Shin Jin-seo, who won the LG Cup three times, wears number three and throws the first pitch at Jamsil Stadium

Shin Jin-seo’s 9th dan first pitch

Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, winner of the LG Cup World Baduk Championship, threw the first pitch to wish the LG Twins a victory.

Shin Jin-seo took the mound as the first pitcher for the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League LG Twins and KT Wiz game held at Jamsil Stadium on the 7th.

Shin Jin-seo, who received guidance from LG pitcher Lee Ji-gang before the game, stepped on the pitching board from the mound and threw the ball, which hit the catcher’s mitt with a one-bound.

Shin Jin-seo, wearing an LG uniform with the number 3 engraved on it, said, “I wanted to engrave the number 3 because I have won the LG Cup three times,” and added, “I was a little disappointed with the pitch because I was nervous, but it was an honor to be able to throw the first pitch at a good opportunity. “He expressed his feelings.

Shin Jin-seo, who watched the baseball game from the stands after the first pitch, signed autographs for fans and took pictures.

It has been nine years since 9th Dan Cho Hoon-hyun threw the first pitch at Daejeon Stadium in 2015 for a professional player to throw the first pitch at a baseball stadium. 스포츠토토

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Kim Heon-gon wedge home run Samsung and KIA hold ‘Winning Series’ for two days in a row

Kim Heon-gon’s home run sets Samsung and KBO’s first team record of 75,000 base hits
Samsung Kim Heon-gon contributed to victory for two days in a row with a wedge home run

The professional baseball Samsung Lions started their escape from the bottom tier by defeating the KIA Tigers for the second day in a row.

Samsung came from behind to win 7-3 in the visiting game against KIA in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 7th.

Samsung, which had been on an 8-game losing streak since the opening 2 consecutive wins, won 2 of the 3 consecutive weekend games against KIA and reaped the winning series (winning at least 2 games out of the 3 games).

Samsung was trailing 0-1 with two outs in the second inning when Gong Min-gyu hit his first home run of the season against KIA starter Yang Hyeon-jong to bring the game back to square one.

In the 3rd inning, with 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases, Kang Min-ho’s 1 RBI hit and Kim Young-woong’s 1 RBI double combined to increase the score to 3-1.

With the bases loaded and no outs in the 4th inning, KIA made up for one point with a double play by pinch hitter Ko Jong-wook, followed by Park Min’s RBI double, bringing the score back to 3-3.

Samsung took the lead again in the 7th inning with Kim Jae-hyuk’s sacrifice fly, and in the 8th inning, Kim Heon-gon hit a one-run home run.

Samsung Kim Jae-yoon held on for 1⅓ scoreless innings in the bullpen.

Kim Heon-gon, who had taken the lead in escaping an 8-game losing streak with a pinch-hit double in the game against KIA the previous day, led the way to victory by hitting a long hit for two days in a row.

In addition, with Kim Heon-gon’s home run, Samsung achieved 75,000 bases for the first time in KBO League history.

Samsung took a 7-3 lead in the 9th inning thanks to an opponent’s error and Kang Min-ho’s sacrifice fly.

Samsung’s bullpen, which was shaky at the beginning of the season, showed solid performance on this day.

With starter Lee Ho-seong going down after only 3 innings, Kim Tae-hoon (2 innings) ~ Choi Ha-neul (1st inning) ~ Choi Seong-hoon (⅓ inning) ~ Lim Chang-min (⅓ inning) ~ Kim Jae-yoon (1⅓ inning) ~ Oh Seung-hwan (1 inning) pitched the remaining 6 innings. They teamed up without giving up any points.

Choi Ha-neul achieved his second win in his professional career and his first since 2022. 토토사이트

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