract with former coach Kim Jong-guk,

who was accused of receiving kickbacks from sponsors,

is in the midst of appointing a new coach ahead of the new season. 안전놀이터

KIA Director

While KIA is reviewing a wide range of candidates for the next head coach, Lee Jong-beom (53),

former coach of the LG Twins, is once again being considered a candidate for ‘Tigers manager’.

Former coach Lee, who was a legendary player representing the Tigers during his time as an active player,

has been mentioned as a candidate for manager for 10 years whenever the KIA manager position becomes vacant.

This year, he plans to go to the United States with his son Lee Jeong-hoo (25),

who joined the San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball (MLB), to receive leadership training.

Lee Jung-hoo, who is leaving for the United States to prepare for the new season,

met with reporters at Incheon International Airport on the 1st and said,

“You didn’t necessarily talk about (the KIA director theory).

Lee Jeong-hoo

“It is a sensitive issue, and I am not a player I can dare to talk about for the position of coach of a team,” he said.

Regarding the fact that he has always been criticized,

“In fact, there is a lot of talk every time the (KIA director position) becomes vacant,

but each time, there is no direct contact or anything like that.

So I am cautious about talking about it further.

“This is my father’s life, so I think he will take care of it,” he said bluntly.

According to Jeong-hoo Lee, it is still a valid fact that his father visits the United States for training.

What did you hear from him when he left for the United States? In response to the question, Lee Jeong-hoo said,

“He just told me to stay healthy and stay healthy.

He said, “My father has training plans planned anyway and will be living (in the same house in the U.S.),

so he didn’t say anything.”

Lee Jeong-hoo, who said that he ate beef with seaweed soup as his last ‘home meal’ before leaving home, said,

“My mother also said, He told me to just do well and come back.

My mother hasn’t been to my San Francisco home yet,

so I think she might come at least once to help me take care of things, she explained.

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Incheon Airport ‘Abuzz’ at Lee Jung-hoo’s Departure

Incheon Airport ‘Abuzz’ at Lee Jung-hoo’s Departure… An Endless Line of Signs

Incheon International Airport was crowded when Lee Jeong-hoo (25) returned after signing a large contract with the San Francisco Giants of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) last month.

Fans who knew in advance about Lee Jung-hoo’s return to the airport and waited for him,

as well as citizens who came to see the people gathered, cheered and applauded.


On the 1st, more than a month later, a large crowd gathered as Lee Jung-hoo left the country to begin his full-scale challenge to the MLB stage. 카지노사이트킹

Rico Sports, Lee Jeong-hoo’s domestic agent, held a press conference in the far corner of the departure hall of Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 to avoid disturbing passengers visiting the airport,

but baseball fans began to gather one by one to see off Lee Jeong-hoo.

Kim Hee-jin, who visited the airport holding a Kiwoom Heroes uniform with ‘Lee Jung-hoo No. 51’ engraved on it, said,

“I came out with a friend because I thought it would be difficult to see him in person for a while when I leave for the United States.”

While Lee Jeong-hoo’s press conference was in progress, a line naturally formed to get his autograph.

Lee Jung-hoo

At first, there were about 10 people in line, and after about 10 minutes, there were already close to 100 people.

After Lee Jung-hoo finished her press conference, instead of heading straight to her departure hall,

she headed to where her fans were waiting.

And a surprise autograph session was held for Korean fans in Korea, which ‘will be the last for a while’.

Even though Lee Jeong-hoo kept signing autographs, the line showed no signs of shrinking.

This is because new fans continued to gather.

Lee Jung-hoo, who would have signed autographs for all the fans who visited the airport if he had had time to board the plane,

had no choice but to ask for understanding and leave.

An official from Ricoh Sports said, “Lee Jeong-hoo kept signing autographs for over 10 minutes,

and after signing autographs for about 70% of the fans in line, he entered the departure hall.”

Lee Jeong-hoo, who leaves the country on this day,

will immediately go to Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, where the San Francisco spring camp is held, and begin full-scale training.

