Real Madrid transfer speculation Holland, laid-back Man City

The Kylian Mbappe saga at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has taken Europe by storm.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG is up this summer. However, Mbappe hasn’t signed a new contract. At this rate, Mbappe will become a free agent next summer and will be able to leave on a free transfer. This all points to a move to Real Madrid.

The key to Mbappe’s situation is ‘re-signing’. We don”t understand why PSG didn”t try to re-sign Mbappe beforehand. Typically, a team’s key players re-sign when they have two years left on their contract. Maybe they trusted Mbappe’s loyalty to the team, and if they had re-signed him in advance, this situation wouldn’t have happened. If Mbappe does leave, PSG will still receive a fair transfer fee. They have nothing to lose.

The Mbappe situation could happen to other teams. Manchester City, the English champions, should be especially nervous. They have one of the best strikers in the world in Elling Holland, and Real Madrid have been consistently linked with him.

Recently, Holland has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, and Pep Guardiola said, “Holland is happy at City. He will play for City for another 10 years.” Pep Guardiola refuted the transfer rumors.

Even if Holland is happy at City, the professional world is not a sentimental place. Many are calling for the club to re-sign Holland quickly to keep him.

This means extending his contract and increasing his salary to the 카지노 highest in the EPL to keep him. Holland’s contract ends in 2027 and his salary is the second highest on the team behind Kevin De Bruyne.

But City are relaxed. They have three years to go, so they’re not in a hurry. And they have no intention of negotiating a new contract with Holland.

“Holland has been strongly linked with Real Madrid,” says the British publication Football Insider. Despite this, City have not scheduled talks with Holland. They don’t even want to discuss it. According to an inside source, City don’t feel the need to rush Holland’s contract talks. They are not worried about Holland leaving the club at all,” the report said.

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