“I don’t need technical advice, I need to regain confidence”

“I don’t need technical advice. Restore your confidence first”. Lotte Giants’ legendary “Big Boy” Lee Dae-ho has a solution for Han Dong-hee (Lotte) to get out of his slump.

The first overall pick of Lotte in 2018, Lee made his professional debut in 2020 and hit double-digit home runs for three consecutive years, drawing attention to the post-Lee Dae-ho era. At his retirement game last October, Lee asked Han Dong-hui, “I’m leaving you, but I want you to be a hero for Lotte fans.”

Han Dong-hee was expected to succeed Lee as the No. 4 hitter this season. However, in 108 games this season, he batted just .222 (71-for-319) with five home runs, 32 RBIs and 30 runs scored. He was sent to the second team for his poor hitting, which was a blow to his pride.

Lee Dae-ho said on his YouTube channel ‘Lee Dae-ho [RE:DAEHO]’ on March 14, “Dong-hee has so much potential to improve, but it’s too bad she can’t go up. It’s even worse because she can’t. I think her confidence has dropped even more because she’s been in and out of the game.”

He also said, “There’s definitely pressure to be the ‘post Lee Dae-ho’.

This season, (former) Jun-woo has been batting No. 4, but Dong-hee will have to bat No. 4 in the future. In Dong-hee’s case, she’s good if you leave her alone, but you don’t want her to die. You have to keep her energy alive. She’s definitely a player who can explode, and there’s no other player in Lotte who has the skill and power of Dong-hee.”

Lee Dae-ho plans to generously pass on his know-how to help Han Dong-hee perform in a way that is worthy of the ‘post-Lee Dae-ho’ label. He said, “I have time in the winter, 카지노사이트 so I think I should really change Dong-hee after this season. I will raise the real Donghee. I’ll have to meet her and give her a lot of mental support.”

On the 19th, Lee Dae-ho revealed a specific solution for Han Dong-hee to recover her batting feeling through his YouTube channel ‘Lee Dae-ho [RE:DAEHO]’. He said, “Baseball skills are just a piece of paper. Confidence is important. No one can fix it,” he said, adding, “For players like Dong-hee, who are exceptionally strong and have a lot of distance, mindset is more important than skill. You have to have fun on the baseball field. Once they have confidence, they will keep going.”

On the other hand, Kim Tae-hyung, the new manager of Lotte, also said, “I must have had a hard time, but I will do better than this year. I think if we do it with the mindset that we will do better than this year no matter how bad we are, we will get better results,” he said, hoping for a rebound from Han Dong-hee.

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