“Serve double motion unsportsmanlike…women’s volleyball coaches agree”

GS Caltex women’s volleyball head coach Cha Sang-hyun expressed her negative opinion on the recent “serve double” movement that has taken over the men’s game.

Ahead of the team’s home match against Heungkuk Life at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Nov. 31, Cha said, “I don’t think it’s good. I don’t think it should be taught. It’s unsportsmanlike behavior,” he said.

The “serve double move,” which was introduced by Japanese invitational team Panasonic at the Professional Volleyball Cup in August, takes advantage of players’ habit of moving to an attacking position immediately after serving.

According to the rules of volleyball, the player who receives the ball at the moment of the serve must be in a designated position from 1 to 6. If they move out of position, they are awarded one point for a “positional fault.

A serve double is when the server pauses while serving, as if in a staggered attack, to induce an opponent’s positional fault.

On the 26th, KEPCO and Hyundai Capital exchanged points with this move in the men’s game.

When KEPCO scored first in the second set, the Hyundai Capital bench protested to the referee, but when they were not accepted, they retaliated by doing the same in the third set.

In response, Cha said, “There is a chat room where only women’s volleyball coaches gather. “I said, ‘Let’s not try it as much as we did,’ and all the coaches agreed,” Cha said, adding, “If every player serves like that, it’s not going to look good.

Cha believes the same is true for foreign coaches.

Marcello Abondanza (Italy), the head coach of Heungkuk Life ahead of the match, agreed.

“I talked to him about it,” Cha said, “and I said, ‘We don’t want that to happen,’ and he agreed. 먹튀검증

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