Chung ahead of Holloway “I won without even a 1% doubt”

Chansung Jung ahead of Holloway “Win without doubting even 1%”

“Korean Zombie” UFC fighter Chansung Jung is set to take on No. 1 featherweight contender Holloway in Singapore next month. Fans and fighters alike are looking forward to the matchup. Reporter Kwak Jun-young reports on Chung’s latest news and preparations. “We’ve been in the top 10 together for almost 10 years, so it’s kind of weird that (the fight) hasn’t happened.” After contemplating retirement following his loss to champion Volkanovski, it was Max Holloway who rekindled the fire in Chung’s heart. Both fighters are top-ranked contemporaries in the UFC, but they haven’t had a chance to face each other in a while. “He’s the best in the world at striking and stuff like that, and he’s number one in every weight class.” Even though his opponent is a world-class fighter, he recognizes that he has weaknesses. He throws a lot of punches, so I think he has a lot of opportunities to counter, and I’m working on a 바카라사이트 lot of things to confuse him.” For Holloway, Chung chose to train domestically at his recently opened second gym. “The facilities are actually better than in the U.S. It’s a hotel building here, so they give me a room, and the food is only the best ingredients “His sparring partner is Hong Jun-young, a protégé, two-time Korean mixed martial arts champion, and actor who starred in the movie Crime City 3. “It’s hard to find a sparring partner like Jun Young… He’s the same height and style as Holloway, and I can follow him, and the biggest thing is that he listens to me Chung says he’s been waiting for this fight so long that he can’t think of anyone else he’d like to fight after Holloway. While he acknowledged the underdog label, he was confident that he would be the eventual winner of the five-round Octagon fight. “I’m preparing as if I’m going to win without even a 1% doubt, and if you know that, I think you’ll enjoy watching the match.” ChungChanSung #Holloway #UFC

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