‘Kim Ki-dong Seoul’ midfielder ‘KEY’ is still Ki Sung-yong I will think about the future

FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong (52) looked forward to cooperation with Ki Sung-yong (35, Seoul).

FC Seoul held a press conference for the inauguration of coach Kim Ki-dong at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 10 am on the 3rd. Coach Kim Ki-dong left Pohang Steelers on the 14th of last month and took office as Seoul’s 15th coach.

Seoul finished the season in the lowest split since the 2020 season. The total number of spectators in the 2023 season was 430,029, achieving the feat of exceeding 400,000 spectators for the first time since the K League paid attendance count in 2018. However, they ended the season in 7th place in 2023, disappointing fans again. 카지노사이트 백링크

Accordingly, Seoul entrusted the baton to coach Kim Ki-dong, who was recognized as the best strategist in the K-League by successfully winning the 2021 AFC Champions League runner-up and the 2023 season FA Cup in Pohang.

Coach Kim Ki-dong, who held a press conference on the 3rd, talked about the changes he will bring to Seoul next season. Coach Kim said, “I think the problem that needs to be changed the most is the results. We haven’t had good results for several years, so it was disappointing when looking at it from the outside. I think that only if Seoul’s results are good can we lead Korean soccer. This year, we need the fans to stay in the top rankings. “I will do my best to help people play the soccer they love,” he said.

Coach Kim continued, “What was always burdensome when playing against Seoul was that there were many technical players and many talented players,” and “There were Hwang Ui-jo, Hwang In-beom, Willian, Ki Sung-yong, and Cho Young-wook. Because of these players, the game improved. “It was burdensome,” he said.

At the same time, he pointed out the problem, saying, “What was lacking was organizational ability. Having many technical players would help the team, but I don’t think it could bring victory and championships. Therefore, we want to quickly create a combination through teamwork.”

Coach Kim said, “We had a meeting with the club and talked about change. The performance hasn’t been good for several years. Only the coaches took responsibility. I felt that change was necessary. I had no choice but to make that choice and I thought that we should move forward through generational change. “I heard about it,” he said, directly mentioning generational change.

After the away game against Suwon FC in October last year (a 4-3 win in Seoul), Ki Sung-yong met with reporters and said, “I will carefully consider the future, considering whether I can be of help to the team after the season ends.” I left a comment.

At the time, Ki Sung-yong said, “I think the most about whether I can help the team or not. My contract ends this year, but I’m not sure what I need personally or the team.” He said he would think about extending the contract until the end.

When Director Kim talked about ‘generational change’ and interest in Ki Sung-Yong’s future was growing, Director Kim Ki-Dong first mentioned Ki Sung-Yong. When asked, “Who is the player you wanted to play with against Seoul?”, he answered, “It was difficult because of the pressure because Ki Sung-yong was there.” 토토사이트 백링크

Director Kim Ki-dong said he spoke directly with Ki Sung-yong. He said, “We talked on the phone for a long time. He said he hoped he would sign a contract quickly. ‘Seoul is Ki Sung-yong and Ki Sung-yong is Seoul. He is the face of Seoul, so let’s sign a contract quickly and play good soccer with me.’ He said that he is a friend who has a lot of affection for Seoul. “I felt it. I think I will make a good choice soon,” he said, adding that he personally persuaded Ki Sung-yueng to extend his contract.

Coach Kim emphasized that he is a necessary player for tactics, saying, “Now we are together as a team (with Ki Sung-Yong). Conversely, I am hoping that it will be easier for us to advance to the front.”

It remains to be seen what choice Ki Sung-yueng will make. What is certain is that Ki Sung-yong has a place in Director Kim’s plans. Coach Kim Ki-dong still considers Ki Sung-yueng to be the ‘key’ in midfield.

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