Han Hyo-joo, Ju Ji-hoon to star in sci-fi thriller ‘Blood Free’

Actors Han Hyo-joo, left, and Ju Ji-hoon pose during the press conference for the series, 'Blood Free,' at Conrad Seoul in Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul, Monday. Courtesy of Disney+

Actor Han Hyo-joo is returning with another Disney+ original series, “Blood Free,” after playing the lead role in the platform’s smash-hit series “Moving” last year.”The script [for this series] was a brilliant story that’s [aptly timed]. I enjoyed it so much that I wrote a diary after getting the script,” Han said during a press conference for the series at Conrad Seoul hotel in southern Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo District, Monday.”I was so happy to finally have such a good script coming to me. The script made my heart pound that much.”The sci-fi thriller series, scheduled to roll out on Wednesday, follows a biotech company CEO, Yoon Ja-yu (Han), who commercialized lab-grown meat.

Trailblazing in the new field, she has become a high-profile figure, yet at the same time, constantly faces threats, leading her to hire a personal bodyguard, Woo Chae-woon (Ju Ji-hoon).When she and Woo investigate a series of mysterious deaths around them, the two come together to uncover the truth and the figure behind the incidents.The series, which is expected to offer a thought-provoking look at the potential consequences of biotechnological advancements, is scripted by popular writer Lee Soo-yeon, who is known for the 2017 hit thriller 온라인카지노 series “Stranger,” and directed by Park Chul-hwan, who previously led the Disney+ original series “Grid

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