Pitcher Seo Jun-won sentenced to 3 years in prison, 5 years probation for sexually exploiting minors

Former Lotte Giants pitcher Seo Jun-won, who went on trial for producing sexually explicit images of minors, has been sentenced to three years in prison and five years of probation.On the afternoon of the 13th, the Busan District Court Criminal Division 5 (Chief Judge Jang Ji-seok) sentenced Seo, who was charged with violating the Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents Act (production and distribution of sexual exploitation materials), to three years in prison and five years of probation.The court also ordered 120 hours of community service, 40 hours of lectures on sexual assault treatment, and a five-year employment ban from organizations related to children, youth, and the disabled.”This is a case in which a child or adolescent victim was asked to send photos of her body in exchange for money and then threatened the victim, and the guilt is heavy given the method of the crime and the extent of the damage,” the court said.”Considering that the crime lasted only one day, that the defendant did not distribute the sexually explicit material, that he paid restitution to the victim’s mother and settled with the victim, and that he is a first-time offender,” the court said in its sentencing reasons.Seo met the victim on August 18, 2022, through a KakaoTalk open chat room created by the victim, who was a minor.He then lied to the victim, pretending to give her pocket money and demanding that she take and send nude photos of herself.Seo was found to have sent similar messages on 60 occasions, including sending sexually explicit messages to the victim on the same day even though he knew she was a minor.On seven occasions, he also sent the victim photos of her body to create sexual exploitation material.He also asked the victim to perform obscene acts over video calls, and when she refused, he threatened her by sending her the photos.After the trial, Seo told reporters, “I will continue to think deeply so that I will never do such things again, and I will continue to reflect and live my life and do my best to volunteer according to the judgment.”Seo, who was highly touted as a baseball prospect, joined the Lotte Giants in the first round of the 2019 draft.As a sophomore at Gyeongnam High School, he was already wearing the Taegeuk mark and won the Choi Dong-won Award, given to the best pitcher in high school.He throws a fastball that reaches up to 152-153 mph, which is rare for a sidearm pitcher.With the destructive power of a fastball that exceeds 150 kilometers and the rarity of a side arm, he was called “the future of Lotte” and received tremendous expectations and attention.However, the incident led to his release and expulsion from the 카지노사이트 Korean Baseball Organization. Choi Dong-won was also stripped of his award.

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