Singer Lee Hyo-ri inspires graduates at Kookmin University

Singer Lee Hyo-ri delivers a speech during Kookmin University's graduation ceremony at the university's campus, in Seongbuk District, Seoul, Wednesday. Yonhap

Renowned singer Lee Hyo-ri, 44, took the stage to address her juniors at Kookmin University’s 2023 graduation ceremony, Wednesday.Lee, a graduate of the university’s School of Performing Arts, rose to fame as a member of the first-generation K-pop girl group, Fin.K.L, in 1998. slotplayground Transitioning to a solo career in 2003, she produced a slew of chart-topping hits like “10 Minutes” (2003) and “U-Go-Girl” (2008), solidifying her status as a female icon in Korea.During the graduation ceremony attended by around 400 people, the singer reflected on her time as an undergraduate at the university. Twenty-six years ago, I arrived with dreams of becoming a famous figure. Back then, I lacked exceptional talent in acting, singing or even physical attractiveness.” She chuckled, “Not much has changed, but here I am, still going strong.”

Beyond nostalgia, Lee offered invaluable advice drawn from her personal experiences to the graduating students.”It is none other than yourselves who would lead you onto the right path … Do not be swayed by words of flattery, and avoid trusting anyone too easily,” she said. “Only what you’ve personally experienced in life will truly become your assets.” Lee conveyed a message of encouragement, saying, “Go out to the world, get hurt, experience a lot of things and learn in the process … I’ll always be giving you my warmest support.”Her speech concluded 슬롯게이밍 with a performance of her 2010 smash hit, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” eliciting enthusiastic applauses from the students.

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