S. Korea’s unilateral sanctions against Russia show significant downturn in bilateral ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un examine a Soyuz rocket launch pad during their meeting at the Vostochny Cosmodrome outside the city of Tsiolkovsky in the Russian Far East's Amur region, Sept. 13, 2023. AP-Yonhap

South Korea’s unilateral sanctions on Russia point to a downturn in the bilateral relations between Seoul and Moscow, experts said Monday.South Korea imposed sanctions against two Russian vessels on April 2, which it says were carrying military cargo to North Korea, as well as two Russian individuals and legal entities linked to Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs.This came after Russia vetoed the annual renewal of a panel of experts on March 29, which had spent the last 15 years monitoring the United Nations sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.Following South Korea’s first unilateral sanctions on Russian vessels and nationals, Russia’s foreign ministry summoned South Korea’s Ambassador to Moscow Lee Do-hoon on Friday to protest Seoul’s sanctions.Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko said Moscow considers the sanctions as “another unfriendly move” by Seoul, according to Russia’s Sputnik news agency.Moscow also called on Seoul to “abandon counterproductive sanctions and force measures that provoke a further increase in tension on the Korean Peninsula.””This is an unfriendly move by Seoul and is deeply regrettable. The imposition of illegitimate sanctions will have a negative impact on relations with Russia,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday during a weekly briefing.The Russian Embassy in Seoul spokesperson said the embassy had no further comment.

“South Korea-Russia relations are deteriorating, and I think they will continue to decline even after the war in Ukraine ends,” Hyun Seung-soo, a Russia expert at the Korea Institute for National Unification, said.”Moscow and Pyongyang have been deepening their military ties following North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s visit to Russia last year,” Hyun added. “Russia needs North Korea not only for weapons for its war in Ukraine but also for geopolitical competition in Asia. It has a strong desire to unite with North Korea to stand against a U.S.-led world order.”Doo Jin-ho, a research fellow at the Center for Security and Strategy in the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, said, “It seems clear that there is an escalating friction between Seoul and Moscow. Their relations are unlikely to see progress this year because the North Korean nuclear and missile issues continue to serve as risk factors on the Korean Peninsula.”Experts said South Korea needs to make a bold approach toward Russia by continuing to act in accordance with the norms of international law.”We must continue to look for options of putting pressure on Russia in accordance with the norms of international law as the North Korean nuclear threat poses serious security threats to the Korean Peninsula. We should make formal complaint against Russia’s move to pose a nuclear threat and recognize North Korea as a nuclear state,” Hyun said.Doo added, “It looks difficult to [repair] Seoul-Moscow relations. We need to revise our policy goals and make efforts to prevent Moscow-Pyongyang from becoming too close. One way to proceed would be to send an envoy, vice foreign minister, for instance, to Russia to 스포츠토토존 ease tensions.”

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Crow, who showed off his ball power of 154km in maximum restraint

최고구속 154km' 구위 뽐낸 크로우, '투구수 관리' 숙제로 남았다 [광주 현장]

KIA Tigers foreign pitcher Will Crow harvested his second win of the season based on his strength of ball power. However, managing the number of pitches remained a homework.

Crow started Game 1 of the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League season against the Samsung Lions held at Gwangju-KIA Champions Field on Monday, and recorded two hits, three strikeouts and no run in five innings. Crow pitched 93 pitches, following fastballs (34), sliders (31), changeups (16), sweeper (7), two-seam (3), and curve (2). The maximum speed of fastballs was 154 km/h.

Crowe won the opening game of the regular season against the Kiwoom Heroes on April 23 by allowing six hits (one homer) and five strikeouts (four earned runs) in five ⅔ innings, and became a losing pitcher in the game against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on April 30 by allowing six hits (one homer) and five strikeouts and five runs in four ⅓ innings. Compared to his previous two appearances, Crowe was not too bad in terms of content.

Crow made a good start by blocking the top of the second inning without allowing a single run. However, the process was not easy. Kim Hyun-joon in the top of the first inning and Kang Min-ho in the top of the second inning dragged on to a seven-pitch game, and Kim Young-woong, who was at the batter’s box with two outs in the top of the second inning, bullied Crow by hitting a double after a 10-pitch game. Crow then threw 36 pitches during the first two innings of the game.