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KEPCO Libero Ryohei IgaShakes Off Injury and Return

KEPCO Libero Ryohei Shakes Off Injury and Returns to Court After 26 Days

Men’s professional volleyball KEPCO’s libero Ryohei Iga (29, registered name Ryohei) returned to the court after 26 days.

KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min announced the news of Ryohei’s starting appearance ahead of the KB Insurance match held at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 1st and said,

“I think he is in good shape after resting for a long time and receiving good treatment.” 카지노사이트탑

Ryohei Iga

Ryohei took a break after injuring his right hamstring (the muscle behind the thigh) in the OK Financial Group match on the 6th of last month.

He ranks first in defense this season (average of 5.182 per set), second in receiving efficiency (50.26%),

and second in digs (2.701 per set).

Although he was a sudden departure from the core of the defense,

KEPCO won all three remaining games of the fourth round and entered a pleasant All-Star break.

And ahead of the 5th and 6th rounds, where fierce ranking competition is expected, the reliable Ryohei has returned.


Korea Electric Power Corporation (5th place in the league) (37 points, 13 wins, 11 losses)

is only 2 points behind 4th place OK Financial Group and 3 points behind 3rd place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

Coach Kwon Young-min set a goal of 5 wins and 1 loss in the 5th round and said, “We will see the match in the 5th round.”

“I hope the players will keep this in mind,” he said.

During the two-week break, “I rested for about three days and then trained focusing on physical strength.

“Afterwards, we practiced with a focus on blocking and tactics.”

Coach Hu In-jeong of KB Insurance (17 points, 4 wins, 20 losses), which is ranked last in the league,

believed that it is now realistically difficult to compete for rankings.

Coach Hu suggested 5 wins as the target number of wins for the remainder of the season, saying,

“We will try to give the rookie players as many opportunities as possible in the remaining 12 games.”

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Taekwondo Player Goes to Paris after Defeating ‘Natural Enemy’

Taekwondo Player Goes to Paris after Defeating ‘Natural Enemy’ “I Gained Courage by Watching Ahn Se-young”

Won the Olympic Trials after losing 6 out of 6 matches to ‘Taekwondo legend’ Jang Jun.

Taekwondo ‘supernova’ Park Tae-jun (Kyung Hee University), who defeated a ‘natural enemy’ who had never won before and won the right to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, expressed his feelings that he gained courage by watching badminton Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life Insurance), who won the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Taejun Park defeated Jangjun (Korea Gas Corporation) 2-0 in the Paris Olympics Taekwondo Men’s 58kg Domestic Trials (2 wins out of 3) held at Halla Gymnasium in Jeju on the 1st,

and then said through the Korea Taekwondo Association, “When I was young, I was a member of the national team. 온라인카지노사이트

“It was my wish and I can’t believe I got to participate in the Olympics,” he said, and pledged,

“I will definitely win a gold medal at the Paris Olympics by improving my defensive skills and improving my stamina.”

On this day, Park Tae-jun had an unstoppable match against Taekwondo leader Jang Jun.

Taejun Park and Jun Jang met the requirements for participating in the Olympics by being ranked in the top 5 in the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) Olympic rankings,

but they competed in the domestic selection competition in accordance with the regulations that allow only one athlete from one country per weight class to participate.

Taejun Park’s chances of winning seemed small.

This is because their overall record was weak with 6 wins and 6 losses.

The matchup on this day showed a similar pattern in the beginning.

Taejun Park lost the first round of the first game.

However, Taejun Park did not give up and took the second and third rounds.

In the second game, after dropping the first round, he won the second and third rounds to secure a ticket to Paris.

Park Tae-jun said, “I gained great courage last year when I saw badminton Ahn Se-young defeat Chen Yu-fei (China),

who was called her natural enemy.”

Ahn Se-young was behind Chen Yu-fei with 1 win and 8 losses, but last year,

she met 8 times and won 6 times, becoming the world’s strongest player.

