Singer Lee Hyo-ri’s new travelogue to premiere on May 26

Singer Lee Hyo-ri / Courtesy of Antenna

A new travel reality show featuring top singer Lee Hyo-ri and her mother is set to hit the air on May 26, according to cable channel JTBC, Thursday.Tentatively titled, “Mom, Will You Go on a Trip With Me?” the upcoming program is a road movie-style show depicting Lee’s first trip accompanied only by her mother.It will be set at two tourist attractions in Korea, which were included on her mother’s travel wish list. The exact locations have been kept under wraps.”A lot of mothers and daughters will find our program relatable as it portrays a close yet distant relationship of an ordinary mother and a daughter instead of highlighting Lee as a celebrity,” JTBC said in a statement, Thursday, adding that Lee’s mother is as witty as her daughter.

Producers Ma Geon-young and Park Sung-hwan, who were behind the success of “Hyori’s Homestay” series (2017-18) and “Camping Club” (2019), will take the helm of the new travel show.”Hyori’s Homestay” is a reality show set at the residence of Lee and her husband Lee Sang-soon on Jeju Island, which enjoyed top viewership ratings for providing therapeutic moments for people. “Camping Club” (2019) is another reality program starring the four members of the first-generation K-pop girl group Fin.K.L, including Lee.”I hope our program can motivate more daughters to take a trip with their mothers,” Ma said.Lee started her singing career as a Fin.K.L member in 1998 with the album “Blue Rain.” She went solo in 2003 and rose to stardom with the mega-hit “10 Minutes,” which recently resurfaced 카지노사이트 as a viral hit on various social media platforms including Instagram.

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