Kim Hae-sung’s rallying cry “Lee Jung-hoo is a complete hitter MLB has no advice”

Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres), a “senior” who has grown into a major league baseball (MLB) infielder, assured the success of “junior” Lee Jung-hoo (25-Keum Heroes), who is on the verge of entering the MLB.After returning home from the 2023 season via Incheon International Airport on Nov. 11, Kim said, “I don’t have any advice for Lee Jung-hoo,” and added, “(Lee) is a complete hitter. He’s been seeing a lot of MLB pitchers since spring training, so if he can adapt, he’ll be able to produce good results.””Jung-hoo is a good player in all aspects, including hitting, defense, and baserunning,” he said, adding, “He has a lot of strengths, so he won’t be outclassed by foreign players.””When I meet him (in Korea), I will tell him enough of what I felt,” Kim said, adding, “The MLB is not an easy place, but I expect him to do well.”Jung-hoo plans to enter the MLB through the posting system after this season.Several MLB teams have expressed interest in signing him.

MLB San Francisco Giants general manager Pete Putteler was in attendance at the KBO game between Kiwoom and Samsung Lions at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Tuesday to watch Lee play.In fact, the Giants are reportedly making an active move to sign Lee.The Giants are competing with San Diego for the National League West.Kim Ha-seong and Lee Jung-hoo, who played together in Kiwoom, may be facing off against each other.”I’m not too worried about it,” Kim said, encouraging Jung-hoo to go to a place where he can do well.

“We’ve already played together for a long time in Korea, and it’s his decision to choose a team,” he said, adding, “I don’t want to put that pressure on him.”Kim also credited his MLB career to Korean players who have played in the MLB in the past, saying, “I think I owe a lot to my seniors.” “I think he owes a little bit to me, too,” he said. “Jung-hoo should also be a little grateful to me,” he chuckled.Kim entered the MLB ahead of the 2021 season with San Diego for a lucrative four-year, $28 million (about $375 million) deal, with a maximum of $39 million ($52.3 billion) for the fourth year.Kim has exceeded expectations and established himself as a starter in San Diego’s deep infield, batting .260 with 17 스포츠토토 home runs and 38 stolen bases in 152 games this season.

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