Taejun Park, who has overcome his natural enemies, now looks at Paris.

He said, “I will protect the pride of the suzerain nation.”

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Jumping Mistake’ Lee Hae-in, Figure Skater Ranked 11th

Jumping Mistake’ Lee Hae-in, Figure Skater Ranked 11th in Short at Four Continents Championships… 2 Consecutive Losses Clouds

Kim Chae-yeon takes second place in the short race and takes on the ‘golden challenge’… Sae Sung-mi ranked 6th.

Korean figure skating women’s single Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School)

made a series of jumping mistakes in the short program at the 2024 International Skating Union (ISU)

Four Continents Championships and was relegated to mid-ranking,

putting a cloud over her challenge to win her second consecutive title in the competition.

Defending champion’ Lee Hae-in scored 56.07 points, including technical score (TES) of 25.50,

artistic score (PCS) of 31.57, and deduction of 1, in the women’s single short program held in Shanghai, China on the 1st,

ranking 11th among 26 participating players.

It went up. 카지노사이트위키

Lee Hae-in, who was 15.03 points behind Chiba Monet (Japan, 71.10 points),

who was in the lead, took on the difficult challenge of getting into the medal zone by postponing the free skating on the 2nd.

Chiba Monet is the bronze medalist in the last competition.

At last year’s competition, Lee Hae-in ranked 6th in the short program,

but then performed a remarkable comeback in the free skating,

winning the gold medal for the first time in 14 years since ‘figure queen’ Kim Yu-na (2009),

raising expectations of a great comeback.

Lee Hae-in, who was the last performer among the 26 participants, got off to a good start by neatly performing her first jump task,

a double axel (base score 3.30 points), receiving a score of performance (GOE) of 0.80 points.

However, while attempting the triple lutz-triple toe loop combination jump, which was the second jump task,

Lee Hae-in was unable to connect the triple toe loop jump due to anxiety about the landing of the triple lutz, and his GOE was also deducted by 2.95 points.

Lee Hae-in, who caught his breath by performing the Flying Camel Spin at level 4, the highest level of difficulty,

hit his butt in the following triple flip jump and suffered a loss of 2.12 points in GOE along with a deduction of 1 point.

Lee Hae-in finished her performance with a sit spin (level 3) and a step sequence (level 4),

followed by a change foot combination spin (level 4), and then walked off the silver table with a confused expression.

Kim Chae-yeon (Suri High School), who also competed, received 69.77 points (TES 37.89 points, PCS 31.88 points)

in the short program, laying the foundation for a ‘comeback victory’ if she came in second place.

Her gap with leader Chiba is 1.33 points.

Kim Chae-yeon started her performance with a double axel, followed by a triple lutz-triple toe loop combination jump,

and then continued with a flying camel spin (level 4) without a mistake.

She landed the final jumping task, a triple flip, safely and was judged to be attention (caution of edge use), but GOE received 0.23 points.

Kim Chae-yeon finished her performance on a high note, finishing the rest of her acting assignments – sit spin, step sequence, and change foot combination spin – all with a level 4.

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Mauricio Pochettino faces the prospect of losing his job

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino faces the prospect of losing his job after the ‘Wolverhampton disaster’.

Chelsea came from behind to defeat Wolverhampton 2-4 in the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) season at Stamford Bridge in London, England, on Thursday. Chelsea started well, taking the lead in the 19th minute through Cole Palmer.

But the celebration was short-lived. The Blues were quickly exploited by a one-man show from Mateusz Cunha. Cunha equalized in the 22nd minute.

Wolverhampton pulled one back in the 43rd minute through an own goal by Axel Disassi, and Cunha completed his hat-trick in the 18th and 37th minutes of the second half. Chelsea pulled a goal back in the 41st minute through Thiago Silva, but the gap was too much to overcome.

