Culture ministry to expand Korea Season festival to promote K-culture worldwide

 Culture Minister Yu In-chon, center, speaks during a briefing held at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul's Jongno District,  Thursday. Yonhap

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced plans to upgrade its international strategy to promote Korean culture globally. As part of the initiative, the ministry will expand Korea Season, a major overseas festival showcasing K-culture’s rich appeal.The ministry unveiled measures to revise and supplement existing policies to elevate Korea as a global cultural hub during a briefing at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul’s Jongno District, Thursday.The Korea Season festival, first introduced in 2022, is an annual cultural exchange program targeting countries with high potential for K-culture’s success. Designed to showcase Korean culture and foster bilateral exchanges, the event was held in Mexico in 2022 and the United Kingdom in 2023.

This year’s event launched across France earlier this month ahead of the Olympic Games in Paris and is set to continue for six months in other French cities, including Avignon, Aurillac and Nantes.Culture Minister Yu In-chon outlined specific goals for Korea Season’s expansion, including selecting around 10 target countries for their characteristics, and occasions and appointing a general artistic director to improve the festival’s overall quality.”Based on this strategic initiative, we will systematically reorganize and expand existing policies,” Yu said in the briefing. “We will lead cooperation with various entities and spearhead our country’s advancement as a global cultural 온라인카지노 hub.”

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