Crow finished the inning relatively quickly with 17 pitches in the top of the third inning and 11 pitches in the top of the fourth inning, but threw 22 pitches in the top of the fifth inning alone, and was no longer able to defend his mound. He had to be satisfied that he met the requirement to become a winning pitcher. KIA started its bullpen session from the top of the sixth inning with its 3-0 lead, and maintained its lead until the end with its 5-2 victory.

The coach encouraged Crow by stressing the positive aspects. “Crow was not responsible for many innings due to the number of pitches, but he did not allow any runs, contributing greatly to the team’s victory,” Kia Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho said.

Crow, who became the winning pitcher in about two weeks, was also aware of his shortcomings in the content of his pitches. Crow said, “I prepared a lot to throw according to the situation and count. I’m satisfied with the content of the game, and I like how the game went as I wanted.”

“It was a bit disappointing because I had a walk. I tried to control the number of pitches with changeups, my main weapon, but I think the number of pitches increased because Samsung hitters endured the changeups well. Next time, I think we need to find a way to further supplement that and control it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Crow also didn’t forget to mention catcher Han Jun-su. In the previous two games, he had a battery with Kim, and for the first time on the day, he played with Han. Crow expressed satisfaction, saying, “I prepared consistently before the game with Han Jun-su, and I had a conversation about how to throw and what I wanted, so I think this result came out.”


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Lotte’s Kim Jin-wook takes the 2nd division selection class

Lotte Giants left-hander Kim Jin-wook, who failed to join the opening entry, will focus on starting classes without a call-up for the first team for the time being. The decision takes into account both the future of the team and Kim’s style of play.

“I think Kim Jin-wook’s starting pitcher is more suitable for him first,” Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung said ahead of the first game of the season against the Doosan Bears in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 5th. “If you go up in the middle of the bullpen, you have to compete with one or two batters, and your control should not be shaken there. I think starting pitchers are more suitable for Kim Jin-wook than bullpen because they can cope with the next batter.”

Kim Jin-wook graduated from Gangneung High School in 2021 and joined Lotte as the first overall pick in the second round of the rookie draft. He was named the best pitcher early on due to his outstanding skills among pitchers of his age when he was an amateur.

While in his second year of Gangneung High School, Kim Jin-wook recorded an overwhelming record of 11 wins and 1 loss, 132 strikeouts and 1.58 ERA in 91 innings at official high school competitions. As a senior, he played in 10 games this year as well, recording 36 ⅔ and 1.70 ERA in high school games.

However, he has faced many challenges to become a professional. In 2021, when he made his debut in 49 games and 45 ⅔ innings, Kim Jin-wook failed to meet expectations with four wins and six losses, eight holds, and a 6.31 ERA. Although he made a surprise entrance to the final entry for the Tokyo Olympics, he failed to show steady growth. In the second year of the 2022 season, he had two wins and five losses, and a 6.56 ERA in 46 ⅔ innings in 14 games.

Kim Jin-wook started the 2023 season by fixing his position as a bullpen. He played well in the must-win group, but his final result was hardly good enough to give him a good score with 2 wins, 1 loss, 8 holds, and 6.44 ERA in 50 games and 36 ⅓ innings.

Kim Jin-wook has already entered his fourth year as a professional player, but he has not clearly established himself in Lotte’s pitching staff so far. Due to the team’s situation with a lot of pitching resources and his slow growth, he welcomed the opening of the regular season in the second division, not the first division, on the 23rd of 사설토토 last month.

Kim Jin-wook failed to impress Coach Kim Tae-hyung during the exhibition games. He had three hits, one walk, one strikeout and no run in two ⅔ innings, failing to give confidence to the coaching staff.

Naturally, in order for Kim Jin-wook to be listed on the first-team entry, he needs a result that the coaching staff can understand. As there are still many seasons left, he must calmly raise his pace and regain his ball control and control.

Lotte started the 2024 season with a rotation of five starting pitchers, followed by Aaron Wilkerson, Charlie Barnes, Park Se-woong, Na Kyun-an and Lee In-bok. However, Kim Jin-wook can only return to the mound at Sajik Baseball Stadium if he has a record that can appeal with his skills in the Futures League, as he always has to secure enough alternative starting resources when adjusting the starting rotation due to injury or cancellation of rain.


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PSG’s ‘Goal of the Month’ Lee Kang-in is expected to start against Clermont in March

Lee Kang-in, the goaltender of the month in March of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), was expected to start in a match against the lowest-ranked team in the league.

