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As of my last knowledge update in September 2021

sports betting in California had not been fully legalized yet.

However, I can provide you with some information on the situation up to that point and potential developments that may have occurred since then.

Legal Status: As of 2021

sports betting was not legally permitted in California.

Efforts were underway to legalize and regulate sports betting

but progress had been slow due to various political and regulatory challenges.

Legislation Efforts: Several attempts had been made to introduce sports betting legislation in California

but disagreements over key issues such as who would be allowed to offer sports betting and how it would be regulated had hindered the passage of a comprehensive bill.

Tribal Gaming Compacts: One significant obstacle to legalizing sports betting in California was the state’s complex relationship with Native American tribes and their gaming compacts.

Negotiations between the state government and tribes were ongoing, and any potential sports betting legislation would likely need to address tribal interests.

Online Betting: Online sports betting was a key component of the discussions surrounding potential legalization.

Lawmakers were considering whether to allow online/mobile sports betting platforms in addition to physical sportsbooks.먹튀검증

Revenue Potential: Proponents of legalizing sports betting in California highlighted the potential for generating substantial revenue for the state

which could be used to fund various programs and initiatives.

Public Opinion: Public opinion regarding sports betting seemed to be somewhat divided.

While there was support for legalization and the potential economic benefits

concerns about gambling addiction and other social issues were also raised.

Since my information is not up to date beyond September 2021

I recommend checking with more recent and reliable sources to get the latest information on the current status of sports betting in California.

There may have been significant developments or changes in the legal landscape since then.

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