TaylorMade has released the P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition.Part of the Mercedes-Benz Collection, a collaboration between TaylorMade and Mercedes-Benz, the P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition is only available in Korea.The Mercedes-Benz Collection is available through the Accessories & Collections Shop at Mercedes-Benz authorized service centers and through KakaoTalk gift giving.

Tailor Made has been collaborating with Mercedes-Benz since 2019 to release the Mercedes-Benz Collection, which consists of golf accessories, but with the launch of the P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition, the selection has been expanded. The P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition combines the same black finish as the P.770 Phantom Iron with the internal construction of the P.790 Iron.The P-790 Iron Mercedes-Benz Edition features seven 카지노사이트 pitching wedges ranging from 4-iron to pitching wedge, with NS 950 Neo GH Black S shafts and Golf Pride TV360 grips.

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