PSG Community, which mainly delivers PSG news, predicted a starting lineup on the 6th (Korea time), saying, “Luis Enrique can operate a large rotation against Clermont.”

PSG will play Clermont Foote in the 28th round of the 2023-24 French League at 4 a.m. on the 7th at Parc des Princes in Paris, France.

Ahead of the match, many expected PSG to win in a row. While it is a home game and PSG is leading the league with 62 points (18 wins, 8 draws, 1 loss) this season, Clermont with 20 points (4 wins, 8 draws, 15 losses) remains in 18th place, the lowest in the league.

Fans were more interested in the lineup than the result because the match was between top and bottom of the league. If the match is held at home against Clermont, PSG will play the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals against Barcelona at 4 a.m. on the 11th.

As Barcelona is one of the best clubs in the world, fans are currently interested in the quarterfinals against Barcelona. Therefore, fans are hoping to stage a rotation against Clermont to give the main players a break and then stage an all-out war against Barcelona.

Local media in France also predicted that Luis Enrique, who leads PSG, could operate a large rotation against Clermont in consideration of the schedule.

According to PSG’s expected lineup of Clermont matches posted by the PSG community, citing French media Le Parisien, many key players, including Kylian Mbappe, Usman Dembele and Vitinha, were excluded from the selection. Instead, Lee Kang-in was selected as one of the starting members, drawing attention.

The starting lineup expected by the media consisted of a 4-3-3 formation. Keylor Navas kept the goal, and Nunu Mendes (Nordi Mukiele), Danilu Pereira, Marquignos and Ashraf Hakimi made up the back four. Carlos Soler, Manuel Ugarte and Lee Kang-in were in charge of the midfield, while Randal Colo Muani, Gonzalo Hamus and Marco Asensio were listed on the frontline three-top line.

Lee Kang-in returned to the club after completing his A-match schedule in March and was replaced at the start of the second half in the 27th round away match of the league against Olympique de Marseille on the 1st. Although he failed to raise his offensive point, he actively worked on the ground for PSG, which fought with 10 players as one player was sent off, helping to win 2-0.

Since then, Lee Kang-in started in the semifinal match of the Coup de France against Stade Rennes on the 4th and helped PSG advance to the finals with a 1-0 victory. According to Football Statistics Media Foot Mob, Lee Kang-in received a 7.4 rating, recording 88% (51/58), 50% (1/2), long pass success rate 67% (2/3), and two 카지노 tackle successes before being replaced in the 39th minute of the second half.

However, some criticized Lee Kang-in. According to France’s Planet PSG, French journalist Daniel Riolo recently said, “I don’t know what the hell is going on with Ascencio. What on earth does Ascencio lack than Lee Kang-in? What did Lee Kang-in do to become a substitute starting member?” and questioned Lee Kang-in’s selection.

“At the beginning of the season, Lee Kang-in’s dynamism and will came to me attractively. After some time, I thought I could do better. But after that, Lee Kang-in did nothing,” he added.

However, regardless of the criticism, Enrique, who is facing an important match, was expected to start Lee Kang-in at the match against Clermont. As the opponent team is at the bottom of the league, we can expect Lee Kang-in’s eighth offensive point of the season.

Having transferred to PSG through transfer window last summer, Lee appeared in 25 games as a starter and replacement this season, scoring four goals and three assists. He has two goals and two assists in 16 games in the league.

Lee Kang-in started in the 26th round of the 2023-2024 League 1 away game against Montpellier at Stade de la Moson in Montpellier, France on the 18th of last month, scoring his team’s fourth goal in the 8th minute of the second half, contributing greatly to the 6-2 victory.

Lee Kang-in, who started as a right midfielder, advanced from the right side in front of the box in the eighth minute of the second half, exchanged passes with Randall Colomois Muani, and attempted a powerful left-footed shot to shake the net. Lee, who scored his second league goal, ran straight to Mbappe and hugged him for joy. Mbappe also gave him a warm hug and congratulated him.

Lee Kang-in’s wonderful goal against Montpellier caught the attention of PSG fans. PSG announced on the club’s official SNS on the 5th that Lee Kang-in’s wonder goal against Montpellier became the club’s goal of the month in March 2024.

