“The head is shaking right before the tee shot.” What do I do…a more embarrassing incident for one’s

Ji Han-sol had a dizzying experience in the fourth round of the “Medi Hill and Hankook Ilbo Championship (total prize money of 1 billion won, prize money of 180 million won)” held at Ferrum Club (par 72, 6,652 yards) in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province on the 16th.

Ji Han-sol prepared for a tee shot on the first hole with Kim Si-won and Song Ga-eun. Ji Han-sol was four strokes behind leader Park Ji-young with a six-under 210 until the third round.

Ji Han-sol, Kim Si-won, and Song Ga-eun, who entered the tee box, briefly greeted each other and stretched. After that, I grabbed the driver and made a strong practice swing. He was able to win a come-from-behind victory, so he strengthened his determination with a cautious expression.

Kim Si-won, who hit his first tee shot, started strong with 246.1yd. Song Ga-eun, the second player, hit 221yd and made a stable shot. 토토사이트

Ji Han-sol, the third order, put the ball on the tee and held the driver, but he looked strange. When Ji Han-sol touched the driver head, the driver head shook. He looked a little flustered.

Looking at the caddie, I found a tool. Just in time, Kim Si-won’s caddy said he had a head-tightening tool. Ji Han-sol, who received the tool, calmly tightened the driver’s head and made a practice swing.

He was seen holding back his laughter as if he kept remembering the situation before when the driver’s head was shaking. Of course, fellow players also held back their laughter.

Ji Han-sol’s tee shot, which barely held back her laughter, flew 234.3yd and landed accurately on the fairway. The three players smiled broadly as they walked to the second shot, talking about the situation earlier.

Ji Han-sol, who started after many twists and turns, recorded one birdie and one bogey in the fourth round, finishing tied for 10th with Kim Ji-soo, Choi Ye-rim and Na Hee-won with a final total of 6-under 282.

Meanwhile, Lee Ju-mi, who made her regular tour debut in 2015 and competed in her 148th tournament, won her first championship. Lee Ju-mi reached the top with a total of 12-under 276 strokes, beating second place Park Hyun-kyung by two strokes.

Lee Ju-mi, who won her first regular tour title, said, “I never thought I would come back here after interviewing at the media center for the first time in the second round. It feels new to sit here again. I thank my parents for their hard work so far. I think I made a small reward. I can’t believe it yet, but it’s really good,” he said.

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