Chelsea drops to 11th place (31 points). 온라인카지노 Wolverhampton moved up to 10th place (32 points) despite the absence of star man Hwang Hee-chan, who is away at the Qatar Asian Cup.

Pochettino could not keep his head above water.

Chelsea had made black history by conceding another four goals in three days, following a 1-4 thrashing at the hands of Liverpool on the first day.

“We are all not good enough at the moment, that’s the reality,” he said, “myself included. I am the first one to blame for this situation. What we showed today is that we are not good enough,” he apologized.

Chelsea sacked managers Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter last season. At the last minute, legendary Frank Lampard took over as interim manager. Expectations were high for Pochettino, who took over last July, but the “journey of tears” is ongoing.

Pochettino says his “patience is not infinite” and that it is “only a matter of time” before the young Chelsea team grows, but his tenure is on “clock zero”.

He added: “We have not managed the situation properly. No one is safe. I don’t want to come here and say I’m the best and the players are the worst,” he said, “I think we are all responsible. I think we are all responsible, the players are responsible.”

Pochettino added: “At the moment we are not in line with the history of the club. We have to accept that and be critical, but we can’t give up,” he added.

Chelsea fans are calling for an immediate end to the ‘Pochettino horror show’. 실시간 바카라사이트 The alternatives are John Terry and Jose Mourinho.

John Terry is a legend who managed Chelsea in their heyday. He currently coaches Chelsea’s youth programs. Mourinho, who parted ways with AS Roma last month, has won three EPL titles and one FA Cup in his two stints with Chelsea.

Fans took to social media to express their disappointment, with comments such as ‘Bring back John Terry and restore pride’, ‘Pochettino is worse than Porter and Lampard. Bring back John Terry,” “Bring back John Terry as a coach with Mourinho,” “Bring back John Terry as a coach with Mourinho,” etc.

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Chelsea lost 2-4 to Wolverhampton Wanderers

Chelsea lost 2-4 to Wolverhampton Wanderers in the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 season at Stamford Bridge in London, England, at 11 p.m. ET on Thursday. It was Chelsea’s first loss at home to Wolverhampton since 1979. A whopping 45 years.

Chelsea struck first. In the 19th minute, Moises Caicedo’s pass found Cole Palmer, who had no trouble finishing.

But in the 22nd minute, Mateusz Cunha broke Chelsea’s back and it was all Wolverhampton from then on. Despite Chelsea’s dominance in terms of possession, 안전놀이터 the hosts were able to find the back of the net in the 43rd minute when Layan Ait-Nouri’s shot led to Axel Disassi’s own goal, and 18 minutes into the second half, Cunha’s right-footed strike made it 1-3.

To add insult to injury, Guisto fouled Cunha in the box in the 35th minute, conceding a penalty kick. Cunha stepped up to the spot and calmly slotted home his first professional hat trick.

Chelsea salvaged some dignity in the 41st minute when Thiago Silva scored from a corner kick. The game ended in a 2-4 defeat for Chelsea.

Five days after the game, Football London published a transcript of Mauricio Pochettino’s press conference.

Pochettino was asked how he would explain what happened today.

“It’s easy to understand. We weren’t bad when we scored the goal, but then we conceded and we tried to gather strength. We were trying to have confidence in the way we were playing, and then there were moments that were difficult to manage. Our energy dropped and we lost control of the situation,” he said.

He added: “The first half had a negative impact. In the second half, we had a chance to score, but then we conceded again and it became very difficult to control the situation.”

Asked if the players looked nervous, Pochettino said: “The pressure and stress of having to win, play well and perform was the main reason. When Palmer scored, there was no time to gain confidence. How we conceded those two goals…we shouldn’t have conceded those two goals.”

He added: “It’s always difficult when you play against a Premier League team. I think it had a big impact on the team after the Liverpool game. Everything is difficult,” he added.

Pochettino added: “This is the reality. “This is the reality, I am responsible for this situation, and what we showed is not good enough. I agree 100%. We didn’t manage the situation properly and no one is safe. I don’t want to say I’m the best. We all have to take responsibility.”

