Asian Games, Afghanistan Women’s Volleyball Team

[Asian Games] Afghanistan Women’s Volleyball Team “Why Can’t they Train?”

Afghan women’s volleyball team consists mainly of players who fled the country after being hit by the Taliban

The Afghanistan women’s volleyball team, which will appear on the Asian Games stage for the first time in history,

expressed dissatisfaction with the management of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Khushal Malakzai

Khushal Malakzai, a member of the Afghanistan women’s volleyball team,

said in an interview with Reuters on the 25th,

“I have not practiced on the court even once since arriving in China on the 21st.

He responded incomprehensibly, saying, “I don’t know why I can’t train when there are such great facilities.”

Malakzai said, “We have to actually touch the ball and train. 온라인카지노

“If you can’t train on the court, it’s like starting from zero,” he said, raising his voice.

The Hangzhou Asian Games women’s volleyball starts on the 30th.

Afghanistan, placed in Group D of the preliminary round along with Japan, Kazakhstan, and Hong Kong,

will play its historic first match against Kazakhstan on the 30th.

Inside Games

According to the Olympics-related media ‘Inside the Games’,

Afghanistan was allocated only one day of training time on the 28th, two days before the game.

Inside the Games pointed out, “This is different from a typical competition where you can train several times in a designated facility before the game.”

Afghanistan, where the Taliban, a hard-line Islamic Sunni armed group, has come back to power,

is carrying out harsh oppression against women.

The Afghan government dispatched about 100 male athletes, and 17 female athletes who fled abroad to avoid oppression by the Taliban will participate in this tournament separately.

Afghan women’s volleyball players are also among those exiled abroad.

In response, Chairman Bach responded, “Your opinions were well conveyed and I completely agree.”

However, Inside the Games pointed out the reality, saying, “Chairman Bach could not make any promises regarding Afghan female players.”

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