Bucheon Cultural Center and Mongolian national track and field team join forces to revitalize sports culture

Bucheon Cultural Center and Bucheon City Athletics Federation announced on the 9th that they signed a business agreement with Mongolian Aldar Sports to revitalize sports culture.The signing ceremony held at the Bucheon Cultural Center the day before was attended by Bucheon Cultural Center Director Kwon Soon-ho, Bucheon City Athletics Federation President Noh Moon-seon, Mongolian Aldar Sports coach Oyanga, and the Mongolian youth athletics team.

The Bucheon Cultural Center and the city athletics federation decided to revitalize Bucheon’s sports culture and provide the Mongolian athletes with an opportunity to experience local traditional culture.

The Bucheon Cultural Center plans to support various cultural programs for the Mongolian team that will be training in Bucheon for two weeks from the 7th to the 20th.Bucheon Cultural Center Director Kwon Soon-ho said, “Bucheon Cultural Center will not only preserve and transmit local culture, but also expand our culture through international exchanges. We will make the region’s unique cultural contents a culture that the world 슬롯사이트 can enjoy together.”

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