He added: “The same goes for the players. 파워볼실시간 They have to take responsibility, just like I have to take responsibility. What we have now is not in keeping with the history of our club. It’s a fact. We have to accept it, we have to be resilient, we have to not give up. We have to try to do it in a different way,” he said, emphasizing that the players are also responsible.

Meanwhile, Chelsea (31 points) failed to add to their points tally and lost 10th place to Wolverhampton, who have 32 points.

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Bukayo Saka was named Man of the Match

Bukayo Saka (23, Arsenal) was named Man of the Match (MOM) against Liverpool.

Arsenal won 3-1 against Liverpool in the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 Premier League season at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, at 1:30 a.m. ET on May 5.

Arsenal went with a 4-3-3 formation. Gabriel Martinelli-Kai Havertz-Bukayo Sakho lined up up front, with Jorginho-Declan Rice-Martin Ødegaard in the middle. Oleksandr Zinchenko-Gabriel Magalhaes-William Saliba-Ben White formed the back four, with David Lallana in goal.

Liverpool also lined up in a 4-3-3. Luis Dias, Djogo Jota, and Cody Gakpo were up front, with Curtis Jones, Alexis Sanchez, and Ryan Gravenbergh in the middle. 카지노사이트 Joe Gomes, Virgil van Dijk, Ibrahima Konate, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and goalkeeper Alisson Becker.

The first goal belonged to Arsenal.

In the 14th minute, a forward pass from Ödegaard found Haberz one-on-one with the keeper, but his shot was saved by Alyson. Xhaka calmly slotted it home to give the hosts the lead.

In first-half stoppage time, Arsenal conceded an own goal after a defensive mix-up in a Liverpool attack, making the score 1-1, but Martinelli and Leandro Trosar scored in the second half to seal a 3-1 victory.

After the game, the Premier League announced on its official website the MOM voted by fans. The winner was Xhaka. Xhaka received an overwhelming 54.5% of the vote.

In this game, Xhaka was on the field for 79 minutes before coming off for Reece Nelson. He had 42 total touches of the ball, and in addition to his one goal, he had three shots on goal, 11 touches in the opponent’s box, and one pass into the final third.

He also made his presence felt on defense, 카지노사이트 순위 recording one tackle, three interceptions, seven ball recoveries, and three contested wins.

With the three points, Arsenal moved to 49 points (15 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses), closing the gap on first-place Liverpool (59 points) to two points.

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Manchester local raves about “best goal ever!”

Manchester local raves about “best goal ever!”

Rasmus Hoilearn (21, Man Utd) is in scoring form.

Manchester United defeated West Ham United 3-0 in the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 Premier League season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, on April 4 at 11 p.m. ET.

United started in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Rasmus Hojelun started up front, while Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, and Alejandro Garnacho formed the attacking two. Casemiro-Kobi Mainu filled out the midfield. Luke Shaw-Lissandro Martinez-Harry Maguire-Diogo Dalot formed the back four, with Andre Onana in goal.

West Ham also lined up in a 4-2-3-1. 바카라사이트 Jared Bowen was up front, with Mohamed Coutinho, James Ward-Prowse, and Ben Johnson forming the attacking two. Tomasz Sucek-Edson Alvarez protected the back four, while Emerson-Nayef Aggerd-Kurt Zouma-Vladimir Kupal lined up at the back. Alphonse Areola wore the goalkeeping gloves.

United opened the scoring in the 23rd minute.

A ball cleared off the line by Zouma was played forward by a teammate, and after collecting the ball, Hoilearn fooled the defense and rattled the net with a well-timed right-footed shot.

United completed the 3-0 victory with back-to-back goals from Garnacho in the fourth and 29th minutes of the second half.

Five days after the game, Manchester’s local newspaper, the Manchester Evening News, published the ratings of the United players. Hoilearn, who scored the opening goal, was given a rating of 9, the highest on the team.