In a fan vote held on social media, Lee Kang-in became the club’s goal of the month with an overwhelming 53.2 percent of support, beating Vitinha, Mbappe’s score against Montpellier, and Gonzalo Hamus’ score against Marseille. He also challenged the League 1 goal of the month by being listed as a candidate for March goal of the month by the League 1 secretariat.

Attention is expected to be focused on whether Lee Kang-in, who scored the coolest goal among PSG players in March, will be able to ignite the competition for selection by starting against Clermont as expected.


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“How to break the SON record and become an EPL legend?” Liverpool legend opened up

What would it take for Tottenham to break the record of no wins.

England’s The Boy Hospers reported on the 5th (Korean time) that “Jamie Carragher revealed to Enze Postecoglou what Tottenham needs to change to win the trophy.”

Tottenham faced a period of perfect change with the appointment of Postecoglou this season. Contrary to concerns that the English Premier League stage will be shaken up by the transfer of Harry Kane with the first-time coach, Tottenham, which has united around Son Heung-min, is still competing for fourth place even now towards the end of the season.

However, despite the rise this season, Tottenham had no connection with the trophy. Both the FA Cup and the League Cup were eliminated, and the European competition itself failed to advance. In the case of the league, the gap between leading Liverpool, rival Arsenal, and Manchester City has already widened, making it difficult to chase.

Tottenham, which won the League Cup in the 2007-2008 season when it won its last major championship, has not lifted the trophy even though it has the best offensive duo in the EPL, Kane and Son Heung-min.

Carragher pointed out the most important change and supplementation for Tottenham, who started the change, to lift the trophy.

The Boyhoffer said, “Tottenham got off to a good start, and Postecoglou was impressed despite his performances. He succeeded in changing Tottenham’s style of play. It’s an impressive start, but Carragher pointed out that they need to build a solid defense to close the gap with teams like Man City and Liverpool.”

Carragher explained, “People forget about Pep Guardiola’s football because his team is always the best defensively. My concern is how many goals you lose all the time. That has to change. They only talk about when there is a ball, but it is fantastic when there is no ball. Tottenham also need this big change for the trophy.”

Unlike last season when Tottenham allowed 63 runs in 38 games, it allowed 44 안전놀이터 runs in 30 games this season, displaying improved defense capability. Mickey Van der Pen and Radu Dragucine were added to the game.

Still, there is still a gap between the top-ranked teams. Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City did not allow even one goal per game, while allowing 28 points, 24 points and 29 points, respectively, for 30 rounds. When winning the championship last season, Manchester City allowed just 33 goals. Manchester United (43 goals) was the last team that allowed more than one goal per game in the 2012-2013 season.

In the end, it is expected that Tottenham’s defense growth and additional reinforcement will certainly be needed in order to leap to the championship power with Postecoglou next season. If he can strengthen his defense, which is considered a weakness, Son Heung-min, who has not been able to resolve his irrelevance at Tottenham, could be a little closer to lifting the trophy as captain.

토토사이트 순위

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Real transfer is imminent, leaving Lee Kang-in behind

Kylian Mbappe (25, Paris Saint-Germain)’s trip to Real Madrid is becoming a fait accompli.

Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported on the 6th (Korea Standard Time), “Mbappe, who is likely to transfer to Real this summer, recently started looking for a house in Madrid, Spain.”

Mbappe is currently considered one of the best strikers in the world. Since joining PSG in 2018, he has proved his world class skills by scoring 251 goals and 106 assists in 299 games.

He has displayed outstanding performance this season as well. In all of the competitions, he had 39 goals and eight assists in 39 matches. In the match against Montpellier held last month, he scored three goals and one assist to lead the team to a landslide 6-2 victory.

Contrary to his formidable performance, his future at PSG is uncertain. Mbappe has not shown any interest in renewing his contract with PSG despite the fact that his contract with PSG is set to expire in June.

He is in the process of saying goodbye to PSG. Mbappe is said to have already made it clear to Naser al-Khelaifi in February that he intends to leave the team this summer.

Real is mentioned as a likely next destination. Real, which has pushed for Mbappe’s recruitment since 2022, is determined to recruit him this summer.

Chances are rising that Mbappe will transfer to Real. Multiple media outlets, including the British media ‘BBC’, reported that Mbappe has already signed a five-year contract with Real for an annual salary of 15 million euros.

