Rainy seasons and typhoons have disrupted the 2023 Korean Baseball Organization regular season .On the 10th, when Typhoon Kanun crossed Korea from north to south, only Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome, the only dome stadium in the country, hosted a baseball game, while four other stadiums canceled due to ground conditions and rain. This year, 58 games have been canceled due to rain or fine dust, or declared a no-game after the start of the game .As a result of the increased number of canceled games, the KBO has decided to schedule canceled games on Mondays if they are not played on the weekend from the fifth. With another typhoon on the horizon, Monday games could become a reality. The Kia Tigers have missed the most games, 17. They have also played just 90 games in the entire season so far, 14 fewer than the Kiwoom Heroes (104).The NC Dinos have seen 10 games canceled in Changwon alone. While it would be great for NC to have more home games left, the schedule for the reorganization games, which will be announced later, is irregular, putting pressure on NC and teams that have to travel to Changwon, which is quite a distance .카지노사이트 The team with the fewest number of canceled games is Kiwoom (3 games), which uses the Gocheok dome as its home, followed by KT WIZ and Samsung Lions with less than 10 games .According to KBO officials, assuming no more games are canceled, the regular season is expected to end on October 14, right after the Hangzhou Asian Games .The postseason, which begins with the Wild Card Series and ends with the Korean Series, will end on November 10. We’ll have to wait and see how the weather turns out, but it looks like we’ll be playing “early winter baseball” instead of “fall baseball” again this year .The KBO, the umpires, and the KBO Secretariat have been working since the beginning of the season to ensure that the stadium drainage system is thoroughly checked. However, extreme weather events such as localized heavy rains, torrential downpours, and ‘extreme downpours’ have become more frequent and often beyond human control The KBO Secretariat is considering moving the start of the regular season to the end of March next year in order to adequately respond to climate change and accommodate upcoming international competitions. This is to allow for more games to be played in March and May, when the weather is more favorable than in the rainy summer months.

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