Ulsan landfill to be transformed into a ‘park golf course and garden fair’

The city of Ulsan is in full swing with a project to transform an abandoned landfill site in the city centre into the nation’s largest park golf course and an eco-friendly green space that will host an international garden fair.According to the city on the 5th, the city recently finalised compensation for 222,161㎡ of buffer greenery at the Samsan-Yecheon Landfill in Nam-gu.The green space was initially comprised of 17 plots, including 16 owned by Lotte Fine Chemicals and one owned by a private individual, with 26 obstructions such as trees.Last month, the city paid compensation worth 34.6 billion won to the landowners, including Lotte Fine Chemicals, and completed the transfer of registration.The Samsan-Yecheon landfill site was designated as a buffer green space around a national industrial complex in 1970 and was used for landfilling garbage from 1981 to 1994.It then underwent a 15-year stabilisation period until 2009.In the meantime, plans to utilise the site as an urban forest or logistics complex have been proposed, but have never been implemented due to difficulties such as securing land acquisition costs.

The city plans to build the nation’s largest park golf course on this green space.The current plan includes a minimum 36-hole course and a maximum 54-hole course, as well as a clubhouse, driving range, and concessions such as shade houses.However, approval from the Nakdong River Basin Environment Agency is required before the park golf course can be built.This is because while the Samsan landfill has completed its 30-year post-landfill management, the Yeocheon landfill is still in progress until 2032.The city believes that if there are no environmental problems through sample collection and analysis, there will be no obstacles to installing sports facilities including a park golf course and planting trees.The park golf course is expected to open in October 2025 if subsequent procedures such as design 바카라사이트 in the first half of next year and construction in the second half go smoothly.

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