Ainsworth Updates Online RMG Distribution Agreement

Australian-listed slot machine maker Ainsworth Game Technology announced an update to its partnership with GAN Nevada Inc., a subsidiary of interactive Internet-provided game provider GAN Ltd.

GAN had exclusive licensing rights for Ainsworth’s Online Real Money Games (RMG) in the United States for five years from July 2021. 파칭코

Under the revised agreement, GAN’s exclusivity ends on March 31, 2024, “when GAN will operate on a non-exclusive basis and as a key strategic partner in the distribution of the company’s online real money games,” Ainsworth said in a filing on Friday.

Ainsworth says the revised agreement will “provide greater flexibility” for the group to “serve its U.S. customers.”

The amendment will abolish the annual guarantee license fee from March 31, 2024, and Ainsworth will receive an additional 1.25 million shares of common stock in GAN Ltd.

In addition to revenue from aggregation platforms, including GAN, from April 2024, Ainsworth will maintain the gaming revenue of real money from “direct integration” with operators, according to the filing.

Currently, “direct integration” in the U.S. generates an average annual return of about $1.5 million, the Australian company said. Those revenues are expected to “gradually increase as new direct integrations are completed across North America,” it added.

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