“Scored the best goal. He has now scored four goals in his last four games.”

Meanwhile, the multi-goal Garnacho scored an 8. “He struggled against Emerson in the first half, but broke free in the second. Scored another goal to wrap up the game.”

With the three points, United leapfrogged West Ham 토토사이트 추천 (7th, 36 points) into sixth place in the league with 38 points (12 wins, 2 draws, 9 losses).

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Lingard is coming to Korea for real!

Jesse Lingard, 32, has boarded a flight to South Korea.

“Jesse Lingard is heading to South Korea,” Sky Sports reported on the 5th (below).

Earlier, on the 2nd, the BBC’s dedicated Manchester United reporter Simon Stone said, “The former Manchester United and England national team midfielder is seriously considering an offer from FC Seoul.”

“The next stop for Lindegaard is South Korea’s FC Seoul,” Sky Sports reporter Fabrizio Romano reported, “and he is close to signing.”

Lingard, a midfielder born in 1992, joined the United youth team in 2000. He progressed through the ranks and signed a professional contract with the Red Devils in 2011, after which he spent time on loan at Leicester City, Birmingham City, and Brighton & Hove Albion.

It was during the 2015-2016 season that Lingard began to establish himself at United. Louis van Gaal, who was managing United at the time, used the youth product frequently, and he made 40 official appearances (32 starts) that season, scoring six goals and providing four assists.

In the 2016-2017 season, Lingard was also a key player under new manager Jose Mourinho. His prolific work-rate and diligent forward pressing and defensive work-rate kept him in the starting lineup. Although he lacked the technical ability of Juan Mata and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, 토토사이트 his main rivals for the position at the time, he played to his strengths, scoring five goals and providing three assists in 42 official appearances that season.

It was in the 2019-2020 season that Lingard’s position began to falter.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer used Lingard as often as any other manager at the time, but the arrival of playmaker Bruno Fernandes in January 2020 saw Lingard’s playing time steadily decline.

Eventually, he left on loan to West Ham United in the 2020-2021 winter transfer window.

It was a stroke of luck. During his short six-month loan spell, Lingard scored nine goals and provided five assists in 16 league appearances in a West Ham shirt. He was virtually the team’s “ace in the hole” and led West Ham to the UEFA Europa League.

A confident Lingard returned to United at the end of his loan, but once again, Mourinho turned him down. He eventually moved to Nottingham Forest in July 2022.

Lindegaard’s downward spiral continued. Despite being the highest paid player in the team, his on-field presence was minimal. Eventually, he was released by Nottingham in June 2023 and became a free agent.

Lingard was reportedly training with Inter Miami in August last year and was later linked with a move to West Ham. The move never materialized. In September, it was announced that he was training with Al Etihad in the Saudi Arabian Professional League, and a move seemed to be in the works.

After being linked with the likes of FC Barcelona and Everton, his next destination is now FC Seoul, as reported by Man Utd transfer market insider Simon Stone.

The news that a player who is still in his prime and was once a regular starter at United is heading to the K League is shocking to many soccer fans, both in Korea and abroad. Apart from the difference in the level of the league, there are many questions about how he resolved the salary issue and why he chose Seoul after rejecting the Saudi League.

In a phone conversation with OSEN on the 2nd, a Seoul official admitted, “We are in contact with Lingard,” and said, “Confidentially, a Seoul official checked Lingard’s condition in Manchester. Lingard has also checked the environment in Seoul. He is expected to arrive shortly.”

It appears that Lingard has indeed boarded a flight to Seoul. 사설 토토사이트 Sky Sports reported that “Lingard is flying out to finalize his move to Seoul. He has verbally agreed a two-and-a-half-year deal with Seoul.”

“He posted a picture on social media of himself checking in for the Korean Air flight at London’s Heathrow Airport. He will join FC Seoul in time for the preseason, with the club’s K League schedule kicking off on March 2 against Gwangju.”

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