Successful hosting of the National Games and Paralympic Games showcases Mokpo’s appeal to the nation

Mokpo, a port city, has been highlighted as the country’s largest sports festival with the successful hosting of the 104th National Sports Games and the 43rd National Para Sports Games.For the first time since its opening in 1897, the National Games were held in Mokpo as the main venue for seven days at 70 venues in 22 cities and counties in Jeollanam-do, and the National Para Games were held for six days at 38 venues in 12 cities and counties.A total of 40,000 athletes, the largest ever, participated in the games and showed off their skills and abilities to the fullest. Mokpo was busy preparing for the large-scale national event.As it was the first event to be held in the city since its opening, all citizens rallied to make sure the preparations went smoothly.Voluntary participation in welcoming athletes and tourists and organizing cultural and artistic events during the Games was a great foundation.More than 7,100 rooms in Mokpo’s 240 accommodation facilities were filled, and the Mokpo Port Festival Cultural Heritage Night, Nautical W Show, and Sunset Drone Light Show energized the local economy.Infrastructure has also been expanded, and the city is gradually becoming a leading sports city.The Mokpo General Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies and track and field events were held, and the Bandabi Sports Center, a sports facility for the disabled, were completed, and stadiums for each sport were renovated to meet official standards, creating an environment where athletes can showcase their skills to the fullest.The Mokpo General Stadium was built with a total area of 26,468㎡, three floors above ground, 16,000 seats, a natural grass field, and a nine-lane running track, making it a certified first-class athletics venue.

The Mokpo Indoor Swimming Pool replaced the swimming pool and diving pool to meet the certified standards, and the diving table was installed with a dry tank like the one used at the Fukuoka World Aquatics Championships.The cultural and artistic events organized during the Games provided a unique experience for the large number of athletes and visitors to Mokpo.A special Mokpo Harbor Busking performance was held at Mokpo Peace Plaza to wish the Games success, providing a variety of entertainment for tourists and citizens.It was a special performance that conveyed the lively and dynamic image of the Games through various genres of music such as gugak, trot, rock, and ballads.Following the success of the Games, the Mokpo Port Festival, held for three days, the Mokpo Maritime W Show, which featured two special performances, and the Cultural Heritage Nighttime, held twice, also attracted the eyes and ears of visitors.There was also voluntary participation from citizens to make the event a success.The Pan-Citizen Promotion Council, comprised of 198 citizens from all walks of life, served as the center of the civic action movement, including promotion and campaigns.Citizen supporters (2,23) and volunteers (2,218) also played an active role.They were recruited from April to July and helped the athletes improve their performance. The opening ceremony stage, directed by General Director Park Myung-sung, was a series of ecstatic moments.The moment the ferryboats appeared in the large tank in the center of the stage, the audience erupted in gasps.It was a stage that had never been seen at a national championship. The large tank stage as well as the water screen used water at the right time and created a beautiful production.Another highlight of the opening ceremony theme performance was ‘Dochang’.Dochang is a traditional narration method used in pansori, and it was said that the one-man show delivered a performance that appealed to the audience.The perfect drone show was the highlight of the opening ceremony.The majestic sight of the Naro, which symbolizes the history of Jeollanam-do and the future of Korea, including solar power, wind power, and the Ganggang sulae, soared into the sky.”The stage where Jeonnam’s nature, history, and southern culture were combined together left a beautiful memory in the hearts of all the spectators who traveled far to watch the Games,” said Park Myung-sung on Tuesday.Mokpo Mayor Park Hong-ryul said, “We have now taken the first step to take a big leap forward, and I am very happy that the two tournaments enjoyed by athletes, visitors, and citizens as one have been successfully concluded.” “I am grateful to the citizens 무료슬롯게임 who welcomed athletes and visitors with kindness and warm hospitality during the tournament.”

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