Phil Mickelson (USA) has spent $1 billion on gambling over the past 30 years and even put money on the Ryder Cup he competed in, according to revelations. According to US golf publication Golfweek on Wednesday, bookie Billy Walters made the revelations in his book, which is due to be published on April 22.Walters reportedly befriended Michaelson at the 2006 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and became a gambling partner for five years, starting in 2008.He claimed that Michaelson had spent a total of $1 billion ($1,318.4 million) on gambling over the past 30 years and lost nearly $100 million. “In 2011 alone, he placed 3,154 bets,” he wrote in the book, noting that Michaelson gambled on sports, including soccer, basketball, and baseball, 7,365 times between 2011 and 2014.Most notably, Michaelson, a member of the U.S. team in the 2012 Ryder Cup, bet on his country to win. The Americans led the Europeans 10-6 going into the second day of the tournament, but lost the final day’s single match play by eight wins, one draw, and three losses, 13.5-14.5.”He was so convinced that the U.S. team, led by Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, 바카라사이트 and himself, would win the championship,” Walters said in his book, “that he called me and asked me to put $400,000 on the Americans to win. “At the time, Walters himself said, “Are you crazy? Have you forgotten what happened to Pete Rose,” he said, adding that Michaelson’s only response was a quick, “Okay. “Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball (MLB) for gambling on the Cincinnati Reds, where he was the manager .”I don’t know whether Mr. Michaelson (subsequently) bet elsewhere,” Walters writes in the book, “but given the ‘Miracle of Medina’ in which the European team won, I can only hope that he was sober at the time. “In response, Mickelson tweeted, “I didn’t bet on the Ryder Cup. It’s well known that I enjoy betting on the course, but in no way does it detract from the essence of the game. “”I have been open and honest about my gambling addiction, taking responsibility for it with remorse and committing to treatment,” he said, without mentioning the extent of his gambling. In June of last year, he said, “Gambling has been a part of my life. It became reckless about 10 years ago,” he said, adding, “I’ve been dealing with it (gambling) for years and have spent hundreds of hours in treatment (for gambling addiction).”

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