PSG is also preparing for the next season without Mbappe. “At some point in the 토토사이트 near future, we have to get used to playing without Mbappe,” PSG coach Luis Enrique told a news conference, hinting at the possibility of saying goodbye.

Mbappe has also started preparing for a new life at Real. According to the report, Mbappe is looking for a home in La Moraleha, northern Madrid, where many Real players reside.

In fact, Mundo Deportivo said that Mbappe will play for Real next season if he does not make a reversal at the last minute.

The official announcement is still cautious. Real Madrid, which aims to minimize conflicts with PSG, has decided to allow Mbappe himself to decide when to announce the transfer.


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KIM DO YOUNG expressed his emotions over a series of walks

Throwing the bat in anger and expressing emotions

He had no intention. However, when he was hit by a fastball at the first pitch, Kim was furious.

토토사이트‘s ball control, which came up to prevent additional runs in the second half of the game, did not listen, and there was no intention. Kim Do-young, who was hit by a fastball on the body of the first pitch, threw the bat back and looked at the pitcher when Park Chan-ho had already reached base with a hit ball.

Doosan Bears and KIA Tigers held a game at Jamsil Stadium on the 31st. Doosan pitcher Choi Ji-gang’s fast ball, which came up to prevent Kia’s offense in the seventh inning and the crisis of losing a point with one out and runners on the second and third bases, did not go well, and the mood instantly turned sour.

He lowered Lee Byung-hun and put in Choi Ji-gang.

In the seventh inning, KIA’s leadoff hitter Seo Kun-chang drew a walk against Doosan’s Lee Byung-hun. In the ensuing game, Han Jun-su’s hit fell to an exquisite position in front of left fielder Kim Jae-hwan, leading to a double. Lee Byung-hun was replaced after hitting Choi Won-joon to ground out to first base with no outs and runners on second and third bases.

KIA had a chance to run away, but Doosan’s bench had to block additional run, on the contrary, gave up Lee Byung-hun and deployed Choi Ji-gang. Doosan pitcher Choi Ji-gang threw a 148-km two-seam fastball for the fourth pitch against KIA’s first batter Park Chan-ho, with one out and runners on the second and third bases. The pitch that went too deep fell after being hit by batter Park Chan-ho and others.

Park Chan-ho, who was hit by an area without a guard, collapsed at bat.

After taking a breath, Park Chan-ho took off his hat and headed to the first base with a gesture that he was okay. On the mound, Choi took off his hat and waited for Park to make eye contact. Choi expressed his regret to Park Chan-ho who was heading to the first base. Park also waved his hands and felt that the situation with the ball hit his body was over.

However, in the ensuing match with Kim, Choi Ji-gang’s first pitch of 147 kilometers went deep into the body and was hit by the batter’s body once again. After being hit by the fastball, Kim touched the ribs with his hands and complained of pain.

After getting out of the batter’s box, Kim Do-young was breathing heavily and threw the bat he was holding to the back of nowhere else, looking at the pitcher. Kim Jung-kook’s centerpiece was standing in front of the batter just in case.

The additional loss in the second half of the game could have led to defeat, so there was no reason for the pitcher to intentionally hit the batter, but when the ball hit the body for two consecutive batters, Kim Do-young threw the bat and expressed dissatisfaction with the pitcher.

Both Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young continued the game without injury.

On the contrary, from the batter’s point of view, it was a scene where he could have been angry at the fast ball that came too deep. Just before Park Chan-ho was hit by a fast ball coming in behind his body, so Kim Do-young, who was momentarily angry at a series of hit balls, collected his emotions and walked out to first base.

Both Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young continued their games without injury. KIA Tigers’ central hitters Na Sung-bum and Hwang Dae-in were out due to injury in the early days of this season. No more injured should come out. As the fastball that could lead to injury if hit by an area without a guard did not work, Choi Ji-sung on the mound also seemed flustered.

Kim Do-young even played defense in the ninth inning.

Meanwhile, KIA Tigers fans who filled the third-base stands swept their hearts to see Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young walk back to first base after complaining of pain right after being hit by the pitch.

After completing offense in the seventh inning, Park replaced Park in defense in the eighth inning. “Park Chan-ho is undergoing icing treatment after getting hit by a pitch. He has been replaced to protect the player,” the club said.

Kim also played defense in the ninth inning. KIA, which had 14 hits against Doosan, secured a 9-3 win, and concluded its three consecutive weekend games with a winning series.

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